The Living Collections

A List of all the Plants Growing in Our Gardens

We grow thousands of plants in our gardens at Glasnevin and Kilmacurragh.

We make material from our Living Collections available for researchers and other Botanic Gardens worldwide. Please consult our Index Seminum for information about this.

Click on the relevant PDF below to access plant information. They are categorised alphabetically by plant family. A location key is given at the end of each document. We welcome any queries on our Living Collections – please contact us.

Index A - B

Abelia to Buxus

Index C

Calamagrostis to Cyrtomium

Index D - G

Daboecia to Gypsophila

Index H - K

Habenaria to Kolkwitzia

Index L - O

Laburnocytisus to Oxybaphus

Index P - Q

Pachycereus to Quercus

Index R - S

Ramonda to Syzygium

Index T - Z

Tanacetum to Zygopetalum