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In preparing Irish Topographical Botany, Robert Lloyd Praeger conducted some 200 days of fieldwork from 1896 to 1900 in 29 of the 40 vice-counties (asterisked below). For each vice county he annotated a copy of the 9th edition of the London Catalogue of British Plants. Each visit to the county was coded with a letter, and an index to these visits, and their dates was given at the front of the Catalogue. The routes were also marked on a map from the "Philips' Handy Atlas of the Counties of Ireland".

Praeger's methodology for the collecting of information is described, using Cavan as an example here. The London Catalogues are kept at the National Botanic Gardens, and the information below has been collated by Rosemary Goode.

In the accompanying files, where itineraries and maps are available they are given. Praeger did not conduct the same methodical fieldwork in all Irish counties, and his itineraries only cover those vice-counties asterisked (*) below. For a number of vice-counties the maps are missing (†), and in these and other cases, unmarked Philips maps are provided, since these supply valuable locality information used by field workers at the turn of the century.

Antrim* Galway, South East* Meath*
Armagh Galway, West* Monaghan*
Carlow* Kerry, North Offaly*
Cavan* Kerry, South Roscommon*
Clare & Aran Islands Kildare* Sligo*
Cork, East Kilkenny* Tipperary, North *
Cork, Mid Laois* Tipperary, South *
Cork, West Leitrim* Tyrone*
Donegal, East Limerick* Waterford*
Donegal, West Londonderry Westmeath*
Down Longford* Wexford*
Dublin Louth* † Wicklow*
Fermanagh* Mayo, East*
Galway, North East* Mayo, West*

1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
WATERFORD H6 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
C 02/18 SW of Clonmel Clonmel Glenahiry 29/05/1897
D 02/56 Dunmore Dunmore Gaultiere 11/09/1897
A 02/15 Abbeyside Dungarvan Decies without Drum 7-10/07/1899
B 02/25 Clonea Clonea Decies without Drum 7-10/07/1899
E Cliffs Clonea to Stradbally Stradbally Decies without Drum 7-10/07/1899
F 02/26 Stradbally Stradbally Decies without Drum 7-10/07/1899
G 02/36 Bunmahon Bunmahon Decies without Drum 7-10/07/1899
H Kilmacthomas Kilmacthomas Decies without Drum 7-10/07/1899
J 92/96 Lismore Lismore Cashmore and Coshbride 09/07/1899
K 02/06 {Cappoquin Cappoquin Decies without Drum 9/07/1899
L {Cappagh Cappagh Decies without Drum 9/07/1899
M 02/46 {Tramore Tramore Middle Third 12/08/1899
N {Ballyscanlon Lake Ballyscanlon Middle Third 12/08/1899
O 02/47 Mount Congreve Mount Congreve Middle Third 12/08/1899
SOUTH TIPPERARY H7 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
C North of Clonmel Clonmel Iffa and Offa East 28/05/1897
F Fethard Fethard Middlethird 25-29/05/1897
T 03/02 Thurles Thurles Eliogarty 22-23/07/1898
A 03/01 River Suir River Suir Middlethird 23/07/1898
B 03/00 {Cashel Cashel Middlethird 23/07/1898
D 03/00 {1/2 way Cashel to Fethard Cashel/Fethard Middlethird 23/07/1898
E Fethard Fethard Middlethird 23-24/07/1898
G 03/10 Moharnan = Farranaleen Moharnan/Farranaleen Middlethird/Slieveardagh 24/07/1898
H ? Ballinure South Ballinure Slieveardagh 24/07/1898
