Irelandís National Strategy for Plant Conservation
comprises a set of 16 targets modelled on the GSPC, through which we can bring about better comprehension and conservation of our native plants and fungi
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The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

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vert bar Ireland's National Strategy for Plant Conservation - Target 1

Widely accessible preliminary census lists of all wild plant species, and fungi, found in Ireland;

A major gap in our knowledge is revealed by BSBI's Atlas 2000 publication. Many new records have yet to appear in the literature, and the 10 kilometre squares of the atlas do not provide information of a useful accuracy. The Focal point will contact VC recorders over the coming months to notify recorders where such information is lacking. New vice-county records traditionally appear in the Irish Naturalist Journal or Watsonia.

  • Gather, compile and facilitate access to publications and information relevant to Irelandís flora. Provide access to synonym lists for all plant (vascular, bryophytes by 2006; algae by 2008) and fungi species (by 2007).
    Synonym list for vascular plants in Ireland
    Synonym list for bryophyes in Ireland
  • Update the Census Catalogue of Vascular Plants by 2008; investigate GBIF protocols in respect of data holdings; develop an on-line Census Catalogue.
  • Update the Census Catalogue of Lichens by 2007
  • Produce Census Catalogue of Marine Algae by 2007
  • Develop a Checklist of Fungi by 2007
  • Develop a Census Catalogue of Fungi by 2009
Milestones & Indicators:
  • Census Catalogue of Bryophytes is complete (2004)
  • Preliminary Checklists of all plant and fungi species available on the website by 2006.
  • Census Catalogue of vascular plants available on-line by 2007
  • Preliminary Census Catalogue of Lichens & Fungi available on-line by 2007
  • Preliminary Census Catalogue of Marine & Freshwater algae available on-line by 2007


Species no.

Census List

FUNGI 3,500
FUNGI-Lichens 957 Census catalogue of Irish Lichens (Glasra 8, 1984)
FUNGI-Lichenicolous species 150 Census catalogue of the lichenicolous fungi of Ireland (2001)
ALGAE-Freshwater ???? Coded List of Freshwater Algae of the British Isles
ALGAE-Marine 579 ALGAEBASE: documenting seaweed biodiversity in Ireland and the World; Red seaweed checklist; Green seaweed checklist; Brown seaweed checklist
Checklist of Red seaweeds
Checklist of Brown seaweeds
Checklist of Green seaweeds
BRYOPHYTES-Mosses 584 Census list of Irish mosses,
Important areas of Bryophyte diversity (1995),
Progress towards a species inventory for conservation of bryophytes in Ireland. D.T.Holyoak (2006).
BRYOPHYTES-Liverworts 228 Census list of Irish liverworts
BRYOPHYTES-Hornworts 3 Census list of Irish hornworts
PTERIDOPHYTES 78 Census list of Irish ferns
SEED PLANTS - Native 815 Census list of Irish seed plants
Census Catalogue (1987)
On-line Census Catalogue
SEED PLANTS - Aliens 1,108 A Catalogue of alien plants in Ireland (2002)