Irelandís National Strategy for Plant Conservation
comprises a set of 16 targets modelled on the GSPC, through which we can bring about better comprehension and conservation of our native plants and fungi
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The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

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Irelandís National Strategy
for Plant Conservation

vert bar Ireland's National Strategy for Plant Conservation - Target 6

At least 30 per cent of production lands managed consistent with the conservation of plant diversity

This target is subject to the changing activities of EU agricultural interventions such as REPs payments and other farming subsidies. In the forestry sector there has already been a major shift from timber production to woodland creation in such projects as the Peoples Millennium Forests Project and the Native Woodland Scheme. The achievements of Target 3 will provide a valuable resource for this target also. Actions 20, 21, 23, 32, 33, 66 and 67 of the National Biodiversity Plan address these issues also.

  • Mechanism and funding in place to secure in situ conservation of Irish agricultural plant genetic resources and their associated weeds.
  • Provision of resources and guidelines for hedge management and marginal lands developed.
  • Make recommendations from hedgerow survey reports widely available
  • Improvements under REPS-4 and development of appropriate NPWS farm plans
Milestones & Indicators:
  • No further declines in Irish agricultural weeds.
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the Linnet Project for conserving vascular plant species associated with agriculture.
  • Compliance of farmers and successful implementation of REPS
  • Linkages into other agri-biodiversity schemes.