The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC)
comprises a set of 16 targets to halt the current and continuing loss of plant species, as well as the vegetation and habitats they compose by the year 2010.

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Full text of the GSPC
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Irelandís National Strategy for Plant Conservation
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At least 30 per cent of production lands managed consistent with the conservation of plant diversity;

Terms and technical rationale:

For the purpose of the target, production lands refer to lands where the primary purpose is agriculture (including horticulture), grazing, or wood production. Consistent with conservation of plant diversity implies that a number of objectives are integrated into the management of such production lands: Conservation of plant diversity which is an integral part of the production system itself (i.e., crop, pasture or tree species and genetic diversity); Protection of other plant species in the production landscape that are unique, threatened, or of particular socio-economic value; Use of management practices that avoid significant adverse impacts on plant diversity in surrounding ecosystems, for example by avoiding excessive release of agro-chemicals and preventing unsustainable soil erosion.
2. Increasingly, integrated production methods are being applied in agriculture, including integrated pest management, conservation agriculture, and on-farm management of plant genetic resources. Similarly, sustainable forest management practices are being more broadly applied. Against this background, and with the above understanding of the terms used, the target is considered feasible. Higher targets are appropriate for natural or semi-natural forests and grasslands.