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Catalogue of the collection of British lichens, originally presented to the Royal Dublin Society on the 28th March, 1864 by the late Admiral Jones, F.L.S., F.G.S. Re-arranged by Greenwood Pim, M.A., F.L.S.

The collections which were transferred to the Science and Art Department by the Royal Dublin Society in the year 1878, include the famous collection of Lichens made by Admiral Jones and presented to the Society in 1864. As the specimens were in the same packages as they were when they left the hands of Admiral Jones, they were not in a condition in which they could be used for purposes of reference. The services of Mr. Greenwood Pim having been obtained, and cases of suitably glazed drawers, and printed labels having been provided, the specimens have been so arranged by him, that while their future preservation has been secured, they are now readily accessible to those who may have occasion to refer to them.
Leinster House.
11 November 1887.
Science and Art Museum.

The genera have been arranged in the same order as that laid down in Leighton’s Lichen Flora of Great Britain, Ireland and the Channel Islands, 1872; and the species, for convenience of reference, have been placed alphabetically. Leighton’s names of species and varieties have been’ adopted as far as possible, but, as the index and the text do not always agree in this respect, some inconsistencies may be found, but it is believed they are few and unimportant. No attempt has been made to verify Admiral Jones’ identifications; and where, as often happens, more than one species is on the same card, the principal one generally determines the place it occupies, and the rest are ignored. In a few cases it has been found impossible to ascertain the name in Leighton which corresponds to that on the specimen. The Roman figures on the left side of the catalogue refer to the number of the drawer, the Arabic figures to the place in the drawer. [There are 66 drawers eah with 24 boxed divisions.]
In addition to this collection of British Lichens, Admiral Jones also presented a very extensive series of Exsiccati chiefly Lichens, amongst which are numerous Fasciculi issued by Anzi, Massalongo, Schaerer, Leighton, Carroll, Mougeot and Nestler, Mudd, Salwey, Nylander and others.

Collected by Admiral Jones, F.L.S., F.G.S.
I:1 Spilonema paradoxum Born.
I:2-6 Ephebe pubescens Fr.
I:7 Ephebe spinulosum
I:8 Lichina confinis Ag.
I:9 Lichina pygmaea Ag.
I:12-13 Pyrenopsis diffundens Nyl.
I:14 Pyrenopsis granatina Smrft
I:15 Pyrenopsis haematopis Smrft
I:16 Pyrenopsis leucopsoides Nyl.
I:17 Pyrenopsis spp.
I:18-20 Synalissa leucofusca
I:21-24 Synalissa symphorea DC.

II:1 Collema aggregatum Ach.
II:2 Collema biatorinum Nyl.
II:3-11 Collema ceranoides Borr.
II:12 Collema chalazanum Ach.
II:13-21 Collema cheileum Ach.
II:22 Collema conglomeratum Hffm.
II:23-24 Collema crispum Ach.

III:1 Collema crispum
III:2-4 Collema flavidum Ach.
III:5-7 Collema furfurellum Ach.
III:8-12 Collema furfureum Nyl.
III:13-15 Collema furvum Ach.
III:16-21 Collema lichenodeum Ach.
III:21-23 Collema melaenum Ach.
III:4 Collema microphyllum Ach.

IV:1 Collema microphyllum Ach.
IV:1-3 Collema multipartitum Sm.
IV:4 Collema nigratum (nigrum, Ach.)
IV:5-8 Collema nigrescens L.
IV:9 Collema psorellum Nyl.
IV:10-24 Collema pulposum Bernh.

V:1-24 Collema spp.

VI:1-2 Leptogium burgessii Lightf.
VI:4-5 Leptogium cretaceum Sm.
VI:4-5 Leptogium fragile Tayl.
VI:6-13 Leptogium lacerum Ach.
VI:14 Leptogium lacerum pulvinatum Hffm.
VI:15 Leptogium moorei Hepp.
VI:16-19 Leptogium muscicolum S.W.
VI:20-21 Leptogium palmatum Huds.
VI:22 Leptogium phyllocarpum Pers.
VI:22 Leptogium pulvinatum (see lacerum)
VI:23-24 Leptogium rhyparodes Nyl.

VII :1-4 Leptogium rhyparodes Nyl.
VII :5-9 Leptogium saturninum Dict.
VII :10-12 Leptogium schraderi Bernh.
VII :13-17 Leptogium sinuatum Hud.
VII :18-20 Leptogium spongiosum
VII :21-24 Leptogium subtile Schrad.

VIII:1-3 Leptogium subtile Schrad.
VIII:4 Leptogium tenuissimum Dicks.
VIII:5 Leptogium tremelloides L.
VIII:5-10 Leptogium spp.
VIII:12-18 Pyrenidium actinellum Nyl.
VIII:21-22 Myriangium duriaei M. & B.

