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National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland.
Glasra 2: 1–24.
publication date 5. v. 1978

ABSTRACT. Carl Ostenfeld, a Danish botanist, made a large collection of plants in Western Australia in 1914. A partial set of his specimens is housed in the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin (DBN); the specimens are catalogued and important specimens, including isotypes, are noted.

In 1922, the National Museum (of Science and Art), Dublin purchased a partial set of Ostenfeld's collection of Western Australian plants (Plantae ex Australia occidentali). The collection of about 670 numbers was registered under number 448, but was not then incorporated in the museum herbarium. After the amalgamation of the National Museum herbarium and the National Botanic Gardens' herbarium in 1970 at Glasnevin, the material was mounted and in 1976 it was incorporated in the herbarium (DBN) (see Taxon 1970). The appended catalogue of the material was made prior to incorporation.


Carl Emll Hansen Ostenfeld was born in 1873 in Randers, Denmark, and graduated from the University of Copenhagen. He was Keeper of the Botanical Museum, Copenhagen, from 1900 until 1918 when he became Professor of Botany at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen. In 1923 he was appointed Professor of Botany at the University of Copenhagen and thus also Director of the Botanical Garden, Copenhagen (Olrik 1974, Skovsted 1974, Hansen 1974). Ostenfeld died in 1931.

In 1914, Ostenfeld was invited to visit Australia by the British Association for the Advancement of Science, to take part in the annual meetings which were held in the capital cities of the different Australian states. An accident on board ship, during the voyage from Europe, prevented Ostenfeld from fulfilling the original purpose; instead he had to go to hospital in Perth, capital of Western Australia (Ostenfeld 1916, van Steenis-Kruseman 1958). He left hospital after the B.A.A.S. meetings had concluded and instead investigated the botany of Western Australia (Ostenfeld 1916). From late August to late October 1914 he collected in south-western and southern-central W. Australia. On his return voyage to Europe, via Java, he collected in coastal towns on the western and north-western coasts of W. Australia, during late October and early November 1914 (Ostenfeld 1916, 1921) (Fig, 1).

Ostenfeld was a member of the International Phytogeographic Excursion to the British Isles in 1911, which studied in Ireland the flora of various districts including Killarney, Connemara and The Burren (Praeger 1912). Ostenfeld (1912) published some remarks on the floristic results of the excursion which included the description of several new subspecific taxa and the hybrid of Erica tetralix L. x E. mackaiana Bab. (E. x praegeri Ostf.). No specimen of Ostenfeld's Irish material is in DBN.


During the two and a half months he was active in W. Australia during 1914, Ostenfeld collected several hundred specimens. Ostenfeld's own material is supplemented by specimens collected by another Dane, E. Dorph-Petersen, and by several residents of W, Australia including C. Andrews, O. H. Sargent and Mrs. M. Davis (see Ostenfeld 1916, 1921). In total, Ostenfeld's "Plantae ex Australia occidentali" collection contains about 1,300 separate numbers. A complete set is housed in the Botanical Museum, Copenhagen (C) and duplicates are found in KEW, PERTH and DBN; other herbaria may contain specimens, but no enquiries have been made.

The numbers found in DBN are listed in Appendix I. The various collectors who contributed to the collection are also listed, and Ostenfeld's collecting localities with dates are given in Appendix II (see also Fig. 1). The collection in DBN includes about 670 numbers from the total of c.1300.

Maule (1974) stated that Ostenfeld's collection was numbered systematically, not chronologically. This is not fully correct. Certainly the majority of the specimens are arranged in a more or less systematic order, but the later numbers are chronologically and therefore geographically arranged. Within the first section (l-c.1130) species are roughly grouped into genera and genera are only loosely arranged in families. The sequence of numbers is as follows (the series are approximate due to the incomplete collection in DBN)

1-7(?) Pteridophytes Collected in S. W .Australia including Geraldton and Carnarvon
8(?)-275 Monocotyledons
276-1131 Dicotyledons
1132-c.1160 Broome, Port Hedland, Point Samson
c1168-1197 Derby
l197-1300 numbers not used
1301-1452 Perth, York, Moora, Albany (collection made in 1915 and sent by Mrs. M. Davis).

Ostenfeld (1921) noted that the bulk of his collection came from the south-western ("extra-tropical") part of Western Australia, and as the collection contained mostly well-known plants he did not consider it worth while publishing a full list of the collection. He did note that a few of the plants he collected were undescribed species; some of his specimens are types of species described by himself or others (see below).

