Herbarium Catalogue




Present address: Limerick Corporation, City Hall, Limerick.
National Botanic Gardens. Glasnevin. Dublin 9, Ireland.

Glasra 3: 1-8.
Publication date 1. vii. 1979

ABSTRACT. A collection of five thousand pteridophytes at DBN labelled ..Baker's ferns from Australia, New Zealand and India" has been catalogued. The collectors represented are listed here and an indication of the areas represented by each collector is given. The collection may have been assembled for the Colonial and Indian Exhibition in London in 1886.
There is a collection of pteridophytes in the Irish National Herbarium held in seventy folios and containing about five thousand specimens. The collection is labelled, "Baker's Ferns from Australia, New Zealand and India". All but two of the folios contain temperate and tropical ferns arranged and named according to Hooker and Baker (1874). The remaining two folios contain specimens of fern allies. Earlier estimates of the number of specimens in the collection would seem to have overlooked the fact that two or more specimens are mounted on many of the sheets.

The following entry, dated 8 November 1916, is written in the herbarium register, (Reg. No,. 394);

ďA large collection of Ferns and Fern Allies, 70 vols. (2,000-3,000 specimens) chiefly from India, West Indies and New Zealand. Many of the specimens determined by Mr. J. G. Baker, F.R.S. The collection was exhibited at the Colonial Exhibition in London in 1885 [sic.] and came into possession of the Bot. Division in 1890. See Catalogue of the collection in Herbarium 1891".
The "catalogue" to which reference is made in the register, is a list prepared by Prof. T. Johnson (1891) of the principal collections in the herbarium in 1891; the entry which refers to the ferns in question is paraphrased in the first two sentences of the register entry, above. No reference to the ferns was found in the official catalogue of the Colonial and Indian Exhibition held in London in 1886.

In his report for the year 1899 the Director of the Science and Art Museum, Valentine Ball (1890) stated that a very large collection of Indian Ferns were obtained by purchase on the recommendation of the late Dr. McNab. W. R. McNab had died in 1899.

Despite the conflicting dates for acquisition and the varied and imprecise nature of the references, there can be little doubt that the published references and the register entry are all concerned with the same collection of ferns.

The collection has been catalogued and the following list of collectors extracted. Initials have been given in all cases where they are known and omitted when they were in doubt; those in brackets were not written with the surname on the specimens. An indication of the areas represented by the collector is given. Place names are given as they are on the sheets and not updated.

We would like to thank Dr. E. C. Nelson for information about various collectors and for the Johnson (1891) reference which led to the register entry.

ANON, 1886, Official Catalogue of the Colonial and Indian Exhibition, London.

