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Catalogue Number DBN 82
Artefact DescriptionRattan fishing trap. Rattan climbing palms are an important part of tropical rainforests. The cane is frequently used in traditional Asian societies for binding, basketry, house-building, fish-traps, furniture and artefacts. The fruit of some species yields a red resin known as dragon's blood that was traditionally used as a dye and paint. This is poisonous for humans to ingest. Rattan's popularity and value has made it one of the most important non-timber forest products in international trade. As a wild-harvested resource however, the success of the industry has meant that many of the species used are currently over-exploited.
TDWG ContinentAsia-Tropical
TDWG RegionIndo-China
TDWG Botanical CountryThailand
TDWG UseMaterials - Cane
DonorJebb, Matthew