IX:1 Sphinctrina microcephala Nyl.
IX:2 Sphinctrina turbinata Pers.
IX:4 Calicium curtum Born.
IX:5 Calicium debile
IX:7-8 Calicium hyperellum Ach.
IX:9 Calicium septatum Leight.
IX:10 Calicium sphaerocephalum
IX:11 Calicium trajectum Nyl.
IX:12 Calicium trichiale Ach.
IX:13 Calicium trichiale ferrugineum Born.
IX:14-16 Calicium spp.
IX:17 Coniocybe furfuracea Ach
IX:18 Trachylia tigillaris Fr.
IX:19 Trachylia tympanella Fr.
IX:20-21 Sphaerophoron compressum Ach.
IX:22-23 Sphaerophoron coralloides Pers.
IX:24 Sphaerophoron fragile Pers.

X:1 Gomphillus calicioides Nyl.
X: Baeomyces anomalus (see Lecidea taylori)
X:2-3 Baeomyces icmadophilus Ehrh.
X:4 Baeomyces placophyllus Ach.
X:5-6 Baeomyces roseus Pers.
X:7 Baeomyces rufus Pers.
X:8-9 Baeomyces rufus carneus D.C.
X:10-12 Baeomyces spp.
Cladonia caespitosa (see pyxidata)
X:13-14 Cladonia cervicornis Schaer.
Cladonia cornuta (see gracilis)
Cladonia chlorophaea (see pyxidata)
X:15 Cladonia digitata, macilenta Hffm.
X:16 Cladonia endiviaefolia, fimbriata, (see pyxidata) Fr.
X:17 Cladonia fistulosa
X:18 Cladonia furcata racemosa Flk.
X:19 Cladonia gracilis Hffm.
X:20 Cladonia gracilis cornuta Fr.
Cladonia macilenta (see digitata)
Cladonia leptophylla (see digitata)
X:21-3 Cladonia pyxidata Fr.
X:24 Cladonia pyxidata caespitosa

XI:1 Cladonia pyxidata chlorophaea Flk.
XI:2 Cladonia pyxidata fimbriata Hffm.
XI:3 Cladonia pyxidata leptophylla racemosa (see furcata)
XI:4 Cladonia rangiferina Hffm.
XI:5-6 Cladonia uncialis Hffm.
XI:7-13 Cladonia spp.
XI:14-15 Stereocaulon condensatum Hffm.
XI:16 Stereocaulon denudatum Flk.
XI:17 Stereocaulon nanum Ach.
XI:18-19 Stereocaulon paschale Ach.
XI:20-24 Stereocaulon spp.

XII:1 Roccella phycopsis Ach.
XII:2 Roccella tinctoria D.C.
XII:3 Thamnolia vermicularis Sw.
XII:4-5 Usnea barbata Fr.
XII:6-7 Usnea barbata florida Fr.
XII:8 Alectoria bicolor Ehrh.
XII:9 Alectoria jubata Ach.
XII:10 Alectoria nigricans Ach.
XII:11 Alectoria ochroleuca Ehrh.
XII:13-14 Alectoria sarmentosa Ach.
XII:15 Alectoria spp.
XII:16-19 Evernia spp.
XII:20-21 Ramalina spp.
XII:22 Cetraria delisei Schaer.
XII:23-24 Cetraria islandica L.

XIII:1 Platysma commixtum Nyl.
XIII:2-11 Platysma fahlunense L.
XIII:12 Platysma glaucum L.
XIII:13-15 Platysma juniperinum L.
XIII:16-17 Platysma juniperinum L.
Platysma pinastri Scop.
XIII:18 Platysma lacunosum Nyl.
XIII:19-20 Platysma nivale L.
Platysma pinastri (see juniperinum)
XIII:21 Platysma saepincola Ehr.
XIII:22 Platysma saepincola ulophylla Ach.
XIII:23-24 Platysma triste Webb.
Platysma ulophylla (see saepincola)

XIV:1 Nephromium laevigatum Ach.
XIV:2 Nephromium resupinatum
XIV:3 Peltigera aphthosa L.
XIV:4 Peltigera polydactyla Hffm.
XIV:5 Peltigera rufescens Hffm.
XIV:6 Peltigera scutata Dicks.
XIV:7 Peltigera venosa L.
XIV:8 Solorina crocea L.
XIV:9-10 Stictina crocata L.
XIV:11 Stictina dufourii Del.
XIV:12-13 Stictina fuliginosa Dicks.
XIV:14 Stictina intricata thouarsii Del.
XIV:15-17 Stictina limbata Sm.
XIV:18 Stictina macrophylla
XIV:19 Stictina scrobiculata Scop.
XIV:20-22 Stictina sylvatica L.
Stictina thouarsii (see intricata)
XIV:23 Stictina spp.
XIV:24 Ricasolia amplissima Scop. (glomulifera, Light.)

