Herbarium Catalogue




National Botanic Gardens. Glasnevin. Dublin 9, Ireland.

Glasra 4: 17 – 30.
publication date 2. iv. 1980

The bryophyte herbarium at the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin (DBN) contains an estimated 48,000 specimens of which slightly more than half are Irish. Hepatics make up 25% of the total, being about 30% of the Irish material and 20% of the non–Irish material.

Of the non–Irish material, about 75% is from Great Britain. The remainder is mostly from Northern Europe with a small percentage from the United States and Canada and but a few hundred specimens from South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The principal collections included are those made by David Moore (1807–1879), David Orr (d. 1892), William Ramsay McNab (1844–1889), Thomas Chandlee (1824–1907), David McArdle (1849–1934). Henry William Lett (1836–1920), Cosslet Herbert Waddell (1858–1919), A. L. Kathleen King (1895–1978).

In the following list, collectors names are arranged alphabetically. Localities of collection and dates are given for many of the collections; the name of the principal collection in which the material was incorporated, or the registered number of the collection, is given in brackets; this is sometimes followed by the name of a species by which the particular collector is represented. The herbaria of Moore, Lett, Waddell, King and McNab are indicated (M), (L), (W), (K), (McN) respectively.

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ALLEN, A. G. East Africa (W)
ALLISON, G. H. Gt. Britain (K)
ANDERSON, Dr. –. Ireland (K)
APPLEYARD, J. England (K)
ARGENT, G: Ireland (K)
ARMITAGE, E. Limerick (418); England; Madeira 1909.
ARNOTT, G. A. W. (McNab).
ARTERIA, F. A. Norway (W)
ARVEN, A. France (W)
AUTELLET; R. France (K)
BAGNA;LL, T. G. England (W)
BAILEY, J. W. U.S.A. (L)
BAKER, J. G. Yorkshire (M)
BALFOUR, PROF. Scotland 1839 (McN)
BARBOUR, W. C. N. America (W)
BARKER, T. Gt. Britain (L; W)
BARNES, R. England, Herb. W. H. Burrell (W)
BARRY, T.A. Ireland (K)
(BARTRAM, E. B.). Some specimens leg. W. A. Setchell, det. E.B.B. (535)
BASTOW, R. A. Tasmania 1886 (W)
BAUER, E. Germany (W)
BE~LEY, H. Gt. Britain; Germany (L; W)
BEATTIE, F.S. N. Amenca (W)
BECKETT, T. W. N. Gt. Britain (L)
BELL, W. W. ? Scotland (McN)
BENNIS, MISS – Scotland (52: 1976)
BERNET, H. Switzerland (L)
BINGHAM, R. W. Eskmore (L)
BINSTEAD, C. H. Gt. Britain (L; W)
BIRKS, H. J. B. Abisko (K)
BIRKS, H. JI. Abisko (K)
BIZOT, M. France (K)
BLACKBURN, K. B. England (K)
BOISSIER, –. Switzerland (L)
BONNOT, E. France (K)
BORNMULLER, J. Canaries (W)
BOROS, DR. A. Hungary (K)
BOSWELL, H. Gt. Britain (L)
BOTTINI, A. Italy (L)
BOULY, DR. –. France (W)
BOYER, REV. A. Maryland, U.S.A. (W)
BRENAN, R. A. F. England (K)
BRENAN, S. A. Ireland (L)
BRINKMAN, A. Canadian bryophytes including specimens leg. F. S. Beattie, A. W. Evans, G. B. Kaiser, N. C. Kindberg. (270; 356)
BRINKMAN, A. Gt. Britain (L; W)
BRITTON, E. G. N. America (W)
BROTHERUS, V. F. Finland (L; W)
BROWN, R. Irish specimens pre-1801. (Adm. Jones)
BRUNKER, J. P. Wicklow, c. 1950 (641; K)
BUCHANAN, M. Ireland 1925-31; Dorset 1930. Botanical Assistant in the National Museum of Ireland. Herbarium - mainly hepatics - and correspondence at DBN.
BURNETT, D. A. England (W)
BURRELL, W. H. Gt. Britain (L)
BYRNE, L. Ireland (K)
CAMUS, F. France (W)
CARPENTER, J. England (K)
CARRINGTON, B. Gt. Britain (McN; M)
CARROLL, I. Munster, mainly Cork and Kerry, c. 1850. Some specimens acquired from Dr. J. Fogarty, Limerick (223) (Chandlee; L; M)
CARSON, M. Ireland (K)
CASEY, REV. F. M. H. Kildare 1946 (859)
CASH, J. Gt. Britain (L)
CASTELLI, L. France (K)
CATCHSIDE, D. G. England (K)
CHANDLEE, TH. Herbarium. Contains specimens leg. Th. Chandlee, I. Carroll and D. Murray.