In collecting Ostenfeld appears to have been thorough; his material includes many small ephemeral taxa that are easily overlooked. He also collected adventive plant species and the collection is remarkable for the large number of such taxa included. Many collectors faced with a flora as "peculiar and beautiful" (Ostenfeld 1921) as that of W. Australia might tend to ignore non-native species, but Ostenfeld seems to have been interested in the adventive flora. Mrs. Davis’ collection made in 1915 (sent to Ostenfeld in Copenhagen - see Ostenfeld 1916, p.4) also contains many adventive species.

Ostenfeld's publications (1916, 1918a, 1918b, 1921), as well as that of Paulsen (1918), include illustrations, both line-drawings and photographs based on Ostenfeld numbers. Copies of the illustrations were included with specimens in the material purchased from Copenhagen. The DBN collection includes four specimens used to prepare the illustrations. These are: –

699 Hakea oleifolia R. Br. - line-drawing in Ostenfeld 1921, fig. 7, p.52 taken from one of DBN specimens.
707 Stirlingia (Simsia) latifolia (R. Br.) Steud. - photograph in Ostenfeld 1921, plate VII fig. 2; leaf in photograph on DBN sheet.
819 Petrosefinum sativum Hoffm. - photograph in Ostenfeld 1921, plate II, fig. 2; right-hand specimen on lower row of photograph on DBN sheet (with 7 other specimens).
1096 Tetratheca affinis Endl. - photograph in Ostenfeld 1921, figure 12, p.83 no. 1; right-hand specimen in photograph on DBN sheet.

As noted above, Ostenfeld's material resulted in the publication of a number of new species and subspecific taxa. Isotypes of the following are available in DBN (most are labelled "cotype" by Ostenfeld).

92 Dianella revoluta R. Br. var. brevicaulis Ostf.
148 Juncus planifolius B.Bt. var humilis Ostt
309 Hibbertia pulchra Ostf. ,
326 Kochia ostenfeldii Paulsen (= Marieana pentatropis (Tate) P. G. Wilson).
352 Arthrocnemum brachystachyum Paulsen
359 Crassula macrantha (Hook.f.) Diels & Pritzel var. nuda Ostf.
640 Tetragonia eremaea Ostf.
674 Adenanthos intermedius Ostf. ( = A. barbigera Lindl.)
681 Stirlingia (Simsia) latifolia (R,Br.)Steud. var. gracilis Ostf.
812 Xanthosia candida Steud. var. subtrilobata dstf.
858 Pterotiia australiensis Hutch.
874 Helipterum roseum (Hook.f.) Benth. var. nigropapposum Ostf.
925 Leucopogon amplectens Ostf.
937 Lysinema ciliatum R. Br. var. ericoides Ostf.
977 Westringia rigida R. Br. var. dolichophylla Ostf.
982 Westringia rigida R. Br. var. brachyphylla Ostf.
1007 Eremophila decipiens Ostf.
1071 Stylidium spathulatum R.Bt. var. obovatum Ostf.
1110 Frankenia interioris Ostf,
1138 Frankenia ambita Ostf.
1144 Arthrocnemum benthamii Paulsen
s.n. Frankenia interioris Ostf. var. conspicua Ostf.

All the specimens are accompanied by a printed label; with the inscription “C. H. Ostenfeld: Plantae ex Australia occidentali”, and “West-Australia 1914” [“1914” is obliterated and “1915” inserted in the case of specimens sent to Ostenfeld by Mrs. M. Davis which were collected in 1915.]. The species name, locality of collection and collector's name have been inserted by hand generally by Ostenfeld himself. Some specimens which were not determined by Ostenfeld, also bear the name of the determining authority (who included Ove Paulsen, Carl Christensen, and J. H. Maiden; for full list see Ostenfeld 1921, p.5). Each specimen is numbered. In a few cases, DBN specimens have a hand-written field label attached. These all appear to be in Ostenfeld's handwriting, and many are written in Danish; data on habitat, flower colour and habit are on these labels.


We wish to thank Dr. A. Fox Maule, Botanical Museum, Copenhagen, for providing information on Carl Ostenfeld and his collections. The catalogue of DBN specimens was prepared by E. C. N ., with the assistance of Nuala McLoughlin and Finola Reid, Botanical Assistants at the National Botanic Gardens. Miss Reid's and Miss McLoughlin’s work in mounting, labelling and incorporating the specimens is gratefully acknowledged.


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The specimens in DBN are listed here according to Ostenfeld's numbers. The species names are those applied by Ostenfeld; in each case the names and authorities used by Ostenfeld are exactly listed. Where recent taxonomic works referred to Ostenfeld's specimens, new names have been included in square [ ] brackets to correspond to present taxonomic and nomenclatural opinions.