XV:1 Parmelia aleurites Ach.
Parmelia ciliata (see perlata)
XV:2 Parmelia conspersa Ehrh.
XV:3 Parmelia diatrypa
Parmelia dissecta (see saxatilis)
XV:4 Parmelia furfuracea Schaer.
XV:5 Parmelia herbacea
XV:6 Parmelia incurva Per.
XV:7 Parmelia laevigata On.
XV:8 Parmelia lanata L.
XV:9 Parmelia olivacea L.
XV:10 Parmelia omphalodes L.
XV:11 Parmelia perforata Wult.
XV:12 Parmelia perlata L.
XV:13-14 Parmelia physodes L.
XV:15-16 Parmelia physodes, encausta (Sm.)
Parmelia reticulata (see perforata)
Parmelia revoluta (see tiliacea)
Parmelia rugosa (see tiliacea)
XV:17 Parmelia saxatilis L.
XV:18 Parmelia saxatilis, dissecta scortea (see tiliacea.)
XV:19-20 Parmelia stygia L.
XV:21 Parmelia tiliacea revoluta Flk. (rugosa, Tayl.)
XV:22 Parmelia tiliacea, scortea Ach.
XV:23-24 Parmelia spp.

XVI:1 Physcia agglutinata Fla.
XVI:2 Physcia aquila Ach.
XVI:3 Physcia astroidea Clem.
Physcia caesia (see stellaris)
XVI:4 Physcia chrysophthalma L.
XVI:5 Physcia ciliaris L.
XVI:6 Physcia erosa Borr.
XVI:7 Physcia flavicans Sw.
XVI:8 Physcia intricata Desf.
Physcia lychnea (see parietina)
XVI:9-10 Physcia obscura Ehrh.
XVI:11-13 Physcia parietina L.
Physcia pityrea (see pulverulenta)
XVI:14 Physcia parietina lychnea Ach.
XVI:15-16 Physcia pulverulenta Schreb.
XVI:17-18 Physcia pulverulenta pityrea Ach.
XVI:19 Physcia speciosa Wulf.
XVI:20-21 Physcia stellaris L.
XVI:22 Physcia stellaris caesia Hffm.
XVI:23 Physcia stellaris tenella Scop. (Borrera tenella.)
XVI:24 Physcia spp.

XVII:1 Umbilicaria erosa Web.
XVII:2 Umbilicaria polyphylla L.
XVII:3 Umbilicaria polyorhiza L.
XVII:4 Umbilicaria pustulata Hffm.
XVII:5-6 Umbilicaria spp.
XVII:7-12 Psoroma hypnorum Vahl.
XVII:13-15 Pannaria brunnea Ach.
Pannaria caeruleobadia (see rubiginosa)
Pannaria caesia (see triptophylla)
XVII:16-19 Pannaria carnosa (see muscorum) Dicks.
XVII:20 Pannaria cheilea Nyl.
Pannaria corallinoides (see nigra)
XVII:21-24 Pannaria leucolepis Whlnb.
Pannaria muscorum (see carnosa)

XVIII:1-2 Pannaria microphylla Siv.
XVIII:3-13 Pannaria nigra Hnds.
XVIII:14 Pannaria nigra corallinoides
XVIII:15 Pannaria plumbea Lightf.
XVIII:16 Pannaria rubiginosa Thnbg.
Pannaria caeruleo-badia Schoer
XVIII:17-20 Pannaria triptophylla Ach.
XVIII:21 Pannaria triptophylla caesia
XVIII:22-24 Pannaria spp.

XIX:1-2 Squamaria affinis
XIX:3-4 Squamaria crassa Huds.
XIX:5-6 Squamaria gelida L.
XIX:7 Squamaria saxicola Poll.
XIX:8-10 Squamaria spp.
XIX:11 Placodium callopismum Ach.
XIX:12 Placodium candicans Dicks.
XIX:13 Placodium canescens (candicans?)
XIX:14-16 Placodium chalybeum Daf.
XIX:17 Placodium fulgens Sw
XIX:18-24 Placodium murorum Hffm.

