The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC)
comprises a set of 16 targets to halt the current and continuing loss of plant species, as well as the vegetation and habitats they compose by the year 2010.

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Full text of the GSPC
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Ireland’s National Strategy for Plant Conservation
vert bar The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation - Target 13

The decline of plant resources, and associated indigenous and local knowledge, innovations and practices that support sustainable livelihoods, local food security and health care, halted;

Terms and technical rationale:

Plant diversity underpins livelihoods, food security and health care. This target is consistent with one of the widely agreed international development targets, namely to “ensure that current trends in the loss of environmental resources are effectively reversed at both global and national levels by 2015”. It is recommended feasible to halt the decline by 2010 and subsequently to reverse the decline. Relevant plant resources and methods to address their decline are largely site specific and thus implementation must be locally driven. The scope of the target is understood to encompass plant resources and associated ethnobotanical knowledge. Measures to address the decline in associated indigenous and local knowledge should be implemented consistent with the Convention’s programme of work on Article 8(j) and related provisions.