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Catalogue Number DBN 5455
Artefact DescriptionFrankincense resin is most commonly known for its biblical reference and use as incense in religious and shamanic rituals. However, it is also reputed in Ayurvedic medicine as an anti-arthritic and clinical trials have proven the gum resin to effectively alleviate not only osteoarthritis pain but asthma and inflammation of the colon and respiratory tract also.
TaxonBURSERACEAE Boswellia serrata
TDWG ContinentAsia-Tropical
TDWG RegionIndian Subcontinent
TDWG Botanical CountryIndia
TDWG UseMedicines - Respiratory System Disorders, Inflammation, Genitourinay System Disorders, Muscular-Skeletal System Disorders, Digestive System Disorders
DonorHolmes, E. M.
SourcePharmaceutical Society of Great Britain