J 92/99 Cahir Cahir Iffa and Offa West 24/06/1900
K 02/08 {Ardfinnan Ardfinnan Iffa and Offa West 24/06/1900
L 02/08 {Knockofty Knockofty Iffa and Offa West 24/06/1900
M 92/89 {Vale of Aherlow Aherlow Clanwilliam 25/06/1900
N 92/89 {Muskry River and Lough Muskry Clanwilliam 25/06/1900
O 92/99 {SW of Cahir Cahir Iffa and Offa West 25/06/1900
P 92/99 {NW of Cahir Cahir Iffa and Offa West 26/06/1900
LIMERICK H8 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
A 93/52 Near Limerick Limerick Clanwilliam 14/08/1900
B 93/52 Lough Gur Lough Gur Small County 14/08/1900
C 93/71 Doon Doon Coonagh 15/08/1900
D 93/52 Limerick docks Limerick Clanwilliam 16/08/1900
E 93/52 Askeaton Askeaton Connello Lower 16/08/1900
F 93/21 Mullough Mullough Shanid 16/08/1900
G 93/21 Curragh Chase Curragh Chase Kenry 16/08/1900
CLARE & ARAN ISLANDS H9 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
NORTH TIPPERARY H10 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
P Shannon above Portumna Portumna Lower Ormond 29/06/1898
F Friar's Lough Friar's Lough Lower Ormond 29/06/1898
D Lough Derg below Portumna Portumna Lower Ormond 29/06/1898
T Thurles Thurles Eliogarty 22/07/1898
B Barracurragh Barracurragh Eliogarty 22/07/1898
A Templemore Templemore Eliogarty 25/07/1898
C Devil's Bit Devil's Bit Ikerrin 25/07/1898
E Hill W. of D.B. Devil's Bit Ikerrin and Upper Ormond 25/07/1898
G Knockanora Knockanora Upper Ormond and Kilnamangh Upper 25/07/1898
N Nenagh Nenagh Lower Ormond 24/06/1899
H near Lough Ourna Lough Ourna Lower Ormond 24/06/1899
J Rapla Rapla Upper Ormond 24/06/1899
K 1/2 way between Nenagh and Dromineer Nenagh/Dromineer Lower Ormond 25/06/1899
L Dromineer Dromineer Lower Ormond 25/06/1899
M Youghal Bay Youghal Bay Lower Ormond 25/06/1899
O Silvermines Silvermines Upper Ormond 26/06/1899
Q Mulkear River Mulkear River Owney and Arra 26/06/1899
R near Bushfield Bushfield Owney and Arra 26/06/1899
S Killaloe Killaloe Owney and Arra 26/06/1899
Z Toomyvara Toomyvara Upper Ormond 13/08/2000
Y Nenagh River Nenagh Lower Ormond 13/08/2000
X Ballingarry Ballingarry Lower Ormond 12/08/2000
W Cloghjordan Cloghjordan Lower Ormond 12/09/2000
KILKENNY H11 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
C Lough Cullin* Lough Cullin* Ida 31/07/1898+11/08/1899
W West of Mullinavat Mullinavat Knocktopher 11/08/1899
W Tory Hill Tory Hill Ida 11/08/1899
X Ballinlaw Ferry Ballinlaw Ferry Ida 11/08/1899
Y Snow Hill Snow Hill Ida 11/08/1899
K near Kilkenny Kilkenny Kilkenny 18-19/05/1897
T Thomastown Thomastown Gowran 30/07/1898
S near Stoneyford Stoneyford Knocktopher 30/07/1898
C Lough Cullin* Lough Cullin* Ida 31/07/1898
D Dunkitt Dunkitt Ida and Iverk 31/07/1898
G Grange Grange Iverk 31/07/1898
J Inistioge Inistioge Gowran 01/08/1898
A Brandon Hill Brandon Hill Gowran 01/08/1898
B Graiguenamanagh Graiguenamanagh Gowran 01/08/1898
E Barleagh Wood Barleagh Wood Gowran 01/08/1898
F Coppanagh (1202 hill) Coppanagh Gowran 01/08/1898
H Goresgrove Goresgrove Crannagh 02/08/1898
U Urlingford Urlingford Galmoy 02/08/1898
V Johnstown Johnstown Galmoy 02/08/1898
M Ballyragget Ballyragget Galmoy+Crannagh 02/08/1898
N Freshford Freshford Crannagh 02/08/1898
L Road above Ballyragget Ballyragget Galmoy 17/06/1899
