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Catalogue Number DBN 1098
Artefact DescriptionOwl carved from bog aok. Ireland is well known for its peat bogs and their ability to naturally preserve organic materials like trees and bodies. This is on account of their low oxygen level which prevents the normal process of decay. In our bogs lie pine, oak and yew trees and forests that have been preserved for thousands of years. During the 19th Century this wood was used in rural households as fuel and to make furniture. Small bog oak souvenirs and jewellery were also popular in previous times. Today, the wood is greatly admired for its unique features and colour and is used by a growing number of artists and furniture makers.
TaxonFAGACEAE Quercus sp.
TDWG ContinentEurope
TDWG RegionNorthern Europe
TDWG Botanical CountryIreland
TDWG UseMaterials - Wood