XX:1 Lecanora albariella Nyl.
Lecanora acharii (see gibbosa)
XX:2 Lecanora argopholis Whlnb.
XX:3-9 Lecanora atra Huds.
XX:10-11 Lecanora atrocinerea Dcks.
XX:12-14 Lecanora aurantiaca Lightf.
XX:15-17 Lecanora badia Ach.
XX:18 Lecanora badia cinerascens Nyl.
XX:19 Lecanora caesia, rufa
XX:20 Lecanora candelaria Ach.
XX:21-24 Lecanora calcarea L.
Lecanora chlarona (see subfusca)
Lecanora cinerascens (see badia)

XXI:1-16 Lecanora cinerea L.
XXI:17-20 Lecanora citrina
Lecanora coilocarpa (see subfusca)
XXI:21-22 Lecanora epulotica Ach.
XXI:23-24 Lecanora erysibe Ach.
XXII:1 Lecanora erysibe Ach.
Lecanora exigua (see sophodes)
XXII:2-3 Lecanora expallens Ach.
XXII:4 Lecanora ferruginea House.
XXII:5-6 Lecanora frustulosa Dcks.
XXII:7 Lecanora fuscata
XXII:8-11 Lecanora gibbosa Ach.
XXII:12-15 Lecanora gibbosa acharii Westr.
XXII:16-17 Lecanora glaucocarpa Whlnb.
XXII:18 Lecanora glaucocarpa pruinosa Son.
XXII:19-24 Lecanora glaucoma Hffm.

XXIII:1-4 Lecanora haemotomma Shrh.
XXIII:5 Lecanora helicopis Whlnb.
XXIII:6-8 Lecanora holophaea Whlnb. (Lecidea sublurida), Nyl.
XXIII:9-10 Lecanora isidioides Borr.
XXIII:11 Lecanora lalavii Clem.
XXIII:12 Lecanora ochracea Schaer.
XXIII:13-15 Lecanora oculata Dicks.
XXIII:16 Lecanora orosthea Ach.
Lecanora pallescens (see parella)
XXIII:17-21 Lecanora parella L.
XXIII:22 Lecanora parella pallescens L.
XXIII:23-24 Lecanora parella turneri Sm.

XXIV:1-2 Lecanora parella turneri Sm.
XXIV:3-5 Lecanora polytropa Ehrh.
XXIV:7 Lecanora poriniformis Nyl.
Lecanora pruinosa (see glaucocarpa)
XXIV:8 Lecanora pyracea Ach.
Lecanora ulmicola D.C.
XXIV:9 Lecanora rhaetica
XXIV:10 Lecanora rhypariza Nyl.
XXIV:11-12 Lecanora roboris (see sophodes)
Lecanora rupestris Scop.
Lecanora simplex
Lecanora sinopica
Lecanora smaragdula (see squamulosa)
XXIV:13-14 Lecanora sophodes Ach.

XXV:1-2 Lecanora sophodes Ach.
XXV:3-9 Lecanora sophodes, exigua Ach.
XXV:10 Lecanora sophodes, roboris Duf.
XXV:11-12 Lecanora sordida
XXV:13-18 Lecanora squamulosa Schrad.
XXV:19 Lecanora squamulosa, simplex Dar.
XXV:20 Lecanora squamulosa, sinopica Whlnb.
XXV:21 Lecanora squamulosa, smaragdula Whlnb.
XXV:22 Lecanora subcarnea Ach.
XXV:23-24 Lecanora subfusca L.

XXVI:1-15 Lecanora subfusca L.
XXVI:16 Lecanora subfusca, chlarona Ach.
XXVI:17 Lecanora subfusca, coilocarpa Ach.
XXVI:18-22 Lecanora sulphurea Hffm.
XXVI:23-24 Lecanora tartarea L.
Lecanora turneri (see parella)
Lecanora ulmicola (see pyracea)

XXVII:1 Lecanora umbrina Ehrh.
XXVII:2-9 Lecanora varia Ehrh.
XXVII:10 Lecanora ventosa L.
XXVII:11-13 Lecanora verrucosa Ach.
XXVII:14-15 Lecanora vitellina Ach.
XXVII:16-24 Lecanora spp.

XXVIII: Lecanora spp.

XXIX:1-6 Urceolaria scruposa L.
XXIX:7-9 Urceolaria spp.
XXIX:10 Pertusaria ceuthocarpa Son.
XXIX:11-12 Pertusaria communis D.C.
XXIX:13-19 Pertusaria communis, rupestris D.C.
XXIX:20-21 Pertusaria dealbata Ach.
XXIX:22 Pertusaria faginea L.
XXIX:23-24 Pertusaria fallax Pers.

XXX:1 Pertusaria fallax Pers.
XXX:2-4 Pertusaria fastigiata T. & B.
XXX:5-19 Pertusaria globulifera Borr.
XXX:20 Pertusaria glomerata Schleich.
XXX:21 Pertusaria gyrocheila Nyl.
XXX:22-24 Pertusaria leioplaca Ach.

XXXI:1-3 Pertusaria multipunctata Turn.
XXXI:4 Pertusaria nolens Nyl.
XXXI:5 Pertusaria pustulata Ach.
Pertusaria rupestris (see communis)
XXXI:6-9 Pertusaria velata Turn.
XXXI:19-20 Pertusaria spp.
XXXI:21-24 Isidium spp.