The collecting locality, date of collection and collector's name is given for each specimen; in some cases additional data, on habit or ecology, have been omitted for reasons of space. (Perth (KP) = King's Park, Perth). The collectors are indicated by the following abbreviated forms:

C. E. H. Ostenfeld
C. Andrews
E. Douglas
E. Dorph-Petersen
Dr .Lessing
Miss G. Davis
Mrs. M. Davis
Mrs. Hardman
O. H. Sargent.
The numbers listed are those given on the DBN specimens; a few pairs of specimens have the same number though the individual specimens belong to different species. It seems that Ostenfeld made a few mistakes in numbering specimens.

1 Selaginella preissiana Spreng., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
2 Lindsaya linearis Sw., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
5 Cheilanthes tenuifolia (Burm. f.) Sw., Mundaring Weir, 13-ix-1914, CHO.
6 Asplenium trichomanes L., Yallingup Cave, 27-ix-1914, CHO
8 Centrolepis aristata (R. Br.) R. & Sch., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
11 Centrolepis bassiflora Ostf., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
12 Aphelia cyperoides R. Br., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
14 Centrolepis drummondii (Nees) Hieron, Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
18 Aira caryophyllea L. Perth (KP), 13-x-1914, CHO.
20 Poa caespitosa Forst., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO. (var. serptentum (Nees) Benth).
21 Ehrharta brevifolia (Lindl.) Schrad., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
22 Poa nodosa Nees, Perth (KP), 13-x-1914, CHO.
25 Amphipogon turbinatus R. Br., Perth (KP), 13-x-1914, CHO.
26 Triodia sp. ("Spinifex"), Kalgoorlie, 8-x-1914, CHO.
33 Danthonia setacea R. Br., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
34 Stipa elegantissima Labill., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
36 S. trichophylla Benth., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
38 Phlebocarya ciliata R. Br., Perth (KP), 4-x-1914, CHO, (var. laevis (Lindl.) Benth).
39 Macropidia fuliginosa (Hook.f.) Druce, Moora, 27-x-1914, GD (M. fumosa Drumm.).
41 Anigozanthos viridis Endl., near Cannington, 22-ix-1914, EDP.
49 Anigozanthos humilis Lindl., Perth's surroundings, l1-ix-1914, EDP.
52 Conostylis psyllium Endl., Greenbushes, near Bridgetown, 30-ix-1914, CHO.
53 Conostylis cymosa F. Muell., Yornup, south of Bridgetown, 2-x-1914, CHO.
55 Conostylis bracteata Endl., Perth (KP), 13-x-1914, CHO.
56 Conostylis aurea Lindl., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
59 Conostylis aculeata R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
63 Conostylis juncea Endl, Perth, 16-viii-1914, EDP.
64 Conostylis setigera R. Br., Perth (KP), 18-viii-1914, CHO.
69 Tribonanthes australis Endl., Albany, 2l-x-1914, CHO.
70 Tribonanthes longipetala Lindl., Perth's vicinity, l6-viii-1914, EDP.
72 Haemodorum sparsiflorum F. Muell., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO,
73 Haemodorum simplex Lindl., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
74 Haemodorum paniculatum Lindl., Perth (KP), 15-x-1914, CHO.
75 Haemodorum spicatum.R. Br., Perth (KP), l5-x-1914, CHO.
76 Asphodelus fistulosus L., Geraldton, 29-x-1914, CHO,
78 Chamaescilla corymbosa (R. Br.) F. Muell., Yallingup, 26-1914,CHO.
80 Chamaescilla versicolor (Lindl.) Nob., Greenmount, 13-ix-1914, CHO.
81, Thysanotus multiflorus R. Br., near Cannington, 22-ix-1914, EDP
83 Thysanotus triandrus (Labill.) R. Br., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
85 Thysanotus dichotomus (Labill.) R, Br., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO,
86 Thysanotus patersonii R. Br., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
90 Agrostocrinum scabrum (R. Br.) Ostf., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
92 Dianella revoluta R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 27-ix-1914, CHO. (var. brevicaulis Ostf.).
95 Stypandra glauca R. Br., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
97 Borya nitida Labill., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO. f. scorpoidea (Lindl.) Ostf.
98 Bartlingia squarrosa (Lindl.) F. Muell., Perth (KP), 13-x-1914, CHO. (Laxmannia squarrosa Lindl.).
99 Bartlingia minor (R. Br.) F. Muell., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO. (Laxmannia minor R. Br.).
105 Burchardia multiflora Ljndl., Perth, 16-viii-1914, EDP, (B. umbellata R. Br. var.).
108 Caesia micrantha Lindl., Perth (KP), 9-ix-1914, CHO