O Ballyragget Ballyragget Galmoy 17/06/1899
P near Lismaine House Lismaine House Fassadinin 17/06/1899
Q near Jenkinstown House Jenkinstown House Fassadinin 17/06/1899
R Kilkenny Kilkenny Kilkenny 17/06/1899
WEXFORD H12 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
C Courtown Harbour Courtown Ballaghkeen 14/05/1896
L Mount Leinster Mount Leinster Scarawalsh 10/08/1898
B Ballywilliam Ballywilliam Bantry 11/08/1898
E Enniscorthy Enniscorthy Ballaghkeen+Scarawalsh 13/08/1898
CARLOW H13 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
B {Bagenalstown Bagenalstown Idrone East 17-18/05/1897
L {Leighlinbridge Leighlinbridge Idrone East 17-18/05/1897
N {Newtown Newtown Idrone East 17-18/05/1897
C Carlow Carlow Carlow 09/08/1898
M Milford Milford Carlow 09/08/1898
A Leighlinbridge Leighlinbridge Idrone East+West 09/08/1898
S Borris Borris Idrone East 10-11/08/1898
T W. side of Mt. Leinster Mount Leinster Idrone East 10/08/1898
U N.E. side of Mt. Leinster Mount Leinster Idrone East 10/08/1898
K Killedmond Killedmond Idrone East 10/08/1898
J Killedmond river Killedmond Idrone East 10/08/1898
D stream* below St, Mullin's (*Pollmounty R.) St. Mullin's St Mullin's Lower 11/08/1898
E Below and at St. Mullin's St. Mullin's St Mullin's Lower 11/08/1898
F Above St. Mullin's St. Mullin's St Mullin's Lower 11/08/1898
G Graiguenamanagh Graiguenamanagh St Mullin's Lower (border) 11/08/1898
H Tullow Tullow Rathvilly 03/06/1899
O Aghade Aghade Forth 04/06/1899
Q Ballintemple Ballintemple Forth 04/06/1899
P Borris Borris Idrone East 29/07/1899
V Barrow above Borris Borris Idrone East 29/07/1899
W Goresbridge Goresbridge left of Idrone East 29/07/1899
X near Gowlin Gowlin 30/07/1899
Y Blackstairs Blackstairs St. Mullin's Lower (border) 30/07/1899
Z W, of Milford Milford Carlow 31/07/1899
1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
M near Maryboro' Maryboro' Maryboro' E. 27/05/1896
E near Emo Emo Portnahinch 02/08/1896
M near Maryboro' Maryboro' Maryboro' E. 2-3/08/1896
Mt near Mountmellick Mountmellick Portnahinch 03/08/1896
P Portarlington Portarlington Portnahinch 03/08/1896
R Mountrath Mountrath Maryboro' W. 20+22/06/1897
C Camrass Camrass Upper Wood 21/06/1897
A Arderin Arderin Upper Wood 21/06/1897
B Cullenagh Cullenagh (do.) 01/08/1897
S Stradbally Stradbally (do.) 1-2/08/1897
J Ballymanus to Grattan Sq. Ballymanus/Grattan Sq. Stradbally 02/08/1897
D between Monasterevin and Portarlington Monasterevin/Portarlington Portnahinch 02/08/1897
F near Rathdowney Rathdowney Clandonagh 03/07/1898
G near Grantstown Grantstown Clarmallagh 03/07/1898
H near Dunmore Dunmore Clarmallagh 03/07/1898
X Abbeyleix Abbeyleix Cullenagh 04/07/1898
K Boleybeg Bridge and valley Boleybeg Cullenagh 04/07/1898
N Newtown Newtown Slievemargy 04/07/1898
L W. of Carlow Carlow Slievemargy 04/07/1898
Q Durrow Durrow 04/07/1898
SOUTH EAST GALWAY H15 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
L Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea 5-7/06/1897
D Dalystown Dalystown Leitrim 5-7/06/1897
M Marble Hill Marble Hill 5-7/06/1897
A Loughrea Loughrea Loughrea 20/06/1897
B Dalystown Dalystown Leitrim 21/06/1898
W Woodford Woodford Leitrim 22/06/1898
