The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC)
comprises a set of 16 targets to halt the current and continuing loss of plant species, as well as the vegetation and habitats they compose by the year 2010.

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Full text of the GSPC
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Ireland’s National Strategy for Plant Conservation
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30 per cent of plant-based products derived from sources that are sustainably managed;

Terms and technical rationale:

  1. Plant-based products include food products, timber, paper and other wood-based products, other fibre products, and ornamental, medicinal and other plants for direct use.
  2. Sources that are sustainably managed are understood to include:
    • Natural or semi-natural ecosystems that are sustainably managed (by avoiding overharvesting of products, or damage to other components of the ecosystem), excepting that commercial extraction of resources from some primary forests and near-pristine ecosystems of important conservation value might be excluded.
    • Sustainably managed, plantation forests and agricultural lands.
  3. In both cases, sustainable management should be understood to integrate social and environmental considerations, such as the fair and equitable sharing of benefits and the participation of indigenous and local communities.
  4. Indicators for progress might include:
    • Direct measures e.g.: products meeting relevant verified standards (such as for organic food, certified timber, and intermediate standards that codify good practices for sustainable agriculture and forestry);
    • Indirect measures e.g.: products from sources considered to be sustainable, or nearsustainable, on the basis of farming system analyses, taking into account the adoption of integrated production methods. Assessment of progress will be assisted by the development of criteria and indicators of sustainable agricultural and forest management.
  5. Certified organic foods and timber currently account for about 2% of production globally. For several product categories, examples exist of 10–20% of products meeting intermediate standards. Against this baseline, the target is considered to be attainable. It would be applied to each category of plant-based products, understanding that for some categories it will be more difficult to reach and more difficult to monitor progress. Implementation would require a combination of product-specific and sectorwide approaches, consistent with the Convention’s programme of work on agricultural biodiversity.