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Aesculus class
Alpine Yard
Alpine Yard Shrubbery North and East sides
Anacardiaceae Class
Aquatic House (Victoria House)
Arboretum - north-east adjacent to chain tent
Arboretum - north-west adjacent to Tolka river
Arboretum - south-east (Maple class)
Arboretum - south-west (Birch class)
Arboretum - wall side lawns, from central path to Tolka.
Arboretum - wall side lawns, from Yew class to central path.
Ash Class
Australia beds - Curvilinear east wing
Berberis Class Lawn
Birch class
Bromeliad collection
Burren collection - Native beds
Cactus-Aquatic-Fern House Borders
Cactus & Succulent House collections
Canteen Yard
Car Park Beds
Carpet bedding
Celastraceae Class
Cemetery Shrubbery
Chain Tent shrubbery - northern end (Tolka)
Chain Tent shrubbery - southern end
Chinese Shrubbery
Chinese slope
Chinese slope east
Chrysanthemum collection
Clematis collection
Cotoneaster bed in NW corner of class
Cotoneaster bed on W side of class
Curvilinear range - central house
Curvilinear range - east passageway
Curvilinear range - east wing
Curvilinear range - Gymnosperms
Curvilinear range - Pelargoniums etc
Curvilinear range - Rhododendron cultivars
Curvilinear range - South Africa
Curvilinear range - South Africa
Curvilinear range - South America
Curvilinear range - Tree fern savannah
Curvilinear range - Upper montane forest
Curvilinear range - west passageway
Curvilinear range - west wing
Cycad collection
Dahlia collection
Deutzia class
Dry stone wall beside pond and shrubbery
Dwarf conifer collection
Enclosed Garden
Enclosed Garden Shrubbery (under Maytenus)
Entrance to the Garden, beds outside the main gates
Ericaceous bed outside north side of Curvilinear range
Escallonia Class - east
Escallonia Class - west
Family Beds - Guide
Family Beds full listing
Fern House
Front lawns - in front of the Director's Residence
Front lawns - Lawn between orchid house and Curvilinear house
Front lawns - opposite New Zealand shrubbery
Front lawns - Parrotia & carpet bedding lawns
Front yard, behind south entrance lodge
Glasshouse collections
Grass collection
Gymnosperms - Curvilinear central house
Herb garden
Herbaceous Borders
Herbarium lawn
Holodiscus class beds
Hypericum class on Cedar lawn
Insectivorous plant collection
Iris Collection
Irish Daffodil collection
Irish natives
Irish natives - salt marsh
Island in Pond
Lawn turf examples
Legume class - centre, by path
Legume class - centre, by path
Legume class - northeast
Legume class - southeast
Legume class - west, bed
Legume class - west, lawn
Lonicera class
Lower Montane Forest
Magnolia corral
Magnolia corral - Clematis pergola
Magnolia corral - grass collection
Mahonia collection
Maple class
Millfield - Clethra etc.
Millfield - Hamamelis
Millfield - heather beds
Millfield - Rhododendron bed south-east corner
Millfield - Rhododendron beds near woodland
Millfield - Rhododendron island beds
Millfield east
Millfield east - Camellia ring
Millfield east - island woodland plot
Millfield east - middle woodland plot (Sycamore)
Millfield east - north of Camellias
Millfield east - north woodland plot (Magnolia)
Millfield east - Rhododendron plot
Millfield east - river edges each side of bridge
Millfield east - riverside woodland plot (Mag hypoleuca)
Millfield east - Roses south of Bridge, both sides
Millfield east - South of Camellias
Millfield west
Millrace borders - Millfield Side from
Millrace, South Bank from Socrates to Sluic
Native plants
New fern garden area, near giant redwood
New Zealand Shrubbery
Nursery walls (N8)
Oak Class - behind legume class
Oak Class - main area with Cork oak
Office Border eastern side, permanent shrub
Office Border, Herbaceous Borders Only
Old Cedar Lawn Excluding Family Beds
Old Economic Beds - Poisonous Plant Collection
Old Fern Garden
Oleaceae class
Orchid collection
Palm House borders
Palm House collections
Palms listing
Peonies - herbaceous
Peonies - tree
Philadelphus class
Pine Hill - area opposite rockery
Pine Hill - area opposite Yew Class
Pine Hill - area with Davidia
Pine Hill - area with weeping Cedar
Pine Hill - dwarf conifer collection
Pond lawns - east of bridge
Pond lawns - west of bridge
Potentilla fruticosa collection
Rhamnaceae Class
Rockery - overall
Rockery - RG
Rockery - RG west
Rockery - RL
Rockery - RN
Rosaceae class
Rosaceae class - Cotoneaster etc.
Rosaceae class lawn opposite herbarium
Rose Garden
Rubus class
Salvia Border
Saxifrage Collection (Nursery)
Scree and Adjacent Lawn and Peat Bed
Shrubbery - Office border
Shrubbery - Vegetable garden
Shrubbery Along Road-Wall Between Main Offi
Sorbaria class beds
South Africa - Curvilinear range
South Africa - Curvilinear range
South African border - east Cape
South African border - west Cape
South America - Curvilinear range
Spiraea class beds
Sub-Alpine Forest
Succulent House collection
Victoria waterlily House
Symphoricarpos Class
Tamarix class
Three Lawns Between Dry Stone Wall and Tolka
Tolka river banks along Millfiled
Tolka river from weir to Western Boundary Wall
Tree fern savannah - Curvilinear range
Upper montane forest - Curvilinear range
Veg garden shrubbery
Viburnum Class
Vine Border
Vine border - Buddleja collection
Vine border - herbaceous: Aster, Crocosmia, Lavandula etc.
Vine border - hydrangea collection
Vine border - Peonies, herbaceous
Vine border - Peonies, tree
Vine border - walls
Walls from enclosed garden door to Tolka
Weigela class
Western Quadrant of Millfield; Main lawn trees & Shrubs
Yew Class

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