C L. Derg shore, Woodford river to Stonyisland B. Lough Derg/Woodford/Stonyisland Leitrim 22/06/1898
P Portumna Portumna Longford 23+25/06/1898
S St. Cleran's St. Cleran's 28+29/05/1899
E Moyode and Slieveroe townlands Moyode/Slieveroe 28/05/1899
F Oranmore Oranmore 26/08/1899
G Rinville Rinville 26/08/1899
H Ardfry House Ardfry 26/08/1899
J Loughnahulla and Parkmore Loughnahulla/Parkmore 26/08/1899
K N. side Clarinbridge Clarinbridge 26/08/1899
N Kilcolgan Kilcolgan 26/08/1899
O L. Fingall L. Fingall 26/08/1899
Q Kinvara Bay Kinvara 27/08/1899
R* Shore below Ballinderreen. * also lake a mile inland Ballinderreen 27/08/1899
T Kilcolgan Estuary Kilcolgan Estuary 27/08/1899
Z Chevy Chase Chevy Chase 06/07/1900
Y Lough Cooter Lough Cooter 07/07/1900
U or X Garrylaw Garrylaw 08/07/1900
V S. of Kinvara S. of Kinvara 08/07/1900
WEST GALWAY H16 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
R Roundstone Roundstone April 1896
B Ballynahinch Ballynahinch April 1896
R (purple) Roundstone (purple writing) Roundstone 22-24/08/1896
A Kilby Ferry Kilby Ferry Moycullen Barony 15+17/07/1899
C Oughterard Oughterard Moycullen Barony 15+17/07/1899
D N.W. of Oughterard} Oughterard Moycullen Barony 16/07/1899
E C. Seefin (below)} C. Seefin Moycullen Barony 16/07/1899
F L. Bofin} L. Bofin Moycullen Barony 16/07/1899
G Moycullen+N.} Moycullen Moycullen Barony 17/07/1899
H L. Ross} L. Ross Moycullen Barony 17/07/1899
J large lowland bog N.E. of Ross Lake} Ross Lake Moycullen Barony 17/07/1899
K L. Corrib shores near Bleanoran} L. Corrib/Bleanoran Moycullen Barony 17/07/1899
L Galway Galway 28/08/1899
M Salthill Salthill 28/08/1899
N Gentian Hill Gentian Hill 28/08/1899
O Knocknagoneen Knocknagoneen 28/08/1899
N.E. GALWAY H17 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
C Clonbrock (4 mile radius) Kilconnell Br. Clonbrock/Kilconnell June 20-23/1896
T Tuam Tuam 30/05/1899
H Castlehacket Hill Castlehacket 30/05/1899
B R. Clare below Weir Br. River Clare 14/07/1899
D Killower Lake Killower Lake 14/07/1899
E Cloonkeelwy House Cloonkeelwy 14/07/1899
F Castlegrove Castlegrove 14/07/1899
G Esker 4m. N. of Tuam Tuam 14/07/1899
J E.N.E. of Birmingham House Birmingham House 14/07/1899
A Abbeyknockmoy and Barbersfort Abbeyknockmoy/Barbersfort 13/07/1899
K 3m. S.s.w. of Castlehacket Hill Castlehacket 15/07/1899
L Lough Corrib shores opp. Cavanagh's Island L. Corrib/Cavanagh's Island 15/07/1899
M Kilby Wood Kilby Wood 15/07/1899
N shore near Oranmore Oranmore 24/08/1899
N(encircled) Rosshill Rosshill 24/08/1899
P Ballyloughaun Ballyloughaun 24/08/1899
O Galway Galway 24/08/1899
Q Terrylaw River Terrylaw River 24/08/1899
R Menlo Menlo 25/08/1899
S L. Corrib above Menlo (Menlough on map*) Menlo 25/08/1899
V Ballindooly Ballindooly 25/08/1899
Z Dunmore Dunmore 184
1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
G Geashill Geashill Geashill 23-25/05/1896
K Killeenmore Bog Killeenmore Geashill 23/05/1896
C Clonad and Derryadd Clonad and Derryadd Geashill 23/05/1896
P Philipstown to 3m.W. Lr. Philipstown 24/05/1896
E Edenderry Edenderry Coolestown 27/07/1896
A Arderin Arderin Ballybritt 21/06/1897
Kn Kinnitty Kinnitty Ballybritt 21/06/1897
B Banagher+E. Banagher Garrycastle 25/06/1898