CHAPMAN, F. S. E. Australia (W)
CHARRIER, I. France (K)
CHEETHAM, C. England (W)
CHUTER, N. Ireland (K)
CLAYTON–BROWNE, R. Carlow and Laoighis; Scotland (240; L)
CLEMINSHAW, E. England (L; W)
COCKS, W. I. Gt. Britain (L)
COKER, P. D. England (K)
COLLINS, F. Ireland (K)
COMYN, J. A. England (K)
CONARD, W. S. U.S.A. (K)
COOPER, C. A. England (K)
CROCKETT, A. N. America (W)
CROMCUTH, W. V. S. Australia (W)
CRUM, H. c. 100 Canada (53:1964), some with W, B. Schofield.
CRUNDWELL, A. C. Gt. Britain and Ireland (K)
CULMANN, P. Germany (W)
CURNOW, W. Gt. Britain (L)
CUTHFORD, B. J. England (K)
DALBY, D. H. England (K)
DAVID, REV. S. See Levier. E.
DAVIES, G. Gt. Britain (L)
DAVIES, J. H. Antrim, Down and Louth. 1900-1910 (L)
DEBON, –. France (K)
DESMAZIERES. PI. Cryptog. Desmazieres 1826.
DIXON, H. N. Gt. Britain (L; W)
DlCKSON, J. H. Germany (K)
DlERSSEN, –. Germany (K)
DOLT, G. A. Ireland; Gt. Britain (L; W)
DON, G. Scotland. several hundred specimens (McN)
DOUGLAS, J. Kildare 1864 (Knowles 1905)
DOUIN, CH. France (L)
DOYLE, J. Wexford. Dublin and Louth (643)
DRUMMOND, J. Cork (Taylor)
DRUMMOND, T. Musci Americani 1828. 2 vols.
DUBEN, E. H. Jersey (K)
DUBOIS, M. France (K)
DUCKETT, J. G. Ireland (K)
DULL, R. Germany (K)
DUNCAN, J. B. Gt. Britain (L; W)
DUNCAN, U. Scotland (K)
DUNHAN, E. M. N. America (W)
DUNSTON, A. E. A. Ireland (K)
DUPRET, H. Canada (L;W)
DUSEN, P. Brazil (W)
EEN, G. Switzerland (K)
ELLIOT, E. J. Gloucestershire, England (L;W)
EVANS, A. W. Canada (A. Brinkmam; 270)
EVANS, E. M. England; Switzerland (K) 21
FANNING, A. P. Ireland (K)
FARRINGTON, A. Ireland (K)
FERGUSON, REV. J. Scotland (L;W)
FITZGERALD, J. W. Ireland; Gt. Britain. Mainly hepatics.
FITZGERALD, R. D. Ireland; Gt. Britain. Mainly mosses.
FLEISCHER, M. See Levier, E.
FLETCHER, M. V. England (K)
FLETT, J. B. N. America (W)
FOGARTY, DR. J. see Carroll, I.
FOSTER, A. S. N. America (W)
FRULAY, G. G. Norway (K)
GANDOGER, M. Germany (W)
GARDINER, W. Scotland, c. 1845 (McN)
GARDNER, G. Musc. Brit. 1836 (McN)
GASKING, REV. S. Gt. Britain (L)
GERAGHTY , M. Ireland (K)
GLOVER, J. Down and Louth c. 1909 (L)
GOATER, B. Ireland (K)
GODDARD–RUGG, H. N. America (W)
GORMAN, M. J. Ireland (K)
GRAY, F. W. W. Va., N. America 1930 (534)
GRAY, W. New Zealand (W)
GREENE, S. W. Ireland (K)
GROUT, A. J. Texas 1931 (534)
HAGEN, I. Norway (L; W)
HALL, R. England (K)
HAMILTON, N. P. Gt. Britain (L)
HANDY, S. E. N. America (W)
HARLEY, A. M. England (K)
HAYNES, C. C. N. America (L; W)
HEMPHILL, A. Co. Offaly 1907 (L)
HENNEN, J. Belgium (K)
HESPE, M. Germany (W)
HILL A. J. Canada (L); England (W),
HJELT, –. Finland (L)
HODGETTS, J. W. England (K)
HOLMES, E. M. Gt. Britain (L)
HOLMES, G. England (W)
HOLZINGER, J. M. Musci Acrocarpi Boreali-Americani 1901-3.
