Water shortages are affecting us all following the recent drought. Following the hose-pipe ban, we are committed to leading by example. We will continue to care for our plants using watering cans, with a focus on important conservation collections.
We do use our own water supply here but it is mixed with mains water (even though the percentage is small).
As you may know, some water that is typically thrown away after use can and should be reused. You can even use ‘grey water’ to water your plants. Sudsy water that has been used for the washing-up is perfectly suitable for your garden. However, please also note that bleach and strong cleaning agents will affect your plants adversely. We recommend using a basin in your sink to gather water that has been used to rinse items. Just be sure to remove any food fragments from this. It is also recommended to water your plants in the evening or at night time so that the water does not rapidly evaporate. As for the grass, don’t worry about it – when it rains it will be restored soon. So there is no need to water grass (that will give the lawn-mower a break too).