111 Caesia parviflora R. Br., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
112 Bulbine semibarbata Stau., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO,
115 Tricoryne elatior R. Br., near Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO
117 Tricoryne elatior R. Br., Perth (KP), 26-x-1914, CHO. (var. scabra R. Br.).
118 Corynotheca micrantha (Lindl.) Macbride, Perth, (KP). 13-x-1914, CHO
120 Johnsonia lupulina R. Br., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
121 Johnsonia hirta Lindl., Perth's surroundings, 23-viii-1914, EDP.
123 Lomandra endlicheri (F. Muell.) Ewart, near Perth, 9-viii-1914, EDP, (=Xerotes endlicheri F. Muell.).
127 Acanthocardus Dreissii Lehm., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
131 Xanthorrhoea preissii Endl., Perth's surroundings, 13-ii-1914, EDP. -
133 Dasypogon bromeliaefolius R. Br., Perth, 20-viii-1914, EDP.
134 Dasypogon hookeri Drumm., near Yallingup Cave, 30-ix-1914, CHO,
139 Xyris lanata R. Br., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
140 Triglochin mucronata R. Br., near Swan River, Bayswater, 18-x-1914. CHO.
141 Triglochin calcitrapa Hook. f., Yallingup Cave House, 26/27-ix-1914, CHO. (ß. pedunculata Buchenau).
142 Triglochin calcitrapa Hook f., Yallingup, 26/27-ix-1914, CHO.
143 Triglochin centrocarpa Hook. f., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
144 Triglochin trichophora Nees, .Busselton, 30-ix-1914, CHO.
145 Triglochin centrocarpa Hook. f., Yallingup Cave House, 27-ix-1914, CHO. (ß. nana (F. Muell) Ostf.).
146 Triglochin procera R. Br., Cannington, 22-ix-1914, EDP.
147 Luzula migrata (Buchenau) Ostf., Perth (KP), 18-ix-1914, CHO.
148 Juncus planifolius R. Br., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO. (var. humilis Ostf,).
149 Juncus maritimus Lam., Swan River, near Bayswater. 18-x-1914, CHO. (var. australiensis Buchenau).
150a. Juncus capitatus Weig., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
153 Juncus bufonius L., Palgarup, 2-x-1914, CHO.
154 Hypolaena gracillime (F. Muell) Benth., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
156 Hypolaena exsulca R. Br., Perth (KP), 13-x-1914, CHO.
157 Arnocrinitm preissii Lehm., Perth (KP), 13-x-1914, CHO.
158 Lygina barbata R. Br., Perth (KP). 25-x-1914, CHO.
159 Loxocarya flexuosa (R. Br.) Benth., Perth (KP), 13-x-1914, CHO.
160 Eestio leptocarpoides Benth., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
161 Leptocarpus aristatus R. Br., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO. (= Restio tenellus Nees).
162 Lepidosperma angustatum R. Br., Perth (KP), 13-x-1914, CHO.
163 Anarthria scabra R. Br., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
167 Orthrosanthus laxus (Endl.) Benth., Mundaring weir, 3-ix-1914, CHO.
168 Homeria collina (Thunb.) Vent., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
169 Patersonia xanthina F. Muell., Jarnadup, 1-x-1914, CHO.
170 Patersonia pygmaea Lindl., Wilgarup, 1-x-1914, CHO.
171 Patersonia longiscapa Sweet, Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
173 Patersonia occidentalis R. Br., Armadale, 4-ix-1914, CHO.
174 Anarthria gracilis R. Br., Palgarup, 2-x-1914, CHO.
176 Romulea rosea (L.) Epdl., Perth's surroundings, 16-viii-1914, EDP.
180 Schoenus cygneus (Nees) Benth., Tammin, 6-x-1914,CHO.
183 Cladium junceum R. Br., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
187 Schoenus nanus (Nees) Benth., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
189 Schoenus sculptus (Nees) Benth., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
190 Scirpus cartilagineus (R. Br.) Spreng., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
193 Cyperus tenellus L.f., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
194 Schoenus curvifolius (R. Br.) Poir., Perth (KP), 13-x-1914, CHO.
196 Tetrariopsis octandra (Nees) Clarke, Perth (KP), l3-x-1914, CHO. (Elynanthus o. Nees).
197 Carex appressa R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 28-ix-1914, CHO.
199 Prasophyllum fimbria Rchb. f., Cannington, 22-ix-1914, EDP.
201 Microtes atrata Lindl., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
202 Microtes alba R. Br., Bayswater, 18-c-1914, CHO.
205 Prasophyllum ovale Lindl., Near Perth, 11-ix-1914, EDP.
206 Prasophyllum hians Rchb. f., near Perth, 18-ix-1914, CA.
211 Cyrtostylis reniformis R. Br., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO (var. huegelii (Endl.) Benth.).
214 Glossodia brunonis Endl., Perth's surroundings, 18-ix-1914, CA.
219 Caladenia purdeiana C. Andrews, Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