HOOKER, W. J. Brandon Mt., Co. Kerry (McN) Solenostoma crenulatum.
HORWOOD, A. R. Gt. Britain (L)
HOUGHTON, R. E. England (K)
HOUSTON, J. D. Ireland (K)
HOWIE, C. Musci Fifensis, vol. 1 (McN)
HUDSON, H. J. Ireland (K)
HUGHES, J. B. A. Gt. Britain (W)
HUNT, G. E. England (Derbyshire 1872) (McN; L) Cephalozia catenulata.
HUNTER, J. England (W)
HURST, C. P. England (W)
HUTCHINS, E. Bantry (Taylor; L)
INGHAM, W. Wales (L; W)
IRWIN, A. M. Ireland (K)
JACK, –. Switzerland (ex Herb. Boissier) (L)
JACKSON, A. P. England (W)
JACKSON, DR. J. Ireland (K)
JACKSON, W. Scotland 1843. Antitrichia.
JAMESON, H. G. England (W)
JEWETT, H. S. N. America (W)
JOHNSON, T. Ireland (K)
JOHNSON. E. Ireland (K)
JONES, ADM. T. Specimens in Irish and foreign sections; Irish specimens include some leg. Robert Brown c. 1800. Acaulon muticum, Hygroamblystegium fluviatile, Glyphomitrium daviesii.
JONES, D. A. Ireland and Gt. Britain (L; W; 538)
JONES, E. W. Gt. Britain (K)
KAALAAS, B. Norway (W)
KAISER, G. B. Pa., U.S.A. (W; Brinkman)
KANE, W. de V. Fermanagh, Monaghan and Sligo (L; McArdle)
KAULE, –. Germany (K)
KAURIN, CHR. Norway (K)
KAY, J. New Zealand (W)
KENDALL, A. C. N. America (W)
KERR, A. Scotland 1840 (McN)
KERTLAND, M. P. H. England (K)
KINDBERG, N. C. Canada (Brinkman)
KING, A. L. K. Herbarium. 4,000 specimens. c. 3,000 Irish, collected 1950-70. British and N. European specimens acquired through the exchange scheme of the British Bryologicat Society and donations from correspondents. (62: 1978; 912) (Scannell 1977)
KING, E. H. Ireland (K)
KINGMAN, C. C. N. America (W)
KNIGHT, H. H. Gt. Britain; Switzerland (L; W)
KOCH, L. F. U.S.A. (K)
LACHENAUD, G. France (W)
LACKSTROM, E. FR. See Lindberg, S. O.
LAING, J. ? Scotland 1840's (McN)
LANGTRY, MRS. A. Switzertand (W)
LARTER, C. E. Gt. Britain (L)
LAWSON, J. England 1870-74, ass. Dr. G. Scriven (McN) Barbula rigidula.
LEE, J. R. Scotland (K)
LEJOLIS, A. France (L)
LETT, E. M. E. England (L)
LETT, H. W. Herbarium. 15,000 specimens:. Irish and British, reg. H. W. Lett; c. 3,500 foreign specimens. British, European and N. American, acquired by exchange (439) (Synnott 1978)
LETT. C. H. T. England (L)
LEVIER, E. Italy (L); Ceylon; Himalaya 1898, specimens leg. M. Fleischer, Rev. S. David, det. Stephani, d'V Schiffner. Bryotheca E. Levier.
LEWIS, J. H. Gt. Britain (L)
LEY, A. Scotland (L; W)
LEYLAND, –. Ingleborough 1838 (McN)
LID, J. – (K)
LILLIE, REV. D. Gt. Britain (L; W)
LINDBERG, S. O. Norway (M)
LINDBERG, S. O. and LACKSTROM, E. FR. Hepaticae Scandinavicae, Fasc I. 1874.
LINTON, W. R. Gt. Britain (L; W)
LITTLE, E. R. B. Scotland (K)
LOBLEY, E. M. England (K)
LOESKE, –. Germany (W)
LORENZ, A. N. America (W)
LYLE, (TH.). Scotland (McN)
MACOUN, J. Canada (53:1964; L) Blepharostoma trichophyllum.
MacVICAR, S. M. Gt. Britain (257; L; W)
MARQUAND, C. V. B. Scotland 1929 (535)
MARTIN, W. H. Ireland (K)
McANDREW, J. England (W; K)
McARDLE, D. Herbarium. c. 3,000 specimens, mostly hepatics. Irish: mainly from Kerry, Mayo, Cavan, Fermanagh, Carlow, Dublin and Wicklow.
