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Workshop 5
Developing a PDF-A Project Outline for a GEF Application in Support of National GSPC Implementation: Information Exchange

4:30 pm Monday 24 October 2005 Main points of workshop:

Workshop Participants:

  • Frank Bisby
  • David Galbraith
  • Hongwen Huang
  • Peter Wyse Jackson (chair)

Workshop 5: Goal

  • Review potential for GEF to support projects for national implementation
  • Small group present
  • Did not consider GAP analysis, etc. appropriate under circumstances
  • Workshop structured as an informal exchange and formulation of general recommendations with regards GEF funding national implementation

Overall Notes

  • GEF is structured to provide incremental funding to add value to existing programmes
  • Consideration must be given to appropriateness of GEF in funding basic needs as GEF may not be the ideal funding source for national implementation planning
  • It was noted that despite directions of CBD COP 7 etc., toward implementation of GSPC by national parties, GEF priorities may be different.
  • PDF-A support is to develop PDF-B proposal for full project (or is a proposal for a medium-sized project)
  • GEF Small Grants program may be more appropriate

PDF-A Proposal

  • Small contribution to support preparation of bigger funding proposal (~25,000 for PDF-B; ~$50,000 for proposal for medium-sized projects)
  • Output of a PDF-A project is intended to be a PDF-B proposal
  • 'By-Product' of PDF-A could be draft national strategy, national priority setting

Aids and Tools

  • A simplified guide for PDF-A proposals for national implementation planning
  • Guidance on scope of proposals
  • National strategy template may be possible but must be very flexible

'Samper Matrix' Approach

  • Different GSPC targets are best approached by different levels - global, regional, national
  • From national perspective, integration among levels and national contributions are important
  • Contributions and participation of all stakeholders in society must be integrated into national planning
  • Further attention and support must be directed at integration, coordination among global, regional and national levels
  • GPPC Secretariat may become the integrating agency but further development of capacity is needed, perhaps in co-operation with SCBD

Additional Recommendations and Notes from Conference Participants Following the Workshop Presentation
  • A review of alternative funding sources for national GSPC implementation is needed, including case studies, to guide development of new national implementation programmes.
  • It was noted that GEF co-financing requirements are stringent - nearly needs 2X cash funding for every $1 from the GEF; co-financing by matching money was noted as "tricky" by those with experience
  • The PDF-A mechanism can result in either support for a PDF-B proposal, or it can be structured to support a medium-sized project (under $1,000,000) - a better route for some projects may be the medium-sized, single- country project.
  • Efforts should be made to integrate plant conservation and contributions toward GSPC targets in proposed or existing GEF programmes, whether or not new proposals are developed.
  • It was noted that the priorities of the GEF IV under biodiversity may not be a good fit at all for national GSPC implementation needs; the funding priorities of GEF must be considered in development of any proposals.
  • It was noted that the coming Resource Allocation Framework (RAF) programme of the GEF will make funding of projects in the majority of countries more difficult, as the bulk of funding will be earmarked for the megadiversity countries; Ideally, national planning and strategies are needed by all countries