Matthew Jebb and Colin Kelleher of the National Botanic Gardens assisted in the making of ‘Secrets of the Irish Landscape’, a major three part series on RTÉ television, presented by Derek Mooney, which tells the history on how the Irish landscape came to be, using the very latest scientific research. It features botanists and earth scientists to present in an engaging way the story of Ireland’s natural history as we now understand it.

The series also celebrates the life of botanist Robert Lloyd Praeger, as Derek follows in the footsteps of Ireland’s greatest naturalist and author of the iconic book ‘The Way That I Went’.

A preview of the show is available on the RTÉ YouTube Channel.

A book to coincide with the documentary which is published by Cork University Press is also being released (right) by Cork University Press.

Transmission details:
Show One – 6.30pm RTÉ One May 5th
Show Two – 6.30pm RTÉ One May 12th
Show Three – 6.30pm RTÉ One May 19th