Bibliography for Irish Flora

Useful Books and Information for the study of the Irish Flora

Please find below an list of some of the main works on the study of the Irish Flora.

Where the book or article is available freely online, we have provided a link. If you would like to recommend any additions to this list, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

You may also find the following online resources useful when searching for research relating to your topic of interest. There are thousands of botanical and horticultural books and articles available from each.

Mackay, James Townsend. Flora hibernica, comprising the flowering plants, ferns, Characeæ, Musci, Hepaticæ, Lichenes and Algæ of Ireland, arranged according to the natural system with a synopsis of the genera according to the Linnæan system (1836).

Moore, David, and More, Alexander Goodman. Contributions Towards a Cybele Hibernica: Being Outlines of the Geographical Distribution of Plants in Ireland (1866).

Colgan, Nathaniel, and Scully, Reginald. Contributions towards a Cybele hibernica, being outlines of the geographical distribution of plants in Ireland (1898).

Hart, Henry Chichester. Flora of the County Donegal or list of the flowering plants and ferns with their localities and distribution (1898).

Praeger, Robert Lloyd. Irish Topographical Botany (Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1889-1901) Vol. 7, pp. i-ii, v-clxxxviii, 1-410).

Praeger, Robert Lloyd. The Botanist in Ireland (1934).

Praeger, Robert Lloyd. Some Irish Naturalists: A Biographical Notebook (1949).

Webb, David A. The Biological Vice-Counties of Ireland (Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Section B: Biological, Geological, and Chemical Science, Vol. 80B (1980), pp. 179-196).

Kelly, D.L. A Note on the Vice-County Boundary between South and North Kerry: Is Derrycunihy in H1 or H2? (The Irish Naturalists’ Journal Vol. 21, No. 8 (Oct., 1984), p. 365).

Webb, David A. The Flora of the Aran Islands (J. Life Sci. Roy. Dublin Soc. p 51-83 1980).

Webb, David A. The Flora of Ireland in its European Context (J. Life Sci. Roy. Dublin Soc.,: 143-160, 1984).

Webb, David A. The Hey-day of Irish Botany, 1866-1916 (The Scottish Naturalist, pp.123-134, 1986).

Curtis, T.G.F. and McGough, H.N. The Irish Red Data Book: 1. Vascular Plants (1988).

Proposed Red Data List of Vascular Plants in Ireland (consultation list 17th October 2005).

Averis, A.B.G. and Stewart, N.F. Important Areas for Bryophyte Diversity in Ireland. (Red data book of European bryophytes, European Committee for Conservation of Bryophytes, Trondheim, 1995).

Reilly, Patrick. A. The Flora of County Cavan (Occasional Paper No. 13 of the National Botanic Gardens, 2001). Part 1, 2, and 3.

Reynolds, Sylvia C. P. A Catalogue of Alien Plants in Ireland (Occasional Papers No. 14 of the National Botanic Gardens, 2002)

Green, Paul. Flora of County Waterford (2008).

A Handy Guide to Identifying Aquatic Plants in Ireland