XXXII:1-12 Phylyctis agelaea Ach.
XXXII:13-22 Phylyctis argena Ach.
XXXII:23 Phylyctis spp.
XXXII:24 Thelotrema subtile Tuck.

XXXIII:1-2 Lecidea abietina Ach.
XXXIII:3 Lecidea aeruginosa Borr.
XXXIII:4 Lecidea aglaea Smmrf.
XXXIII:5-18 Lecidea albo-atra Hffm.
XXXIII:19 Lecidea albo-caerulescens Wulf.
XXXIII:20 Lecidea alpestris
XXXIII:21 Lecidea anomala Fr.
XXXIII:22 Lecidea anomaloides Nyl.
XXXIII:23 Lecidea arctica Smmrf.
XXXIII:24 Lecidea areolata Schaer.

XXXIV:1-15 Lecidea aromatica Sm.
XXXIV:16-17 Lecidea assimilata Sm.
XXXIV:18-20 Lecidea atro-alba Ach.
XXXIV:21 Lecidea atro-flava
XXXIV:22 Lecidea atro-purpurea Schaer.
XXXIV:23-24 Lecidea atro-rufa Dicks.

XXXV:1 Lecidea atro-rufa
XXXV:2-4 Lecidea bacillifera Nyl.
XXXV:5-6 Lecidea badio-atra Flk.
XXXV:7-8 Lecidea calcivora Ehrh. (immersa, Schrad.)
XXXV:9 Lecidea candida Web.
XXXV:10 Lecidea canescens Dicks.
XXXV:11 Lecidea carneola Ach.
XXXV:12 Lecidea carneo-lutea Turn.
XXXV:13-14 Lecidea chalybeia Borr.
XXXV:15 Lecidea citrinella Ach.
XXXV:16-17 Lecidea coarctata Sm.
XXXV:21 Lecidea coarctata, glebulosa
XXXV:22 Lecidea commutata Ach.
XXXV:23-24 Lecidea confluens Webr.

XXXVI:1-9 Lecidea confluens Webr.
XXXVI:10 Lecidea coniops Webr.
XXXVI:11 Lecidea consentiens Nyl.
XXXVI:12-18 Lecidea contigua Fr.
XXXVI:19-21 Lecidea contigua, calcarea Fr.
XXXVI:22 Lecidea contigua, flavicunda Ach.
XXXVI:23 Lecidea contigua, platycarpa Flk.
XXXVI:24 Lecidea coracina Ach. (atrata, Sm.)

XXXVII:1-5 Lecidea coracina Ach. (atrata, Sm.)
XXXVII:6 Lecidea cuprea Sommerf.
XXXVII:7-8 Lecidea cupularis Ehrh.
XXXVII:9 Lecidea cyrtella Ach.
XXXVII:10-11 Lecidea decipiens Ehrh.
XXXVII:12-13 Lecidea decolorans Fla.
XXXVII:14 Lecidea diacapsis
XXXVII:15 Lecidea diducens Nyl.
XXXVII:16 Lecidea dilleniana Ach.
XXXVII:17-22 Lecidea disciformis Fr.
XXXVII:23 Lecidea dubia Borr.
XXXVII:24 Lecidea effusa Sm.
Lecidea endoleuca (see rubella)

XXXVIII:1 Lecidea ehrhartiana Ach
XXXVIII:2 Lecidea elaeochroma Ach
XXXVIII:3 Lecidea episema Nyl.
XXXVIII:4 Lecidea erythrocarpa
XXXVIII:5-6 Lecidea exanthematica
Lecidea excentrica (see petraea)
XXXVIII:7 Lecidea foveolaris Ach.
XXXVIII:8 Lecidea fuliginosa Sayl.
XXXVIII:9-11 Lecidea fumosa Ach.
XXXVIII:12-13 Lecidea furvella Nyl.
XXXVIII:14 Lecidea furvula Nyl.
XXXVIII:15 Lecidea fusca Schaer.
XXXVIII:16-21 Lecidea fusco-atra Ach.
XXXVIII:22-24 Lecidea fusco-lutea Dicks.

XXXIX:1-5 Lecidea fusco-lutea Dicks.
XXXIX:6-7 Lecidea fusco-rubens Nyl.
XXXIX:8-9 Lecidea geographica L.
XXXIX:10 Lecidea glaucolepidea Nyl.
Lecidea glebulosa (see coarctata)
Lecidea griffithii (see tricolor)
XXXIX:11-12 Lecidea grossa Pers.
XXXIX:13 Lecidea holomeloides Nyl.
XXXIX:14 Lecidea homolotropa Nyl.
XXXIX:15-17 Lecidea hookerii Borr.
Lecidea immersa (see calcivora)
XXXIX:18-20 Lecidea incana
XXXIX:24 Lecidea incompta Borr.

