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Who works in the research facilitiy and where their interests lie…

Dr Colin Kelleher

Taxonomist & Keeper of the Herbarium
Contact: +353 1 8040326 or

Colin received a PhD from Trinity College Dublin in 2002, an MSc in Ecology from University of North Wales in 1997 and a BSc from University College Dublin in 1995. For his PhD he researched the phylogeography and genetic diversity of oak in Ireland. This was the first comprehensive molecular study of genetic diversity in plant populations in Ireland. Following from his work in Ireland, Colin worked as a Research Associate in the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. There he worked on the project to sequence and assemble the first tree genome – the poplar genome. On returning to Ireland he joined the NBG and established the DBN Plant Molecular Laboratory. His work focuses on development and application of molecular markers in natural populations of plants to establish phylogeographic patterns and to assess genetic diversity. He also has considerable experience as an independent researcher and an Environmental Consultant.

Research Interests:

See Colin Kelleher’s ResearchGate proile.
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Dr Matthew Jebb

Director of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland
Contact: +353 1 8040301 or

Matthew Jebb undertook his primary degree and DPhil at Oxford University. His PhD looked at the taxonomy and tuber morphology of the rubiaceous ant-plants. Following a five-year appointment as Director of the Christensen Research Institute at Madang, Papua New Guinea, Matthew took up a two-year post-doctoral position at Trinity College Dublin. This work involved preparation of a revision of the Araliaceae for the Flora of Thailand project. Matthew has revised the family Nepenthaceae for Flora Malesiana.

Research Interests:

See Matthew Jebb’s Researchgate profile

Dr Noeleen Smyth

Conservation Botanist
Contact: +353 1 8040327 or

Noeleen Smyth holds an Honours Degree in Botany and a Diploma in Statistics from Trinity College Dublin, a Diploma in Amenity Horticulture from the National Botanic Gardens Glasnevin, and a Diploma in Horticulture from the Royal Horticultural Society. She has completed a PhD at Trinity College Dublin on invasive species control and restoration of the threatened native flora of Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific. Before working with the National Botanic Gardens she worked with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, BEC Consultants, and Natura Environmental Consultants, and as a horticulturalist both at the National Botanic Gardens and Talbot Botanic Garden, Malahide Castle. She has also carried out botanical research in Uganda, Guyana, and Pitcairn Island and participated on plant expeditions to Belize, Bhutan, China, and Jordan.

Research Interests:

  • Conservation biology of Pitcairn Island South Central Pacific
  • Invasive species control development of practical and economical methodology
  • Research into developing alternative species to the invasive species currently available in the trade
  • Ferns and fern allied species conservation in Ireland
  • Bryophyte conservation Ireland

Download a full CV for Noeleen here.

Dr Christina Campbell

Herbarium Assistant
Contact: +353 1 8040312 or

Christina Campbell obtained a BSc in Environmental Biology from University College Dublin and an MSc in Ecosystem Conservation and Landscape Management from National University of Ireland, Galway. She completed her PhD on the conservation of selected rare and threatened bryophytes (mosses and liverworts) in 2013 which was co-supervised by Dr Daniel Kelly of Trinity College Dublin and Dr Noeleen Smyth of the National Botanic Gardens. Before joining the National Botanic Gardens staff, Christina worked for the National Parks and Wildlife Service and also with BEC Consultants.

Research Interests:

  • Herbarium and Economic Botany collections at DBN
  • Ex situconservation, including the National Seed Bank
  • Conservation of rare and threatened bryophytes (mosses and liverworts), including Ditrichum cornubicum 

See Christina Campbell’s ResearchGate Profile.

Dr Wuu Kuang Soh


Contact: +353 1 8040328 or

Wuu Kuang completed his PhD at Trinity College Dublin on the systematics of the genus Syzygium. He also holds a primary degree in biology and a master degree in ecology from the University of Putra Malaysia. His research interest is broad and multidisciplinary, encompassing areas in plant systematics, ecology and ecophysiology with a major focus on global change. He was appointed plant taxonomist in KEP herbarium, Malaysia and then as a researcher at UNEP-WCMC, United Kingdom. After completing his PhD, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at University College Dublin. During this time, he investigated the ecological and physiological responses of vegetation to climate change. Wuu Kuang has undertaken taxonomic revisions of several plant groups such as Syzygium in Indochina, Cinnamomum in Borneo and Buxaceae in Thailand. He also has a keen interest in digitization and utilization of herbarium collections for research.

Research interests:

See Wuu Kuang Soh’s ResearchGate Profile