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BROWN, Mrs. –. U.S.A.: New York.
BROWN, R. Australia. Erromanga (New Hebrides). New Zealand. Norfolk Is.
BUCHANAN, J. Africa: Cape of Good Hope, Natal - far uplands. Australia: New South Wales. Madeira. Mauritius.
BUCKLEY, Major –. Northern India: Almera, Naini Tal.
BUTTS, –. New Zealand.
CAMPBELL, F. New Hebrides.
CATTELL, –. Mauritius, St. Helena, Seychelles,
CHECKLEY. –. Jamaica. St. Vincent 1862.
CHRISTY, W. Wales: Cader Idris.
CLARKE, C. B. India: Chittagong, Dacca, Khasya Hills 1871, Sylhet.
CLAUSSEN, .P. Brazil: Nouvelle Fribourg.
CLEVELAND, –. France: Cannes. Sandwich Is, (Hawaiian Is.). U.S.A.: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Karisas, San Diego, Virginia.
COOKE, C. U.S.A.: Iowa 1872.
CRAIG, [E.] New Zealand.
CRAWFORD, W. North America: Hudson's Straits. Northern India: Himalayas.
CROSBIE, Dr. –. New Zealand 1871. -
CUMING, [H.] Burma, Luzon, Isle of Negros (Phillipines), Malacca. Samoa, Singapore. )sle of Chiloe. Panama.
DAVIS, –. Jamaica.
DENISEN, Sir W. Northern India: Darjeeling, Himalayas.
DlXON, D. Cult., ex herb.
DOUGLAS, D. California. Rio de Janeiro.
DUBUC, [E. W.] New Zealand: Auckland 1861.
DUCHASSAING, [E. P. de F.] West Jndies: puadeloupe.
EATON, [R C.] U.S.A.: Connecticut, New Britain, New York; San Diego 1875.
EMERSON, Mrs. –. Bhutan (Tibet) 1871.
FERGUSON, –. Australia: Queensland. Ceylon. St. Helena.
FORESTIER, Pere –. AjaccjcO, Corsica 1841. :New Caledonia Is.
FOSTER, –. Santa Barbara, California 1874.
FRASER, P. N. Europe: Marciana- ?Iba, Giesbach Fall Switzerland. Fiji Is.," Guadeloupe. New Hebrides. New Zealand. Phillipines, Natal. Columbia,
FRENCH, S. H:. U,S.A.: qrand Tower Illinois.
GALEOJTI, H. Brazil.
GARDINER, W. Glendoyle.
GAY, J. Canary Is.
GERDEL, Dr. –. Kashmir (Tibet).
GHEISBREGHT, –. So'u:th America: Chile, Valdivia 1864-'70. Mexico: Chiapas 1864-'70.
GILBERT, B. D. New York: cliffs at Little Falls, Deerfield.
GILLIES, I. Argentina: ,Mendoza.
GOVERNMENT BOTANIST, Melbourne: – Australia: Rockhampton, Rockingham Bay, Lord Howe's Island {Society Is.).
GREEN, A. I. Australia: Queensland, Rockingham Bay. Fiji Is. New Zealand: Thamesgoldfields Westport 1877.
GREEN, E. U.S.A. Golden City Colorado 1872.
GRIFFITH, [W.] India: Assam, Nilgiri Hills, Khasya 1846.
HAHN, [G. L.] Martinique: St. Piere 1867.
HALE, E. U.S.A.: Colorado 1872.
HALL, –. U.S.A:.: Heuston Texas 1872, Kansas, Oregon.
HANCE, –. Brazil, China: Amoy, Canton 1876, China australis 1864. Ling-ushan-pen. Japan. U.S.A.: Missouri.
HARLAND, W. A. China.
HARTWEG, [K. T.] Columbia. Jamaica.
HASKELL, Mrs. A. M; U .S.A. : Alpine Cascade White Mts.
HAUTISSIER, –. Guadeloupe.
HAWORTH, A. Australia.
HENDERSON, [F.] Jamaica. N.lndia: Darjeeling, Gurwahl, Kalhatti Falls Nilgiris, Kalpani 1871, Khasya 1872, Lythet Station, Nilgiris, Rungbee, Sohr:a, Sylhet, head of Tarvi Valley Kashmir.
HERMINIER, [F. L. I.] Guade1oupe.
HILL, [W. ?] Australia: Mount Lindsay, Moreton Bay.
HILLEBRAND, Dr. [W.] Sandwich Is. (Hawaiian Is.).
HINDS, –. Panama.
HOHENACKER, –. Martinique. Mexico: Mirador.