XL:1 Lecidea incompta Borr.
XL:2 Lecidea intermixta Nyl.
XL:3 Lecidea intumescens Flot.
XL:4-5 Lecidea kochiana Hepp.
XL:6-10 Lecidea lapicida Fr.
XL:11-13 Lecidea lenticularis Ach.
XL:14-17 Lecidea lightfootii Sm.
XL:18-19 Lecidea limosa Ach.
XL:20-22 Lecidea lithophila Ach.
XL:23 Lecidea lithophila Ach.
XL:24 Lecidea lucida Ach.

XLI:1-2 Lecidea lugubris Smmrf.
XLI:3-6 Lecidea lurida Sw. (rubiformis.)
XLI:7 Lecidea lutea Dcks.
XLI:8 Lecidea luteela Nyl.
Lecidea luteola (see rubella)
XLI:9 Lecidea mammillaris Gouan.
XLI:10 Lecidea marginata Schaer.
XLI:11-12 Lecidea melaena Nyl.
XLI:13-15 Lecidea miliaria Fr.
XLI:16 Lecidea mooreana Carr.
XLI:17-18 Lecidea morio Ram.
XLI:19-20 Lecidea muscorum Sw.
XLI:21 Lecidea mutabilis Fee.
XLI:22 Lecidea myriocarpa D.C.
XLI:23 Lecidea nigroclavata Nyl.
XLI:24 Lecidea ochrococca Nyl.

XLII:1-2 Lecidea oederi Ach.
XLII:3-4 Lecidea panaeola Ach.
XLII:5-14 Lecidea parasema Ach.
XLII:15-16 Lecidea parasitica Flk.
XLII:17 Lecidea pelidna Ach.
XLII:18-21 Lecidea pelobotrya Whlnb.
XLII:22-24 Lecidea petraea Wulf. (?)

XLIII:1-13 Lecidea petraea Wulf. (?)
XLIII:14 Lecidea petraea, excentrica Ach.
XLIII:15-21 Lecidea pezizoidea Ach.
XLIII:22 Lecidea phaeops Nyl.
XLIII:23 Lecidea pineti Schrad.
XLIII:24 Lecidea platycarpa Flk.

XLIV:1-2 Lecidea polycarpa Flk.
XLIV:3-5 Lecidea premnea Ach.
XLIV:6 Lecidea protrusa Fr.
XLIV:7 Lecidea pruinosa Ach.
XLIV:8 Lecidea pulverea Borr.
XLIV:9 Lecidea punctata
XLIV:10-13 Lecidea quadricolor Dcks.
XLIV:14-15 Lecidea quadricolor (Psora caeruleo-nigricans).
XLIV:16 Lecidea quernea Dcks.
XLIV:17-18 Lecidea radicalis
XLIV:19 Lecidea resinae Fr.
XLIV:20-21 Lecidea rhaetica (qu. Lecanora?)
XLIV:22 Lecidea rhexoblephara Nyl.
XLIV:23-24 Lecidea rivulosa Ach.

XLV:1-10 Lecidea rivulosa Ach.
XLV:11-14 Lecidea rubella Ehrh. (luteola).
XLV:15-16 Lecidea rubella, f endoleuca
Lecidea rubiformis (see lurida)
XLV:17-24 Lecidea sabuletorum Flk.

XLVI:1-4 Lecidea sabuletorum Flk.
XLVI:5-8 Lecidea sanguinaria L.
XLVI:9-14 Lecidea sanguineo-atra Ach.
XLVI:15 Lecidea silacea Ach.
XLVI:16-17 Lecidea sinapispermum
XLVI:18-19 Lecidea sphaeroides Smmrf.
XLVI:20-21 Lecidea squamulosa Deak.
XLVI:22 Lecidea stellulata Tayl.
Lecidea sublurida (see Lecanora holophaea)
XLVI:23 Lecidea succedens Nyl.
XLVI:24 Lecidea taylori Salw. (Baeomyces anomalus, Tayl.)

XLVII:1-2 Lecidea templetoni Taol.
XLVII:3-10 Lecidea tenebrosa Flot.
XLVII:11-12 Lecidea tessellata Flk. ?
XLVII:13 Lecidea trachona Ach.
XLVII:14-19 Lecidea tricolor With. (griffithii.)
XLVII:20 Lecidea truncigena Ach.
XLVII:21-24 Lecidea uliginosa Schrad.

XLVIII:1-2 Lecidea umbonata
XLVIII:3-10 Lecidea vernalis Ach.
XLVIII:11-17 Lecidea verruculosa Borr.
XLVIII:18 Lecidea Do
XLVIII:18-22 Lecidea vesicularis? Hffm.
XLVIII:23 Lecidea violacea coronans
XLVIII:24 Lecidea viridescens Schrad.