220 C. unita R. Fitz., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
221 C, latifolia R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
222 C. longiscauda Lindl., near Perth, 13-ix-1914, EDP.
228 C. menziesii R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 27-ix-1914, CHO.
230 C. flava R. Br., near Perth, 18-ix-1914, CA.
237 C. filamentosa R. Br., Cannington, 24-ix-1914, EDP.
241 Pterostylis pyramidalis Lindl., Yallingup. 27-ix-1914, CHO. (= P. nana R. Br. var. pyramidalis Ewart).
243 P. vittata Li.ndl., Perth (KP), 12-ix-1914, -CHO.
248 Thelymitra fascicularis R. Fitz., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
250 T. cristata Lindl., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
263 Cymodocea isoetifolia Aschers, Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO.
266 C. antarctica (Labill.) Endl., Yallingup, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
267 C. antarctica (Labill.) Endl., Yallingup, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
269 Posidonia australis Hook f., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO.
271 Cymodocea angustata Ostf., Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO.
273 Halophlla ovalis (R. Br.) Hook, f., Yallingup Cave House. 26-ix-1914, CHO.
274 H. spinulosa (R. Br.) Aschers, Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO.
276 Macarthuria australis Hueg., Perth (KP), 26-x-1914, CHO.
277 Mesembryanthemum tenuidulum Haw., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
280 Trichinium divaricatum Gaud., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO. (T. striatum Miq.).
282 T. exaltum Benth., Kalgoorlie, 8-x-1914, CHO.
284 T. sericostachyum Nees, Yallingup, 26-ix-1914. CHO (= T. roseum Moq. ex parte).
287 T. obovatum Gaud., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
289 Tunica prolifera (L.) Scop., Busselton, 30-ix-1914, CHO.
290 Cerastium glomeratum Turrill, Perth, 31-viii-1914, CHO
293 Sagina apetala Ardnino, Armadale, 20-ix-1914,. CHO.
294 Polycarpon tetraphyllum L. f., Yallingup Cave, 28-ix-1914, CHO.
295 Psammamoya choretroides (F. Muell.) Diels & Lois, Tammin. 6-x-1914, CHO.
296 Hibbertia microphylla Steud., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
297 H. acerosa Benth., Seryentine, 9-x-1914, MH.
298 Labichea punctata Benth., Mundaring Weir, 13-ix-1914. CHO.
300 Hibbertia hypericoides (DC.) Benth., Perth (KP), 9-ix-1914, CHO.
302 H. montana Steud., Darlington, 28-viii-1914, CA. (var. major Benth.).
306 H. (Candollea) huegelii (Endl.) F. Muell., Perth (KP), 18-ix-1914, CHO.
307 H. amplexicaulis Steud., Mundaring, 13-ix-1914, CHO.
308 H. (Candollea) tetrandra (Lindl.) Gilq., Yallingup, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
309 H. pulchra Ostf., Palgarup, 2-x-1914, CHO.
311 H. stellaris Endl., Palgarup, 1-x-l914, CHO.
312 H. cunninghamii Hook. f., Yallingup, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
313 H. grossulariaefolia Salisb., Yallingup, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
314 H. furfuracea (R. Br.) Benth., Albany, 2f-x-1914, CHO.
315 H. cuneiformis (Labill.) Gilq., Albany, 20-x-1914,. CHO.
316 Casuarina huegeliana Miq., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
318 C. humilis Otto& Dietr., near Perth, 11-viii-1914, CA.
321 C. fraseriana Miq., Perth (KP), 15-x-1914, CHO.
325 Kochia villosa Lindl., Kalgoorlie, 7/8-x-1914, CHO. (var, humilis Benth.).
326 K. ostenfeldii Paulsen, Kalgoorlie, 8-x-1914, CHO. [= Maireana pentatropis (Tate) P. G. Wilson].
328 Chenopodium aritroriaceum F. Muell., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
329 Kochia sedifolia F. Muell., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
331 Euchylaena tomentosa R. Br., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
333 Bassia sclerolaenofdes F. Muell., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
335 Rhagodia guadichaudiana Moq., .Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
336 Atriplex stipitatum Benth., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
341 Suaeda australis (R. Br.) Moq., Swan River at Perth, 6-ix-1914, EDP.
342 Kochia villosa Lindl., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO. [= Maireana turbinata P. G. Wilson]
345 Atriplex spongiosum F. Muell., Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO.
346 A. rhagodiodes F. Muell., Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO. -
347 A. rhagodioides F. Muell., Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO.