HOOKER, J. D: Australia: New South Wales. Jamaica. New Zealand. N. India: Nepal, Sikkim. St. Vincents. Trinidad- '
HOPE, C. W. India: Darjeeling 1871, Naini Tal, Old Almora Road, Simla.
HERNE, –. Seychelles.
HORY, F. L. U.S.A.: California.
HOSTMAN, [F. W.] Dutch Guiana: Surinam.
HUTCHINSON, [J. H.] Ceylon, Jamaica; Samoa. Sandwich Is.
HUTTON, Capt. –. India: Himalayas 1845, '65.
HUTTON, Comm.J. India: Cuchar 1864.
HUTTON, Maj. T. B.– Switzerland 1868.
HUTTON, Maj. W. F. India: Conoor 1860, Nilghiris.
IRVINE, A. Canada: Quebec. Switzerland.
JAMIESON, –. s. America: Andes, Quito.
JESUP, H. G. U.S.A.: Amhurst Mass. 1871.
JOOR, J. F. U.S.A.: Harrisburg Texas 1875.
JURGENSEN, C. Mexico 1843-'44.
KAPPLER, A. Dutch Guiana: Paramaribo, Surinam 1844.
KING, Capt. P. Australia: Bathurst, New South Wales. Chiloe Is., Juan Fernandez Is.
KINGSCOTE, –. Jamaica.
LAW, [J. S.] India: Malabar.
LAURIE, –. Ceylon.
LAYARD, –. Samoan Is.
LECHLER, [W.] S. America: Chile, St. Javier 1854. Falkland Is.: Port Stanley 1850.
LENORMAND, –. New Caledonia. LE PRffiUR, S. America; Cayenne.
LEVINGE, .[H. C.] India: Darjeeling, Gurkwahl, Kashmir, Naini Tal, Napier Road, Nilgiris, waterfall at Rungnow, Sikkim 1871, Telum Valley, Tonglo. Switzerland: Interlaken.
LINDEN, [de J.] Mexico: Tabasco; Teapa, Vera Curz 1838.
LOWE, Dr. [R. T.] Madeira.
LORRAINE, [W. B.] Malaya: Penang.
LYALL, Mrs. –. Ascension Is.. Brazil: Rio de Janeiro. N. India: -Assam, Darjeeling. Khasya Hills, Rungbee, Simla. Mexico. St. Vincents. Society Is. Trinidad.
MacARTHUR, Sir W. Australia: New South Wales. .
McCLEVERTY, Cot –. New Zealand 1860.
MacFADYEN, –. Jamaica.
MacGILLIVRAY, A. J. New Hebrides: Eromango.
McLEAN. –. Peru. N. Granada.
MacLEAY. –. Australia: Moreton Bay, N. Queensland. Rockingham Bay, Sydney. S. Africa: Cape of Good .Hope. S. America: Bahia, Brazil, Caracas, Columbia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru. Quito, Aneitium Is. Borneo. Dominica Fiji. Java. Mexico. New Caledonia. New Hebrides: Eromango. New Zealand: Graqamstown, Wellington. St. Helena. Solomon Is. Surinam. Tasmania. U .S.A. : Gladeville.
McMICKING, [T.] Southern Ind,ia.
McNAB, J. Jamaica. Ne;w Jer.sey.
MACOUN, J. Canada: L. Superior.
MACOUN, P. D. N. India: Rungbee Yakla 1870.
MACRAE, [J.] S. America. St. Catherines. Wooachoo Southern Isles.
MAINGAY, A. C. N. China: Shantung Province 1862. Malaysia: Penang.
MASON, N.H. Madeira 1856.
MATHEWS, A. S. America: Peru.
MAXIMEVITZ, [C. J.] Japan: Nagasaki 1863, Yokahama 1862.
MELLER, – Madagascar. Mauritius.
MILLER, F. A. U.S.A.: California.
MILLER, E. A. U.S.A.: banks of the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia.
MORRIS, Sir W. Malayan Peninsula.
MUELLER, F. VOD. Australia: Richmond River, Rockingham Bay, Lord Howe Is. Madagascar. Mauritius.
MUMFORD, Rev. G. Sikkim 1876.
NEVILL, – Mauritius.
NEVIN, Rev. J. C. China: Lieu Chau Canton 1876.
NICHOLSON, [G.] Southern Australia.
OLDHAM, R. Japan: Nagasaki.
ONSLOW,. Comm. A. Ascension Is. Cape of Good Hope. E. Java. West Indies: St. Kitts, St. Vincents, Trinidad.
PALMER, Dr. – U:S.A.: Florida.
