County Antrim vc 39

Antrim (39)
Armagh (37)
Carlow (13)
Cavan (30)
Clare (9)
Cork, East (5)
Cork, Mid (4)
Cork, West (3)
Donegal, East (34)
Donegal, West (35)
Down (38)
Dublin (21)
Fermanagh (33)
Galway, North-east (17)
Galway, South-east (15)
Galway, West (16)
Kerry, North (2)
Kerry, South (1)
Kildare (19)
Kilkenny (11)
Laois (14)
Leitrim (29)
Limerick (8)
Londonderry (40)
Longford (24)
Louth (31)
Mayo, East (26)
Mayo, West (27)
Meath (22)
Monaghan (32)
Offaly (18)
Roscommon (25)
Sligo (28)
Tipperary, North (10)
Tipperary, South (7)
Tyrone (36)
Waterford (6)
Westmeath (23)
Wexford (12)
Wicklow (20)
vert bar A Botanical Bibliography of County Antrim
Last updated: 10th August 2017

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