A busy programme of Halloween event was recently completed at the National Botanic Gardens. Highlights included a large display of pumpkins and seasonal produce created by the staff by the main entrance to the Gardens. Featured prominently in the Irish Times magazine, the display attracted large numbers of visitors and became a popular photographic opportunity.

On Saturday 4th November an event for children was organized. Attracting over 500 participants (children and parents), guided tours featured wizards and witches showing magical and mysterious plants in folklore from Ireland and throughout the world. Many children came in Halloween costumes and were rewarded with ‘trick or treat’ presents distributed from the director’s residence. A demonstration of plants features in Harry Potter books was particular popular, featuring mandrakes, magic wands made of yew and holly, and poisonous or dangerous plants, some real and some imaginary.

The pumpkin display was organized by Anne Hanafin, Donal Bollard, Maire Connor, Eamon Egan, Joe Lang, Peter McDermott, Sean Moore, Pauline Moran, Mark O’Brien, Ita Patton and other staff.

The children’s event was organized by Felicity Gaffney, Glynn Anderson, Maire Connor, Anne Hanafin, and Rosemary Holden.