PAMPLIN, [W.] Australia: New South Wales. Bourbon. Brazil. Guadeloupe. Jamaica. Java. Juan Fernandes. Mexico. New Zealand. Sandwich Is. U.S.A.: New Jersey. West Indies.
PARISH, [C. S.] Burma: Penang, Moulmein, Martaban, Tavoy Is.
PARKER, Prof. – U.S.A.: Pensylvania.
PARKER, Capt. (54th Reg.). India: Himalayas.
PEACOCK, –. Ceylon.
PEARCE, –. Australia. Borneo. Mexico, New Caledonia. New Zealand.
PERROTTET [G.S.] India: Nilgiris.
PETERs, Dr. –. U.S.A.: Hancock Co. Alabama.
POWELL, Rev. [S?] Samoa.
PRINGLE, [C. G.] U.S.A.: Vermont.
PURDIE, [W.] Jamaica, Santa Martha.
RANDALL, –. S. Africa 1865.
RAWSON, –. S. Africa: Cape of Good Hope, Table Mountain.
REDFIELD, I. U.S.A,: California 1872, Colorado 1872, Deleware Water Gap Pennsylvania.
RICHARDS, H. Fiji. New Caledonia. San Cristoval (Solomon Is.).
ROBINSON, J. Canada: Murray Bay. Mexico. S: America: Brazil. U.S.A.: Huntington Mines Boston, Crystal Cascade. White Mts. 1865, Kentucky 1875, Georgetown, Philadelphia, Salem Massachusetts, Santa Barbara, Vermont.
ROY, Mrs. W. Canada: Ontario, Owen Sound.
RUGEL, –. U.S.A.: Tennessee.
SAMPSON, T. China: Canton 1867, Shintung.
SCHIMPER, [G. H. W .] Abyssinia (Ethiopia).
SCOULER, [I.] Juan Fernandez Is.
SEEMANN, –. Indian Archipelago. Sandwich Is, (Hawaiian Is.).
SIBBOLD, –. Raiatea Is. (Windward Is.).
SIMONS, –. N. India: Assam, Khasya Hills. sINcLAm, Dr. -.New Zealand.
SMITH, I. Madagascar. Phillipines, West Indies.
SPICER, W. W. New Hebrides: Aneitium. Canada 1857. Jamaica. S. America: Peru. U.S.A.: Croton High Bridge- New York, Kaatskill Mts., Lake George, 1857, Mt. Vernon 1857, Niagara 1857, Plattsburg Missouri 1857, White Mts. (cult. specimens 1850-'66).
SPRUCE, [R.] S. America: Brazil 1852, '55, Guayrapurina Tarapoto, Mt. Campana, Orinoco 1854, Panure Rio Uap!es 1852, Peru: Rio Negro 1850-'51, San Gabriel de Cachoiera, Santerem Para.
STANGER, –. Australia: Clarence River New South Wales. New Zealand: Wellington.
STANSFIELD, –. Jamaica. Teneriffe.
STRANGE, [F.] Australia: Clarence River New South Wales, near Moreton Bay from Glasshouse Mt. to Mt. Flinders and Strandbroke Is. 1850-51.
STREET, –. Jamaica.
SYME, J. T. Australia: Perth 1851.
THOMSON, G. India: Nilghiris.
TORREY, Dr. . S. America: Tomo River, Venezuela.
THWAITES, –. Africa: West Tropical, Zambesi. Australia: Rockingham Bay. Bourbon Is. Ceylon. Honolulu. India: Himalaya, Nilghiris, Sikkim. Jamaica. Japan. Java. Lord Howe's Is. New Caledonia. New Zealand. Phillipines, Samoa. S. America: Brazil. S. Canaries. Tropical America. U.S.A.: California.
VIELLARD et DAPLANCHE, –. Bourbon. New Caledonia.
VASEY, G. U.S:A.: Illinois 1870.
WALLACE, –. Summit of Mt. Ophir. -
WALLICH, –. Bourbon. Ceylon: Lillies Waterfall. Gt. Britain: Cheddar, Clevedon, Scotland.
WALLER, H. Africa: Morambala, Zambesi Expedition.
WATSON, Dr –. U.S.A.: Mill Creek Philadelphia.
WATT, D. A. Canada: Saquenay E, Canada. U.S.A.: California 1875.
WHEELER, –. Abyssinia (Ethiopia). Japan.
WIENHOLT, A. Australia: Queensland 1871, 1892.
WILFORD, [C.] Formosa. Hong Kong.
WILLIAMS, Dr. –. China: Imperial Palace Peking.
WILSON, [N.] Jamaica 1836, '50, '52-53.
WRIGHT, C. E. Cuba 1859-60. Jamaica.