Ireland’s National Strategy for Plant Conservation
comprises a set of 16 targets modelled on the GSPC, through which we can bring about better comprehension and conservation of our native plants and fungi
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The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

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No species of wild flora endangered by international trade

The National Biodiversity Plan has a single action to increase training and capacity (action 27) for border control, and its impact on international trade. Action 53 of the National Biodiversity Plan specifically allocates € 6 million to overseas initiatives.

  • Initiate a research programme to determine the extent of trade in wild flora into and out of Ireland to be completed by 2008.
  • Develop a policy and enact legislation for access and benefit sharing by 2007.
  • Develop resources to highlight the economic impact of horticulture, herbal medicine, floristry etc. on international plant conservation issues.
Milestones & Indicators:
  • ABS legislation enacted to support plant conservation initiatives internationally.
  • Overseas Development Agency spends €5 million on plant conservation and sustainable usage of plant-resources as part of its programme.
  • 30 per cent of plant-based products arriving from outside Ireland derived from sources that are sustainably managed, and whose environmental impacts are minimised.
  • 100 per cent of Public procurement of plant based products arriving from outside Ireland derived from sustainably managed sources.