L L. Coura (Praeger has "Goura") L. Coura Eglish no date
S Shannon N. of Banagher Shannon N. of Banagher Garrycastle 26/06/1898
Sh. Shannon H. br. To Newtown Shannon/Newtown Garrycastle 26/06/1898
D Clonmacnoise Clonmacnoise 29/06/1899
H Tober Tober 01/08/1899
M Clara Clara 01/08/1899
N Tullamore Tullamore 01/08/1899
F Glen above Kinnitty Kinnitty 170
J Stream above Cadamstown Cadamstown 170
KILDARE H19 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
N Newbridge Newbridge Connell 07/05/1896
K Kilcullen Kilcullen Kilcullen 07/05/1896
C Thomastown to Edenderry Thomastown to Edenderry Carbury 26/07/1896
KK Kilcock (along canal) Kilcock North Salt 09/08/1896
M Maynooth (along canal) Maynooth North Salt 09/08/1896
L Leixlip (along canal) Leixlip North Salt 09/08/1896
D Kildare Kildare E. Offaly 18/07/1897
A Nurney Nurney W. Offaly 18/07/1897
Y Athy Athy W. Narragh +Reban East 18/07/1897
B Curragh (E. Offaly) +marsh (Offaly + Connell Curragh Offaly/Connell 19/07/1897
E Monasterevin Monasterevin 02/08/1897
R Canal E. of Rathangan Canal/Rathangan W. Offaly 16/07/1898
G W. of Robertstown Robertstown Connell 16/07/1898
H E. of Robertstown Robertstown Clane 16/07/1898
O near hills N. of Kildare N. of Kildare E. Offaly 16/07/1898
Z hills above Rathmore Rathmore S. Salt + N. Naas 14/08/1898
Q Athy Athy Naas + Reban West 18/06/1899
P N. of Levitstown Lock N. of Levitstown Lock Kilkea + Moone 18/06/1899
S near Kilkea Castle Kilkea Castle Kilkea + Moone 18/06/1899
T W. of Baltinglass Baltinglass Kilkea + Moone 18/06/1899
WICKLOW H20 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
W Wicklow Wicklow Newcastle 20/08/1897
K Killoughter Killoughter Newcastle 20/08/1897
B N. +E. of Blessington Blessington Lr. Talbotstown 14/08/1898
S Shillelagh Shillelagh 3-4/06/1899
C Coolkenna Coolkenna 04/06/1899
A Avondale Avondale 5-6/06/1899
DUBLIN H21 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
MEATH H22 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
D 14/13 Drogheda to Boyne obelisk Drogheda/Boyne Lower Duleek 26/04/1896
B 04/92 Bective Bective Upr. Navan 27/06/1896
K 04/91 Kilmessan Kilmessan Lr. Deece 27/06/1896
E 04/80 Enfield + near Enfield Lower Moyfenrath 04/07/1896
F 04/80 Bog 2m. W. of Ferns Lock Ferns Lock Upr. Deece 04/07/1896
N Navan + westward Navan Lr. Navan 05/07/1896
A 04/82 Bog 4m.E.N.E. of Athboy Athboy Lr. Navan 05/07/1896
O Oldcastle + Loughcrew Oldcastle + Loughcrew Fore 18+19/07/1896
S 04/54 near L. Sheelin near L. Sheelin Fore 19/07/1896
M Mornington and Mayden Tower (purple writing) Mornington/Mayden Tower 16/08/1896
D 14/13 Drogheda (date attached) purple writing also Drogheda 26/04/1896*
L 14/22 Laytown Laytown 06/09/1896
(M) Mornington Mornington 06/09/1896
C 04/84 Cruicetown Cruicetown 10/08/1897
A 04/72 Athboy Athboy 09/06/1900
B 04 Kildalkey Kildalkey 09/06/1900
C 04/71 Ballivor Ballivor 09/06/1900
D 04/60 Hill of Down Hill of Down 09/06/1900
E 04/93 Beauparc Beauparc 11/07/1900
F 04/63 Slieve na Calliagh + Ballinlough Slieve na Calliagh/Ballinlough 12/07/1900
G 04/73 Kells Kells 12/07/1900
H 04/92 Navan Navan 11-13/7/1900
J S. Bregh 15/07/1900
WESTMEATH H23 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
A 04/00 Athlone + Shannon 2m. N. Athlone/Shannon Brawny 19/06/1898