348 Threlkeldia diffusa R. Br., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO.
350 Salicornia australis Soland., Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO. (Arthrocnemum?).
352 Arthrocnemum brachystachyum n.sp., Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO.
354 Ptilotus villosiflorus F. Muell., Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO.
356 Sporobolus virginicus (L.) Kunth., Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO.
359 Crassula macrantha (Hook. f.) Diels & Pritz., Am1adale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
360 C. intricata (Nees) Ostf., Yallingup Cave House, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
361 C. natans Thunb., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO. ,
364 Heliophila pusilla L. f., Perth (KP), xi/x-1914, CHO.
365 H. pusilla L. f., Perth (KP), xi/x-1914, CHO.
367 Stenopetalum lineare R. Br., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
368 Alyssum linifolium Steph., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
370 Drosera pallida Lindl., Armadale, 4-ix-1914, CHO.
373 D. stolonifera Endl., near Perth, 30-viii-1914, EDP.
375 D. sulphurea Lehm., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
379 D. menziesii R. Br., Armadale, 4-ix-1914, CHO. (var. penicillaris (Benth.) Diels).
380 D. gigantea Lindl., Armadale, 23-ix-1914, CHO.
384 D. bulbigera Morrison, Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
387 D. pulchella Lehm., Albany, 20-x-1914. CHO.
389 D. glanduligera Lindl., Mundaring Weir, 13-x-1914, CHO.
390 Poranthera huegelii Klotsch, Yornup, l-x-1914, CHO.
392 Phyllanthus calycinus Labill., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO,
393 Poranthera microphylla Brongn., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
397 Monotaxis occidentalis Endl., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
401 Beyeria viscosa (Labill.) Miq., Yallingup Cave, 27-ix-1914, CHO.
404 Pelargonium australe Wi1Id., Perth (KP), 13-x-1914, CHO. (var. drummondii Turcz.).
409 Erodium cicutarium (L.) L'Herit., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
410 E. cvgnorum Nees, Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
411 Loudonio aurea Lindl., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
415 Cassytha racemosa Nees, Perth (KP), 10-ix-1914, CHO.
417 Linum gallicum L., Bridgetown, 1-x-1914, CHO.
418 .Templetonia retusa R. Br., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO.
420 Lotus australis Andr., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO.
424 Sphaerolobium macranthum Meisn., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
425 S. fornicatum Benth., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
426 Chorizema rhombium R. Br., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO
428 Jacksonia floribunda Endl., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO. (J. densiflora Benth.).
436 Psoraled pinnata L., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
437 Burtonia scabra R. Br., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
438 Latrobea tenella Benth., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
439 Aotus cordifolius Benth., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
441 Sphaerolobium linophyllum Benth., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
442 Oxylobium lanceolatum (Vent.) Ostf., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO. (= O. callistachys Benth.),
443 Aotus gracillima Meisn., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
444 Pultenaea verruculosa Turcz., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
450 Gompholobium tomentosum Labill., near Perth, l1-ix-1914, EDP.
452 Jacksonia sternbergiana Hueg., Cottesloe, 11-viii-1914, CA.
453 Oxylobium capitatum Benth., near Perth, 9-viii-1914, EDP.
455 Sphaerolobium enchilus Benth., near Perth, 9-viii-1914, EDP .
456 Daviesia divaricata Benth., near Perth, 11-viii-1914, CA.
457 D. incrassata Sm., near Perth, 23-viii-1914, EDP.
458 Bossiaea ornata Benth., Greenmount, 13-ix-1914, CHO.
466 Hardenbergia comptoniana Benth., near Perth, 23-viii-1914, EDP.
468 Isotropum striata Benth., near Perth, 23-viii-1914, EDP.
470 Gompholobium polymorphum R. Br., Darlington, 23-viii-1914, CA.
471 Oxylobium drummondii Meisn., Darlington, 28-viii-1914, CA.
472 Hovea pungens Benth., near Perth, 30-viii-1914, EDP.
476 Gastrolobium spinosum Benth., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CH.O.
478 Chorizema diversifolium DC., Yallingup Cave, 27-ix-1914, CHO.