XLIX:1 Lecidea viridescens Crouan.
XLIX:2 Lecidea vitellinaria Nyl.
XLIX:3-9 Lecidea wulfenii
XLIX:10 Lecidea wulfenii
XLIX:11 Agyrium rufum Pers.
XLIX:12 Agyrium spp.
XLIX:13-14 Lecidea spp.

L:1-24 Lecidea spp.

LI:1-24 Lecidea spp.

LII:1-24 Lecidea spp.

LIII:1-24 Lecidea spp.

LIV:1 Lithographa petraea Dur.
LIV:2-4 Graphis dendritica Ach.
LIV:5 Graphis dendritica, smithii Leight.
LIV:6 Graphis elegans Sm.
LIV:7-9 Graphis lyellii Sm.
LIV:10 Graphis ruiziana Fee.
LIV:11 Graphis scripta Ach.
LIV:12 Graphis spp.
LIV:13 Opegrapha atra Pers.
Opegrapha chevallieri (see saxicola)
Opegrapha diaphora (see varia)
LIV:14 Opegrapha epiphyae
LIV:15-16 Opegrapha herpetica Ach.
LIV:17 Opegrapha herpetica rubella Pers.
LIV:18 Opegrapha herpetica, rufescens, Pers.
LIV:19 Opegrapha involuta
LIV:20-21 Opegrapha lentiginosa Lyell.
LIV:22-23 Opegrapha lyncea Sm.
Opegrapha persoonii (see saxicola)
Opegrapha pulicaris (see varia)
Opegrapha rubella (see herpetica)
Opegrapha rufescens (see herpetica)
Opegrapha rupestris (see saxicola)
Opegrapha saxatilis (see saxicola)
LIV:24 Opegrapha saxicola, chevallieri, Leight. Ach.

LV:1-3 Opegrapha saxicola, chevallieri, Leight.) Ach.
LV:4 Opegrapha saxicola, decandollei, Stzb. Ach.
LV:5 Opegrapha saxicola, persoonii, Ach. Ach.
LV:6-8 Opegrapha saxicola, persoonii, Ach. Ach.
LV:9 Opegrapha saxicola, saxatilis, Leight.
Opegrapha tigrina (see varia)
LV:10 Opegrapha turneri Leight.
LV:11-12 Opegrapha varia Pers.
LV:13-14 Opegrapha varia, diaphora, Ach.
LV:15 Opegrapha varia, pulicaris, Leight.
LV:16 Opegrapha varia, tigrina, Ach.
LV:17-17 Opegrapha vulgata Ach.
LV:19-24 Opegrapha spp.

LVI:1 Stigmatidium circumscriptum Tayb.
LVI:2 Stigmatidium crassum Dul.
LVI:3-4 Stigmatidium hutchinsiae Leight.
LVI:5 Stigmatidium venosum Ach.
LVI:6 Arthonia anastomosans Ach.
LVI:7 Arthonia cinereo-pruinosae
LVI:8-9 Arthonia cinnabarina Wallr (?)
LVI:10 Arthonia ilicina Tayl.
LVI:11 Arthonia ilicinella Nyl.
LVI:12 Arthonia lapidicola Tayl.
LVI:13 Arthonia lurida Ach.
LVI:13 Arthonia pineti Rost.
LVI:14 Arthonia myriocarpella Nyl.
LVI:15 Arthonia patellulata Nyl.
LVI:16 Arthonia pineti (see lurida)
LVI:17 Arthonia pinetella Nyl.
LVI:18 Arthonia pinetiformis Ach.
LVI:19-20 Arthonia varians Dav.
LVI:21 Arthonia spp.
LVI:22-23 Chiodecton albidum Tayl.
LVI:24 Melaspilea amota Nyl.

LVII: Normandina jungermanniae (see pulchella)
LVII:1 Normandina laetevirens T. and B.
LVII:2 Normandina pulchella Borr. (jungermanniae.)
LVII:3-4 Endocarpon hepaticum Ach. (hedwigii.)
Endocarpon lachneum (see rufescens)
LVII:5 Endocarpon miniatum L.
LVII:6 Endocarpon pusillum
LVII:7-8 Endocarpon rufescens Ach.
LVII:1-11 Endocarpon rufescens, lachneum Ach.
LVII:12 Endocarpon rugosum
LVII:13-14 Endocarpon spp.
Verrucaria aethiobola (see margacea)
LVII:15 Verrucaria albissima Ach.
LVII:15 Verrucaria oxyspora Nyl.
LVII:16 Verrucaria aggregatum
LVII:17 Verrucaria antecellens Nyl.
LVII:18 Verrucaria aurantii
LVII:18 Verrucaria biformis Borr.
LVII:20-23 Verrucaria borreri Leight.
LVII:24 Verrucaria calcaricola Mudd.