B 04/01 Coosan Lough Coosan Lough Brawny 19/06/1898
C 04/11 Killinure Lough Killinure Lough Kilkenny West 19/06/1898
D 04/10 Twy Lough Twy Lough Clonlonan and Kilkenny West 19/06/1898
E 04/52 Knock Eyon + Crooked Wood Knock Eyon + Crooked Wood 14/05/1899
F 04/43 Coole Coole 14/05/1899
G Knockdrin Knockdrin 14/05/1899
H 04/01 Hare Island Hare Island Kilkenny West 27/06/1899
J 04/00 Athlone Athlone 02/07/1899
K 04/41 Canal W. of Mullingar Mullingar 03/07/1899
L 04/41 Canal 3-6m. W. of Mullingar Mullingar 03/07/1899
M 04/42 near Sonna House Sonna House 03/07/1899
N 04/42 L. Owel L. Owel 03/07/1899
O L. Iron L. Iron 03/07/1899
P Inny bridge ( )? Inny bridge ( ) Lackan 03/07/1899
Q S.E. of Athlone Athlone 30/08/1899
R 04/10 Glynnwood House Glynnwood House 30/08/1899
S 04/10 W. of Mote (Moate)* Mote 30/08/1899
T 04/20 Esker N. of Mote Mote 30/08/1899
(T) 04/20 Ballinderry L. Ballinderry L. 30/08/1899
1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
L N.E. + S.W. of Longford N.E. + S.W. of Longford Ardagh 12-13/06/1898
A ? Cloonee + N. Cloonee Longford 12/06/1898
C 04/24 Carndonough L. + N. base Carndonough Lake
B Moydow Moydow Moydow 13/06/1898
D 04/23 bog S.E. of Longford Longford Ardagh 13/06/1898
K 04/13 Canal near Woodlawn Woodlawn Moydow 13/06/1898
E 04/33 near Edgeworthstown Edgeworthstown Ardagh 13/05/1899
F Reynoldstown Reynoldstown Granard 13/05/1899
G 04/34 nr. Granard nr. Granard Granard 13/05/1899
H ? Priest's I. Priest's Island Rathcline 28/06/1899
J ? mainland opposite do. Rathcline 28/06/1899
M 04/35 L. Gowna Lough Gowna Rathcline 12/06/1900
N 04/15 Shannon below Roosky Shannon 13/06/1900
O 04/14 L. Forbes Lough Forbes 13/06/1900
Z 04/23 Castlerea Castlerea 19/08/1900
Y B. mahon Ballymahon 19/08/1900
X 04/12 L. Ree below do. Ballymahon 19/08/1900
W 04/12 Saint's Island Saint's Island 19/08/1900
V 04/12 Derrymacau L. Derrymacau L. 19/08/1900
U 04/12 Canal N. of Ballymahon Canal N. of Ballymahon 20/08/1900
T 04/02 Newtowncashel Newtowncashel 20/08/1900
S 04/02 Elfeet Bay Elfeet Bay 20/08/1900
R 04/02 Collum Point Collum Point 20/08/1900
ROSCOMMON H25 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
M 94/92 Mote Park Mote Park Athlone 31/5-4/06/1897
R 04/02 L. Ree near Galey L. Ree near Galey Athlone 02/06/1897
Ro 94/93 Roscommon town Roscommon town Ballintober South 03/06/1897
T 94/82 Mount Talbot Mount Talbot Athlone 02/06/1897
B Boyle Boyle Boyle 25-29/06/1897
K 94/97 Lough Key Lough Key Boyle 26/06/1897
A 94/97 L. Arrow L. Arrow Boyle 27/06/1897
G L. Gara L. Gara Frenchpark 29/06/1897
C 04/00 nr. Athlone Athlone Athlone 18/06/1898
S 04/06 Carrick-on-Shannon Carrick-on-Shannon Boyle 11/06/1899
H 04/05 Rockville +c Rockville Roscommon 11/06/1899
D 04/02 St. John's Castle St. John's Castle Athlone 28/06/1899
E 04/00 W. of Athlone Athlone 02/07/1899
F 3-5 miles W. of Athlone Athlone 02/07/1899
J Corkip L.(site of) + Castlesampson Corkip Lough/Castlesampsson 02/07/1899
L 04/00 Midland Great Western Railway 5-4m. W. of Athlone MGWR/Athlone 02/07/1899
O 93/89 near Ballinasloe Ballinasloe 31/08/1899
P 04/04 S.Bane??* 21/08/1900
EAST MAYO H26 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
B Ballaghaderreen Ballaghaderreen Costello 10/06/1899
