Irelandís National Strategy for Plant Conservation
comprises a set of 16 targets modelled on the GSPC, through which we can bring about better comprehension and conservation of our native plants and fungi
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The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

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Comprehensive and documented suite of practical solutions based on new or tested models, case studies, research and other experiences available for plant conservation and sustainable use in Ireland.

The intention under this target is to provide a clearing house of practical guidance on how to conduct plant conservation and sustainable use activities in particular settings in Ireland. Techniques, technologies, protocols, practices, models, experiences and other forms of case studies will be compiled so as to have a source of practical information. This is an important cross-cutting target and supports a number of actions of the National Biodiversity Plan, including actions 18, 29, 34, 35, 40, 43, 44, 66, 75, 80, 81, and 84.

  • Develop a national plant research agenda through a consultative process and set priorities.
  • Locate all research publications from the past 25 years on threatened plant ecology, biology and other conservation studies. Road building, Golf-course construction, Hedge management and any EIA proposals for amelioration or mitigation and actual outcomes should be included.
  • Compile existing management advice from Environmental NGOs, Government bodies and other organisations, and place on website.
  • Undertake research to investigate the most effective range of techniques available for plant conservation, including seedbanks, translocations, habitat manipulation and management, genetic diversity studies, pollination biology etc., to be completed by 2006. This should include bryophyte and lichen conservation, in additional to vascular plants.
Milestones & Indicators:
  • Provide an on-line set of published guidelines, techniques, protocols searchable by taxon and habitat.
  • Provide an on-line set of (or links to) guidelines for suitable management practices and techniques for woodland, ponds, hedgerows etc.
  • Develop guidelines for the incorporation of plant conservation targets into local authority area development plans, local area Biodiversity Action Plans, Agri-environmental schemes, Site Management Plans.
  • Produce a manual for practical plant conservation in Ireland by 2007
  • Produce guidelines for county councils local authorities for restoration and rehabilitation of threatened species and associated habitats, Motorway and Trunk road verges rehabilitation.

Conservation Evidence .com
A very useful web site that has been established is This site lists hundreds of summaries of already published papers, reports and articles that document the effectiveness of conservation practice. There is also an online reviewed journal, Conservation Evidence, comprising original, previously unpublished material. Each paper (case study) documents the effectiveness of a conservation management intervention.