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vert bar Nymphoides peltata
Last updated 23rd April 2007

As with other invasive aquatics, Fringed Water-lily is a handsome plant, and is being deliberately introduced into an increasing number of waterbodies. Reynolds (2002) records the species as an occasional escape from cultivation, mainly in the north, and locally established in lakes, ponds and rivers, and usually spreading from where originally introduced. After its initial spread in the first half of 19th C in Lough Neagh and the Lagan Canal and river, it suddenly declined in most of its naturalized stations (Flora of Lough Neagh - Harron 1986; FNE 1992).
Fringed waterlilly is a riparian species, and tends to be confined to water less than ca 1 m in depth. It readily fragments and spreads by floating.


Global Invasive Species Database

National Parks and Wildlife staff are undertaking mapping of the species in Lough Leane to determine the full extent of the infestation.

Known Sites for Nymphoides peltata (based on Reynolds (2002) with additions from Joe Caffrey, BSBI atlas and others:
Vice-County Location
2 Muckross House harbour, V965865, D.Holyoak 14/5/2005
Lough Leane (M and P Wyse Jackson 2006)
4 Caum 1997, two ponds (O’Mahony 1998).
5 Near Glanworth 1992, in pond with Lagarosiphon major (O’Mahony 1998).
Fota Golf Club (Joe Caffrey)
Ballyhonock Lake (Joe Caffrey)
6 West Waterford Golf Club, Dungarvan
18 Birr Castle demesne, N054049, D.Holyoak, 15/8/2005.
19 Maynooth Fisheries (Joe Caffrey)
24 Royal Canal at Cloondara (Joe Caffrey)
29 Carrick on Shannon (Joe Caffrey)
Roosky (Joe Caffrey)
33 Cargin Loughs 1990
Upper Lough Erne 1991 - records made by Northern Ireland Lakes Survey (C. Preston) - source of map records in Preston & Croft (1997).
37 Lurgan Lough Upper 1990; record made by Northern Ireland Lakes Survey (C. Preston); source of map record in Preston & Croft (1997).
38 Watson’s Lough, J308496, 1990; Interlaken Lake near Carryduff (J398648) 1986; Dairy (Derry) Lake, (J370555) 1990 (FNE 1992).
Ponds at Bloomfield (J372737) 1993 and Tillysburn (J382767), deliberate introductions at both sites (Hackney 1995, FBel 1997).
38/39 River Lagan 1996, two small patches under Moore’s Bridge (J262629) 1996, S Lisburn (Wolfe-Murphy 1997); River Lagan, 1st Lock (J340713); 2nd Lock (J337699).

If you have information about any other populations of Nymphoides peltata please notify the following:-
Dr. Joe Caffrey
Senior Scientific Officer,
Central Fisheries Board

Dr Jan-Robert Baars Ph.D.
School of Biology & Environmental Science
121 Research 2-Limnology Unit
Limnology Unit
School of Biology and Environmental Science
UCD, Belfield, Dublin