McELHENNEY, M. Ireland (K)
McIVOR, (W. G.). Yorkshire 1844-45 (McN) (Seaward 1976):
McNAB, J. Herbarium (McN)
McNAB, W. R. Herbarium. Mainly Scottish specimens but also English and Welsh and some European. Includes the herbarium of, his father, James McNab. Collectors represented: G. A. W. Arnott;, W. W. Bell, Prof. Balfour, Crammond's British Mosses, B. Carrington, G. Don, W. Gardiner, Dr. Greville Hubener, J. Hooker, W. J. Hooker, G. E. Hunt, C. Howie, A. Kerr, J. Laing, J. Lawson, W. G. Mclvor, G.Munby, D. Orr, Mr. Stark, (B?) Smith, Shuttleworth, R. Spruce, J. B. Wood, (J) Woods, Zetterstedt.
MEGAW, W. R. N. E. Ireland c. 1929 (535; K) Acrocladium stramineum. I
MEICHELJOHN, J. New Zealand (W)
MEIKLE, R. D. Ireland (K)
MELDRUM, R. O. Scotland (L; W)
MILLER, M. F. N. America (W)
MILNE–REDHEAD, H. Scotland (K)
MITCHELL, J. England (K)
MITTEN, W. England; 1857 (Chandlee) Chiloscyphus pallescens.
MOLLER, S. Norway (W)
MOORE, D. Herbarium. c. 2.000 specimens. Ireland 1837-72. Norway 1863. Bryophytes of Antrim, bound volume exsiccatae (Waddell 1898)
MORLEY, B. Llanberis. Wales 1963 (53:1976)
MOTT, F. J. England (W)
MOUGEOT, J. B. Nestler, C. and Schimper, W. P. Stirpes Crypt. Vog.-Rhen.. 1810-50.
MUIRHEAD, C. W. England (K)
MULLER, C. Germany (L)
MUNBY, G. -(McN).
MURRAY, D. Cork c. 1840 (Chandlee) Also 116 specimens Murray and Carroll from Cork acquired from Dr. J. Fogarty. Limerick (223)
NEEDHAM, D. J. England (W)
NELSON, E. C. Fermanagh 1970.
NELSON, N. L. T. N. America (W)
NESBITT, –. Scotland (K)
NESTLER, C. see Mougeot, J. B. et al.
NEWBOULD, P. J. England (K)
NEWELL, Br. M. Hawaiian Is. (W)
NICHOLSON, W. E. England (K)
NICHOLSON, W. S. Gt. Britain; Austria (L; W)
NUHLE, H. Germany (K)
NYHOLM, E. Sweden (K)
O'HARE, P. J. Scotland (K)
OKAMURA, SHUTAI. Japan (Herb. Ed. B. Chamberlain) (W) Macromitrium incurvum.
OLSSON, P. Norway (W)
ORCATH, C. R. Jamaica 1928 (53:1964)
ORR, D. Herbarium. Ireland and Gt. Britain c. 1850-70. Fascicle of British and Irish hepatics. Some pages from a fascicle of British and Irish mosses including specimens of Ctenidium crista-castrensis and Neckera pennata allegedly from Ireland. A small bound fascicle of (British and Irish) mosses mostly without localities inscribed by D. McArdle, " A collection of mosses correctly named by Mr. D. Orr". (Praeger 1949)
O'SHEA, B. J. England (K)
OTAGO, –. New Zealand (W)
OWEN, S. J. Gt. Britain (L; W)
PAINTER, W. H. Gt. Britain (L)
PARKER, J. B. Derry 1897 (L) Antitrichia.
PARKER, R. E. England and Ireland (K)
PATON, J. A. Gt. Britain and Ireland (6:1967, etc.; K) Several donations.
PAZIN, M. France (K)
PEARSON, W. H. Gt. Britain 1903 (639; 257)
PERCIV AL, J. Gt. Britain (L)
PERRY, A. R. England (K)
PETTIFER, A. T. England (K)
PIERROT, R. B. France (W; K)
PIGGOTT, D. England (K)
PITKIN, P. H. Gt. Britain (K)
POORE, M. E. D. Scotland (K)
PORTER, W. Tyrone and Leitrim c. 1912 (L)
PRAEGER, R. Ll. Ireland (L) Anoectangium compactum.
PRINTEMS, L. and R: France (K)
PROCTOR, M. C. F. England (K)
RAPP, B. (comm. P. G. M. Rhodes) Florida U.S.A. (469) Riccardia multifida.
RATCLIFFE, D. A. England (K)
READER, H. P. England (L; W)
RHODES, P. G. M. Germany (W)
RICHARQS, P. W. Tipperary (25:1977); England (K)
RILSTONE, F. Cornwall 1926 (535) Chiloscyphus polyanthos.