LVIII:1 Verrucaria calciseda Dc.
Verrucaria cartilaginea (see tephroides)
LVIII:2 Verrucaria cataractarum Mudd.
LVIII:3 Verrucaria ceuthocarpa
LVIII:4-10 Verrucaria chlorotica Ach.
LVIII:11-12 Verrucaria cinerea Pers.
LVIII:13 Verrucaria cinerella Flot.
LVIII:14-17 Verrucaria conoidea Fr.
Verrucaria consequens (see littoralis)
Verrucaria dermatodes (see glabrata)
LVIII:18-21 Verrucaria dufourii Dc.
LVIII:22 Verrucaria endoccoidea Nyl.
LVIII:23-24 Verrucaria epidermidis Ach.

LIX:1 Verrucaria epipolytropa Mudd.
LIX:2 Verrucaria furvescens Nyl.
LIX:3 Verrucaria gemmata Ach.
LIX:4-9 Verrucaria gemmifera Tayl.(?)
LIX:10 Verrucaria glabrata Ach.
LIX:11 Verrucaria glabrata, dermatodes, Borr.
LIX:12-13 Verrucaria halophila Nyl.
Verrucaria hydrela (see margacea)
LIX:14 Verrucaria hymenogonia Nyl.
LIX:15 Verrucaria hyperposita
LIX:16-17 Verrucaria immersa Leight.
LIX:18-19 Verrucaria incarata Nyl.
LIX:20 Verrucaria inumbrata Nyl.
Verrucaria inundata (see theleodes)
LIX:21 Verrucaria lactea Korb.
LIX:22 Verrucaria laevata Ach.
LIX:23 Verrucaria lectissima Fr.
LIX:24 Verrucaria littoralis Leight. (consequens.)

LX:1 Verrucaria macrostoma Dut.
LX:2 Verrucaria margacea Stahl.
LX:4 Verrucaria margacea, aethiobola Whlnb.
LX:5 Verrucaria margacea, hydrela, Ach.
LX:6 Verrucaria margacea, papillosa, Ach.
LX:7-10 Verrucaria mauri Whlnb.
LX:11 Verrucaria melathelia Nyl.
LX:12-14 Verrucaria microspoides Nyl.
LX:15 Verrucaria mucosa Whlnb.
LX:16-17 Verrucaria muralis
LX:18 Verrucaria murina Leight.
LX:19 Verrucaria mutabilis Borr.
LX:20-24 Verrucaria nigrata Nyl.

LXI:1-7 Verrucaria nigrescens Pers.
LXI:8-9 Verrucaria nitida Weig.
LXI:10 Verrucaria olivacea Borr.
Verrucaria oxyspora (see margacea)
LXI:11 Verrucaria pallida Ach.
LXI:12 Verrucaria polysticta Tayl.
LXI:14-15 Verrucaria punctiformis Ach.
LXI:16 Verrucaria punctilla
LXI:17 Verrucaria pusilla
LXI:18-20 Verrucaria pyrenophora Ach.
LXI:21 Verrucaria pyrenuloides Mnt.
LXI:22 Verrucaria rhyponta Ach.
LXI:23 Verrucaria rimosicola Leight.
LXI:24 Verrucaria rupestris Schrad.

LXII:1-13 Verrucaria rupestris Schrad.
LXII:14-19 Verrucaria scotinospora Nyl.
LXII:20-21 Verrucaria sendtneri Kphbr.
LXII:22-23 Verrucaria sprucei Light.
LXII:24 Verrucaria subumbrina Nyl.

LXIII:1 Verrucaria subumbrina Nyl.
LXIII:2 Verrucaria superposita Nyl.
LXIII:3 Verrucaria taylori Carr.
LXIII:4-8 Verrucaria tephroides Ach.
LXIII:9 Verrucaria tephroides ?
LXIII:10-11 Verrucaria tephroides castilaginea Nyl.
LXIII:12 Verrucaria terebrata Mudd.
LXIII:13 Verrucaria theleodes Smmrf.
LXIII:14-17 Verrucaria theleodes
LXIII:18 Verrucaria tristicula Nyl.
LXIII:19-21 Verrucaria umbrina Whlnb.
LXIII:22-24 Verrucaria viridula Schrad.

LXIV: Verrucaria spp.

LXV: Verrucaria spp.

LXVI:1-3 Melanotheca gelatinosa Chev.
LXVI:4 Melanotheca spp.
LXVI:5-6 Melanotheca spp.
LXVI:7 Abrothallus minimus
LXVI:8 Abrothallus oxysporus
LXVI:9-12 Abrothallus smithii Tul.
LXVI:13-15 Thrombium spp.