The National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin will host the 36th annual Sculpture in Context Exhibition free to the public from 1st September to  7th October inclusive. Bringing together the work of more than 120 artists using a wide range of media, these works of art represent the rich, diverse character of Irish and International contemporary sculpture. From the smallest, most intricate ceramic works to stone sculptures of monumental scale, visitors to the exhibition will be enriched by the experience of viewing such inspiring works in one location.

Exhibiting artists for 2022 include: Michael Quane RHA, Jen Donnery, Martin O’Keefe, Petr Holecek, Tracey McVerry and Fiona Smith. Sculpture in Context is a pivotal event in the Irish arts calendar and is the longest-running and largest sculpture exhibition in the country. It attracts a large public and critical audience and is the cultural highlight of the National Botanic Gardens calendar. Sculpture receives a spectacular presentation throughout 50 acres of beautifully-landscaped grounds with artworks displayed in the most unexpected and surprising places. Visitors can enjoy smaller sculptures exhibited in the glasshouses and in the gallery located above the restaurant in the Visitors’ Centre.

For more information see Sculpture in Context.

For all enquiries regarding accessibility or for Schools and Colleges guided tours and educational queries, please contact the Botanic Visitor Centre Reception at Tel.+353 1 804 0319 or by email 

Sculpture made of grey fliedstone showing a human carrying an creature on a horse.

Michael Quane – Horse Rider with Quadruped

Bronze curlew balancing on an old agricultureal wheel on a wooden plinth surrounding by bushes and trees.

Fiona Smith – Fragile Balance

Tall thin metal reflective sculpture - almost leaf shaped - with foliage and trees behind it.

Martin O’Keefe – Flame











Made from stoneware a figure (Narcissus) lies on a rock peering into the water below.

Jen Donnery – Echo & Narcissus

Five see through glass rectangular panels with red and blue and clear waves and circular and lines across them. Shown in silhouette against the sky with an organe and blue sunset.

Tracey McVerry – Flight of the Souls

4 metre long sculpture of a gold giant frog leaping into the pond

Petr Holecek – Quack Quack