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What’s it About?

biodiveristy art challenge

Despite how much we have been using our technology over the last few weeks we can’t forget how dependent we are on healthy and vibrant ecosystems for our health, water, food, medicines, clothes, fuel, shelter and energy, just to name a few.

We are inviting you to take part in our Biodiversity Challenge for International Day of Biological Diversity. When you enter this competition you will be in with a chance to win great prizes including free family entry into all OPW Heritage sites around the country.

We want to see your creations. They can be paintings, drawings, lego, play doh, or even a collage, diorama or piece of craft-work using natural materials you collect outside. You can do any or all of the challenges! Start voting for your favourite one straight away by liking the pictures as they’re shared underneath the Facebook post ».


Some Inspirational Pointers for You!

  1. Using your brightest colours can you show us what biodiversity means to you? How does it benefit us all? Can you show how all the plants, trees and creatures are connected? Are there any hidden plants, fungi, insects, birds and animals there that we might not see at first glance?
  2. Go 3-D! Your challenge is to design a den for your friends. What would you be doing here? What would you include? Trees, flowers, vegetables, green space, water, somewhere that you can see the sun and feel the wind on your face? What creatures and plants would share the space? How would they interact with each other?
  3. Make a vibrant painting of your favourite place in nature. It could be your favourite park, the beach, a river, a forest or even your own back garden or balcony. How has this place helped you over the last few months? Make sure you include all the diversity of life around you!
  4. Imagine that you have just discovered a new species of plant. What might it look like? Where would it live? What birds, animals and other insects might be friends with it or enemies. Would humans use it in some way – oxygen, food, medicine, clothes, paints?
  5. Design something to wear, which is made only from plants. It could be a football jersey, a hat, or even a ball gown! Think about all the different colours, patterns and shapes in flowers or plants. What will your material be made of? Would you use huge leaves or weave plant fibres together? How inventive and innovative can you be?


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How to enter

You have until Sunday 24th of May to post a photo of your creation underneath the competition post on Facebook »


You must include:

  1. The artists name
  2. Age
  3. Just 1 line about the creation of your piece
  4. And invite all your friends to share and vote too!

The winner will the person with the most votes on Monday 25th May at 10am.

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