The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC)
comprises a set of 16 targets to halt the current and continuing loss of plant species, as well as the vegetation and habitats they compose by the year 2010.

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Full text of the GSPC
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Ireland’s National Strategy for Plant Conservation
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At least 10 per cent of each of the world’s ecological regions effectively conserved;

Terms and technical rationale:

About 10% of the land surface is currently covered by protected areas. In general, forests and mountain areas are well represented in protected areas, while natural grasslands (such as prairies) and coastal and estuarine ecosystems, including mangroves, are poorly represented. The target would imply: (i) increasing the representation of different ecological regions in protected areas, and (ii) increasing the effectiveness of protected areas. Since some ecological regions will include protected areas covering more than 10% of their area, the qualifier “at least” is used. In some cases, ecosystems restoration and rehabilitation may be necessary. Effective conservation is understood to mean that the area is managed to achieve a favorable conservation status for plant species and communities. Various approaches are available for use in the identification of ecological regions, based on major vegetation types. Further targets may be agreed in the future.