Irelandís National Strategy for Plant Conservation
comprises a set of 16 targets modelled on the GSPC, through which we can bring about better comprehension and conservation of our native plants and fungi
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The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

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vert bar Ireland's National Strategy for Plant Conservation - Target 13

Safeguard the traditional practices based on plant resources, and their associated knowledge, that support local communities and their livelihoods in Ireland.


  • Develop a checklist of archived materials and ethnographic records covering traditional practices with reference to plant materials.
  • Develop links with existing groups, including the Irish basket-makers association, the Hedge-Laying Society of Ireland, the Coppice Association of Ireland, the Thatchers guild, etc. to determine the degree to which these practices are surviving.
  • Develop a school project to encourage Transition Year students to collect information from informants on agricultural or rural practices and traditions in the first half of the 20th Century or earlier. A teacherís pack and background literature would be prepared and distributed.
  • Discuss with the Heritage Council the possibility of publishing a call for proposals for local projects on plant folklore etc.
Milestones & Indicators:
  • Web-based checklist of archive material made available, perhaps as a bibliography