ROBERTS, A. Brazil (W)
RODW A Y, G. England (K)
ROGERS, T. Gt. Britain (L; K)
ROIVAINEN, H. Sweden (114:1969)
ROSE, F. England (K)
RUSSELL, C. D. Offaly 1893 (L) Amblystegium serpens.
RUTHE, R. Germany (W)
SALMON, E. S. England (L; W)
SCANNELL, M. J. P. Ireland. (In progress)
SCHIFFNER, V. Germany (W)
SCHIMPER, W. P. Pug. Musc. Europe. See Mougeot. J. B. et al.
SCHOFIELD, W. B. Canada (With H. Crum) (53:1964)
SCHUMACHER, A. Germany (K)
SCULLY, R. W. Kerry (520) Acrocladium sarmentosum.
SEDGWICK, L. J. India (W)
SHEEHAN, J. Ireland (K)
SHEPHERD, E. F. England (W)
SHERRIN, (W. R.). England (K)
SHUTTLEWORTH, (R. J.). - 1816 (McN)
SIMS, J. England (L; W)
SINCLAIR, J. England (K)
SMITH, –. - 1816 (McN)
SMITH, A. J. E. Gt. Britain (K)
SMITH, W. Scotland (W)
SNOWDON, J. D. Uganda 1916 (W)
SOWTER, F. A. England (K)
SPRUCE, R. 356 specimens of Hepaticae Spruceanae: Amazonicae et Andinae, 1849-60 (McN)
STABLER, G. Westmoreland 1877 (M) Cladopodiella fluitans.
STARK, –. - (McN)
STELFOX, A. W. Ireland (K)
STENHOLM, C. Sweden (K)
STEPHENS, M. L. N. America (L)
STEVENSON, E. K. England (K)
STEWART, S. A. Ireland (L; W)
STIRLING, A. McG. Gt. Britain (K)
STIRLING, J. Switzerland (W)
STIRTON, Dr. –. England (W)
STORMER, PER. Norway (K)
SULLIVANT MOSS SOCIETY. Specimens leg. A. S. Foster. Amblystegium riparium.
SWANN, L. England (K)
SWINSCOW, T. D. V. England (K)
SYE, K. Sweden (K)
SYNNOTT, D. M. Ireland. (In progress, started 1963) Cheshire 1976; Devon 1977; S. Lincolnshire 1977; N. Wales 1978.
TAYLOR, J. Ireland (K)
TAYLOR, T. 93 specimens, Taylor from Kerry, Dublin and Wicklow and few specimens leg. I. Drummond (Cork), E. Hutchins (Bantry), J. Templeton (Belfast), D. Moore (Dublin) (76:1978)
TELLAM, R. V. Gt. Britain (L)
TEMPLETON, J. Belfast (Taylor)
TETLEY, W. N. Ireland (L)
THERIOT, –. France (L)
THOMSON, J. S. Ireland (K)
TOWNSEND, C. C. England (K)
TRAVIS, V. S. Gt. Britain (L)
TRAVIS, W. G. England (W; 535)
TURNER, A. Scotland (K)
TURNER, C. - (K)
UNDERWOOD, L. M. and EARLE, F. S. Cuba (McArdle) Bryopteris.
WADDELL, A. Ceylon (W)
WADDELL, C. H. Herbarium. c. 10,000 specimens, 3,000 Irish and 7,000 foreign including British, European, Asian, N. and S. American, Australasia, African, acquired by exchange and from correspondents. (411)
WALLACE, E. C. Wales 1931 (535) Gt. Britain and Ireland (K)
WARBURG, E. F. Gt. Britain (K)
WARNSDORF, C. Germany (W)
WATERFALL, W. B. Gt. Britain; Norway. (L; W)
WATSON, E. England (K)
WATSON, W. England (W)
WEST, W. Gt. Britain (W)
WEYMAN, A. W. Gt. Britain (L)
WHELDON. J. A. England (L; W)
WHITE, A. England (K)
WHITE, J. Galway 1975 (118:1975)
WILLIAMS, H. Canada (K)
WILSON, A. England (L; W)
WILSON, W. Musc. Brit.
WOLFE, V. Ireland (K)
WOOD, H. H. Gt. Britain (L)
WOOD, J. B. - (McN)
WOODS, (J). Aughinderry 1847 (McN)
WRYMAN, A. W. England (W)
YOUNG, W. Scotland (L; W)
ZETTERSTEDT, –. Norway c. 1870 (McN; L; W)