480 C. cordatum Lindl., Bridgetown, 1-x-1914, CHO.-
481 .C. ilicifolium Labill., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
482 Hovea chorizemifolia bc., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
483 Sphaerolobium medium R. Br., Jarnadup, 1-x-1914, CHO. ,
484 Gompholobium ovatum Meisn., Jarnadup, 2-x-1914,. CHO.
485 Bossiaea linophylla- R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
487 Hovea elliptica DC., Jarnadup, 2-x-1914, CHO. ,
490 Oxylobium lanceolatum (Vent.) Ostf., Yallingup Cave, 27-ix-1914, CHO. (= O. callistachys Benth.).
492 Templetonia egena (F. Muell,) Benth., Kalgoorlie, 8-x-1914, CHO.
501 Eucalyptus marginata Sm., near Cannington, 24-viii-1914, CHO.
502 E. cladocalyx F. Muel1., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
504 E. calophylla R. Br., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
505 E. rudis Endl., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO,
506 E. redunca Schau., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO. (var, elata Benth.).
507 E. diversicolor F. Muell., Big Brook State Forest, 2-x-1914, CHO.
511 E. gracilis F. Muell., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO. (var. yilgarnensis (Diels) Maiden).
513 E. salmonophloia F. Muell., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
514 E. olessa F. Muell., Kalgoorlie, 8-x-1914, CHO. (var. glauca Maiden = Eucalyptus transcontinentalis Maiden).
515 E. lesouefii Maiden, Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
517 E. erythronema Turcz., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
523 E. foecunda Schau., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO. ,
526 E. clavigera A. Cunn., Derby, 7-xi-1914, CHO. (var. dallachyana (Benth.) Maiden).
532 Acacia myrtifolia Willd., Albany, 2.-x-1914, CHO.
533 A. biflora R. Br., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
535 A. teretifolia Benth., Armadale, 4-ix-1914, CHO.
542 A. diptera Lindl., Perth (KP), 9-ix-1914, CHO.
544 A. pulchella R. Br., near Perth, 9-viii-1914, CA.
545 A. heterocleta Meisn., Yallingup Cave, 27-ix-1914, CHO, .
546 A. urophylla Benth., Jarnadup, l-x-1914, CHO.
548 A. colletioides A. Cunn., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO. (var. nyssophylla F. MueJl.).
551 A. spathulata F. Muell., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO.
552 A. rostellifera Benth., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO.
554 Cassia eremophila A. Cunn., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
558 Loranthus linophyllus Fenzl., Geraldton (on Acacia), 28-x-1914, CHO. (var. preissii).
559 Sida spinosa L., Carnarvon,,31-x-1914, CHO.
560 Cienfugosia hakeifolia (Giord.) Hochreut., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO. (Fugosia hakeifolia Hook.).
562 Modiola caroliniana (L.) Don., Yallingup Cave, 27-ix-1914, CHO.
564 Sida hookeriana Miq., Yallingup, 26-ix-1914,CHO.
565 S. intricata F. Muel1., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO,
568 Verticordia stylotricha Diels, Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
569 V. chrysantha Endl., Tammin, .6-x-1914, CHO,
570 V. preissir Schau., Tammin, 6-x-1914,CHO.
572 V. acerosa Lindl., Cannington, 28-ix-1914, CHO.
575 Eremaea pilosa DC., Meckering, 20-ix-1914, OHS.
576 Kunzea recurva Schau., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
577 Melaleuca rhaphiophyllum Schau., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
578 M. seriata Lindl., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
582 M. thymoides Labill., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
584 M. densa R. Br., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
585 M. cuticularis Labill., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
587 Kunzea ericifolia (Sm.) Rchb., Perth (KP), 12-ix-1914, CHO.
589 Melaleuca preissiana Schau., Yallingup, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
590 Beaufortia sparsa R, Br., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
591 Kunzea sericea Turcz., Waddowing, -, -.
592 Astartea fascicularis DC., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
593 Hypocalymma cordifolium Lehm., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
596 Calytrix fraseri A. Cunn., Perth (KP), 26-x-1914, CHO.
600 Regelia ciliata Schau., near Cannington, 22-ix-1914, EDP.
602 Chamaelaucium uncinatum Schau., Perth (cult.), ix-1914, CHO.
605 Hypocalymma angustifolium Endl., Cannington, 4-ix-1914, CHO.
609 Scholtzia leptantha Benth., Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO.
