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Catalogue Number DBN 6101
Artefact Description In Africa, the bark from Ficus natalensis was once an important source of bark-cloth. The fruit is eaten by humans and animals, the leaves are used as animal fodder, the wood is used to make handicrafts and as fuelwood. Medicinally, all parts of the tree, it's roots, leaves, bark and sap can be used to treat Pain, Inflammation, Sensory System Disorders, Poisonings, Digestive System Disorders, Infections/Infestations, Pregnancy/Birth/Peurperium System Disorders and Injuries.
TaxonMORACEAE Ficus natalensis
TDWG ContinentAfrica
TDWG RegionEast Tropical Africa
TDWG Botanical CountryUganda
TDWG UseMaterials - Fibres
DonorLupton, Darach
Donor Date2009
CollectorLupton, Darach
Collection NotesPurchased