K 94/66 Kilmovee Kilmovee Costello 10/06/1899
A 94/44 N. of Claremorris Claremorris 03/07/1900
C 94/44 Lake N.W. of do. Claremorris 03/07/1900
(A) 94/45 Turlough N.W. of do. Claremorris 03/07/1900
D 94/37 Foxford Foxford 30/07/1900
E 94/47 Callow Callow 30/07/1900
F 94/48 Glendaduff Glendaduff 30/07/1900
G 94/38 Ballymore L. Ballymore L. 30/07/1900
H 94/38 Carrowkeribly L. Carrowkeribly L. 30/07/1900
J Ballyhaunis Ballyhaunis 31/07/1900
L 94/44 S. of Claremorris S. of Claremorris 31/07/1900
WEST MAYO H27 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
A Achill 7-13/04/1898
B 94/39 Ballina Ballina no date*
C 95/30 Killala Killala 27/07/1900
D 94/39 Rathroeen L. Rathroeen L. 27/07/1900
E 94/39 Rosserk Rosserk 27/07/1900
F ? Derreen Derreen 28/07/1900
G 94/38 E. Shore L. Conn E. Shore L. Conn 28/07/1900
H 94/37 Pontoon Pontoon 28/07/1900
J 94/27 S.W. shore L. Conn S.W. shore L. Conn 29/07/1900
K Nephin Nephin 29/07/1900
L 94/28 N.W. shore L. Conn N.W. shore L. Conn 29/07/1900
SLIGO H28 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
K 94/88 Keishcorran Keishcorran Corran 26/06/1897
C 94/87 Carrowkee Carrowkee Tirerrill 26/06/1897
B 94/78 Ballymote Ballymote Corran 26/06/1897
A L. Arrow L. Arrow Tirerrill 27/06/1897
G L. Gara L. Gara Coolavin 28-29/06/1897
R 95/70 Rosses Promontory Rosses Promontory Carbury 14/08/1897
M 95/82 Mullaghmore Mullaghmore Carbury 15/08/1897
S 95/80 Sligo Sligo Carbury 14-17/08/1897
D 94/79 Ballysadare Ballysadare Carbury 16/08/1897
E 95/70 Strandhill Strandhill Carbury 16/08/1897
N 95/70 Knocknarea Knocknarea Carbury 16/08/1897
F 95/70 "The Glen", S. of Knocknarea Knocknarea Carbury 17/08/1897
H 94/79 Ballysadare Ballysadare 12/06/1899
J L. Gill, Carbury shore L. Gill, Carbury shore 12/06/1899
Z 94/79 Ballysadare Ballysadare 22/07/1900
Y 94/79 Annaghmore Annaghmore 22/07/1900
LEITRIM H29 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
S 95/92 Seacoast 15/08/1897
C 04/06 Carrick-on-Shannon Carrick-on-Shannon Leitrim 09/06/1899
L 04/07 Leitrim Leitrim Leitrim 09/06/1899
A 04/07 Annahearby Lough Annahearby Lough Leitrim 09/06/1899
B 04/15 Rinn Lough Rinn Lough 09/06/1899
D 04/15 Dromod Dromod 21/07/1899
E 05/00 Manorhamilton Manorhamilton 22-24/07/1899
F 95/90 Wood 1m. N. of Lurganboy Lurganboy 22/07/1899
G 95/91 Glenade below lake Glenade 22/07/1899
H 95/91 Glenade L. + cliffs S. side Glenade 22/07/1899
J 95/91 mtn. 22/07/1899
K 95/92 Uragh L. Uragh L. 22/07/1899
M L. Melvin L. Melvin 23/07/1899
N 05/01 Valley of Saddle Hill Saddle Hill 23/07/1899
O 94/99 Dromahair Dromahair 24/07/1899
P 95/90 L. Gill L. Gill 24/07/1899
Z 04/27 Ballinamore Ballinamore 21/08/1900
Y 04/27 Garadice L. Garadice L. 21/08/1900
X 04/07 Drumshanbo Drumshanbo 21/08/1900
CAVAN H30 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
C near Cavan near Cavan 17/05/1896
O 04/46 Erne + L. Oughter, Ballahillin ? Br. To Killykeen Erne/Ballahillin/Killykeen L. Oughter 17/05/1896
G 04/56 Slieve Glah Slieve Glah L. Oughter 18/05/1896
(C) near Cavan near Cavan L. Oughter 10-13/07/1896
(O) L. Oughter L. Oughter 11-12/07/1896
(G) 04/56 Slieve Glah Slieve Glah 13/07/1896
F 04/46 Farnham demesne Farnham demesne 10/07/1896
