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A list of plants collected in Scotland and other parts of Britain. Those specimens without a collector's name are assumed to have been gathered by William McNab himself. The names of localities are spelled as on the herbarium sheets; those prefaced [E] represent specimens collected from cultivated plants brought into Edinburgh Botanic Garden from native habitats.

Agrostis stolonifera 1 Oct 1815 Collington Woods
Aira caryophyllea 1813 Pentland Hills
A. caryophyllea ? 1811 Pentland Hills
A. cristata 1813 Arthur's Seat
A. montana 1811 [E] Blair Athol
A. montana 1811 [E] Blair Athol 'culms prostrate'
A. montana var. prostrata 1811 [E] Blair Athol
A. praecox 1813 Arthur's Seat
Aira sp. 1811 [E] Blair Athol 'like A. flexuosa culms erect'
Cacalia hastata 11 Aug 1818 Riverside between Losmade and Rossglen
Carduus acanthoides 5 Sep 1812 -
Carex ampullacea 25 Jun 1814 Ravelrigg Toll
Chrytia alaternoides Jun 1816 Ravelston
Dianthus deltoides 1 Aug 1813 [E] Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh
Draba verna 1804 Kew Green
Drosera rotundifolia 1 Jul 1813 Blair Drummond
Epilobium angustifolium 18 Jul 1813 Banks of Cramond Water west from Ratho
E. parviflorum 1812
Epipactis nidus-avis - Hill of Craigie Barns near Dunkeld
Eupatorium cannabinum 11 Aug 1818 between Loswade and Rossglen
Euphorbia esula 5 Sep 1817 near Gladsmuir Kirk
Euphrasia officinalis 14 Aug 1815 Braid Hill
E. officinalis var. purpurea 13 Aug 1816 Craigie Barns, Dunkeld
Fumaria capreolata 4 Jul 1813 corn fields near Achendenny
F. claviculata 13 Aug 1816 wood Dunkeld
F. officinalis 4 Jul 1813 near Auchendenny
Gentiana amarella 19 Sep 1812 Gossford
Geranium palustre
Glaux maritima 14 Jun 1815 saltmarsh near Prestonpans
Habeneria bifolia 4 Jul 1813 Ravelrigg Toll
Juncus bufonius 13 Aug 1815 Braid Hill
Lathraea squamaria Jul 1813 Arniston Woods
Listera cordata 14 Jul 1815 Ravelrigg Toll
28 Jun 1818 Ravelrigg Toll
Lithospermum arvense 1813 near Corstorphine
Lolium tenulatum 5 Sep 1812 in a cornfield ˝ a mile east from Gladsmuir Kirk.
Lysimachia nemorum 11 Aug 1818 between Lasswade and Rossglen
Malva moschata 1 Oct 1815 on road side between Milburn and Slateford
Mentha aquatica 5 Sep 1812
Ophrys corallorhiza 14 Jun 1815 Ravelrigg Toll
Orchis maculata 1812 near Sclate Ford
24 Apr 1813 in woods near Burnt Island
Pinguicula vulgaris 4 Jul 1813 Pentland Hills
Polygala vulgaris 13 Jul 1814 North Queen's Ferry
Polygonum viviparum 13 Aug 1816 Craigie Barns, Dunkeld
Populus alba Aug 1815 Banks of Water of Leith, west from Edinburgh
P. nigra Aug 1812 Water of Leith
Potamogeton natans 1813 Drumshoreland Moor
Primula elatior 24 Apr 1814 woods between Burnt Island and Aberdour
P. veris 24 Apr 1814 woods between Burnt Island and Aberdour
P. vulgaris 24 Apr 1814 woods between Burnt Island and Aberdour
Pyrola media 14 Jul 1815 Ravelrigg Toll
P. rotundifolia 4 Jul 1813 Auchendenny Wood
Pyrus torminalis 21 Sep 1812 Arniston Hall Wood
Rosa cinnamomea 2 Sep 1815 on roadside between Eglinton Castle and Kilmarnock about two miles from the south gate of the castle
R. pubescens - Jul 1814 on road side near Ravelston
R. spinosissimum 3 Jul 1814 Queen's Ferry
Rottboellia filiformis 5 Sep 1812 Aberlady
Rumex crispus 5 Sep 1812 Aberlady
R. obtusaefolia 5 Sep 1812 [Aberlady?]
Salsola kali 19 Sep 1812 Ayrshire
Samolus valerandi 5 Sep 1812 Gullion Links
Saxifraga tradactylitis 1804 on an old wall near Mr Taylor's House on the side of the foot lane between Kew and Mortlake
Scabiosa arvensis Sep 1813 North Queens Ferry
Scolopendrium officinarum 1813 Ravelston
Silene nutans 1813 North Queens Ferry
Sium repens 5 Sep 1812 Gullion loch
Triticum junceum 1811 Leith Links
Vaccinium myrtillus 7 May 1813 Arniston Wood
Veronica agrestis - Jun 1817 neighbourhood of Edinburgh
V. arvensis 23 May 1815 on old walls at Ravelston
V. scutellata 13 Aug 1815 Braid Hill
Viola arvensis 13 Aug 1814 Braid Hill