S 04/54 South of Mt. Nugent Mount Nugent Clanmahon 19/07/1896
R 04/64 near S. end of L. Ramor Lough Ramor Clanmahon 20/07/1896
Praeger's original map is missing, but an outline exists (see right)
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Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
B 14/03 Boyne obelisk to 1 mile above it Boyne obelisk 26/04/1896
K 14/05 Killincoole Killincoole Louth 10/05/1896
L 14/05 Louth Louth Louth 10/05/1896
D 14/13 Drogheda (data attached)
Q 14/13 Queensboro + Baltray Queensboro + Baltray 11/08/1896
C 14/24 Clogher Hd. + village Clogher Hd. + village 11/08/1896
T Termonfeckin Termonfeckin 11/08/1896
A 14/14 Togher (Ferrard) Togher (Ferrard) 30/08/1896
Y 14/24 Shore near Dunany Pt. Shore near Dunany Pt. Ferrard 30/08/1896
Dd 14/16 Shore, Blackrock to Dundalk Blackrock/Dundalk Upper Dundalk 31/08/1896
Dr 14/15 Shore below Dromiskin Dromiskin Louth 31/08/1896
N 14/05 Braganstown bog Braganstown Ardee 25/07/1897
M Kenny's Cross Kenny's Cross Ardee
E 14/04 Ardee + bog Ardee + bog Ardee 26/07/1897
F 14/16 Dundalk Dundalk 16/07/1900
G 14/16 Ballyscallion (=Ballymascanlon* in index) Ballyscallion* 16/07/1900
H Ravensdale Ravensdale 16/07/1900
J 14/36 Whitestown Whitestown 17/07/1900
O Greenore Greenore 17/07/1900
P 14/26 Carlingford Carlingford 17/07/1900
MONAGHAN H32 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
C 04/97 Castleblayney Castleblayney Cremorne 09/05/1896
Cv 04/97 Cullaville Cullaville Farney 09/05/1896
A 04/87 Creeve L. Creeve L. 18/07/1900
B 04/77 L. Avaghon L. Avaghon 18/07/1900
D 04/68 Newbliss Newbliss 19/07/1900
E 04/68 Annaghmakerig L. Annaghmakerig L. 19/07/1900
F 04/77 Rockcorry Rockcorry 19/07/1900
FERMANAGH H33 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
C 05/30 E.killen (Castlecoole chiefly) Enniskillen/Castlecoole Castlecoole 13/06/1899
K 05/31 Carrickreagh Carrickreagh Magheraboy 13/06/1899
A 04/29 Florence Court Florence Court 20/07/1900
B 05/20 Belcoo Belcoo 21/07/1900
1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
This field book was passed from Miss Matilda Knowles to Dr. Praeger for his collection.
It does not have marked routes.
1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
O 05/53 Omagh Omagh 1896
D 05/92 Dungannon Dungannon 1896
B.B 05/54 Bessy Bell Bessy Bell 1896
M 05/64 Mullaghcarn + neighbourhood Mullaghcarn Upper Strabane 1896
S 05/56 Strabane Strabane 1896
F 05/56 bank of River Foyle River Foyle 1896
N 05/54 Newtownstewart + Baronscourt Newtownstewart + Baronscourt 1896
L.N. Lough Neagh Lough Neagh 1896
C 05/92 Coalisland Coalisland 1896
Ck 05/93 Cookstown Cookstown
a Artrea W. Cookstown Artrea
F.R. Favor Royal Co. Tyrone Favor Royal
L.N. Lisky Wood, a natural wood W. Victoria Bridge 1900
ARMAGH H37 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
DOWN H38 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
ANTRIM H39 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download
Code Grid ref Locality Town Parish Date
B Ballycastle neighbourhood Ballycastle 2-5/07/1897
W 16/20 White Park Bay White Park Bay 02/05/1897
F 15/39 Fair Head Fair Head 03/05/1897
M 15/39 Murlough Murlough 03/05/1897
LONDONDERRY H40 1 kbyte version of map. Right click to download