610 Melaleuca parviflora Lindl., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO
612 M. huegelii Endl., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO.
614 M. cardiophylla F. Muell., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO.
615 Callistemon speciosus DC., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
616 Agonis parviceps Schau., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
618 A. linearifolia Schau., Armadale, 20-ix-1914,.CHO.
620 A. flexuosa (Willd.) Schau., Busselton, 25-ix-1914, CHO.
621 Leptospermum firmum (Schau.) Benth., Bayswater, l8-x-1914, CHO.
623 Agonis theaeformis Schau., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO,
624 Calothamnus quadrifolius R, Br., near Perth, 13-ix-1914, EDP. (f. acerosus (Colla) Benth.).
625 C. longifolius Lehm., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
626 C. schaueri Lehm., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
628 Boerhaavia plumbaginea Cav., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO (B. repanda Willd.).
630 Oxalis cernua Thunb., Perth, 13-ix-1914, EDP.
632 Olax benthamiana Miq., Cottesloe near Freemantle, 23-viii-19l4, CA.
634 Calandrinia corrigioloides F. Muell., Perth (KP), 10-ix-1914, CHO,
637 C. calyptrata Hook. f., Yallingup, 27-ix-1914, CHO.
639 C. brevipetala F. Muell., Yallingup, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
640 Tetragonia eremaea Ostf., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
641 Haloragis pithyroides (Nees) Benth., Bayswater, l8-x-1914, CHO.
644 Gyrostemon ramulosus Desf., Geraldton, 29-x-1914, CHO.
645 Comesperma virgatum Labill., Serpentine, 9-x-1914, M.
646 C. calymega Labill., Perth (KP), 15-x-1914, CHO.
649 Comesperma ciliatum Steetz., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
652 Muehlenbeckia adpressa (Labill.) Meisn., Geraldton, 29-x-1914, CHO.
656 M. adpressa (Labill.) Meisn., Yallingup Cave, 28-ix-1914, CHO.
656 Petrophile longifolia R. Br., Cannington, 19-ix-1914, CHO.
657 Synaphea dilata R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
660 S. acutiloba Meisn., near Cannington, 4-ix-1914, CHO.
662 Lambertia multiflora Lindl., Greenmount, 13-ix-1914, CHO.
663 Isopogon asper R. Br., near Cannington, 4-ix-1914, CHO.
664 I. roseus Lindl., Cannington, 4-ix-1914 CHO.
665 Hakea stenocarpa R. Br., Armadale, 4-ix-1914, CHO.
668 Adenanthos obovatus Labill., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
671 Conospermum huegelii R. Br., Cannington, 4-ix-1914, CHO.
672 C. ephedroides Kipp., Quellington, 20-ix-1914, OHS.
673 Adenanthos obovatus Labill., Palgarup, 2-x-1914, CHO,
674 A. intermedius Ostf., near Yallingup, 30-ix-1914, CHO. [= A. barbigera Lindl.]
675 A. barbigera Lindl., Mundaring Weir, 13-ix-1914, CHO
680 Banksia ilicifolia R. Br., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
681 Stirlingia (Simsia) latifolia (R. Br.) Steud., Perth (KP), 13-x-1914, CHO. (vaJ. gracilis Ostf.).
684 Conospermum crassinervium Meisn., Moora, 27-x-1914, (GD).
685 C. triplinervium R. Br., near Perth, 13-ix-1914, EDP.
686 C. stoechadis Endl., Armadale, 7-ix-1914, CH6.
687 Dryandra speciosa Meisn., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
690 Petrophile ericifolia R. Br., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
693 P. divaricata R. Br., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
696 P. longifolia R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 29-ix-1914, CHO
699 Hakea oleifolia R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 28-ix-1914, CHO .
700 H. multilineata Meisn., Tammin. 6-x-1914,CHO.
701 Banksia coccinea R. Br., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
705(?3). Petrophile striata R. Br., Armadale, 4-ix-1914, CHO.
705 Isopogon sphaerocephalus Lindl., Greenmount, ix-1914, CHO
706 Petrophile linearis R. Br., Victoria Park near Perth, 19-ix-1914, EDP.
707 Stirlingia (Simsia) latifolia (R, Br.) Steud., near Canning Bridge, 22-viii-1914, CHO.
708 Grevillea vestita Meisn., Perth (KP), 9-ix-1914, CHO.
711 G. oxystigma Meisn., Armadale, 4-ix-1914, CHO.
712 G. synaphea R. Br., Greenmount, 13-ix-J914, CHO.
713 G. wilsoni A. Cunn., Armadale, 4-ix-1914, CHO.
718 Banksia attenuata R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914,CHO.
719 B. grandis Willd., Yallingup Forest, 29-ix-1914, CHO.
720 B. sphaerocarpa R. Br., near Cannington, 23-ix-1914, EDP.
721 B. menziesii R. Br., Perth (KP), 5-ix-1914, CHO.
723 Ranunculus muricatus L., Bayswater, swamp near Swan River, 18-x-1914, CHO.
726 R. lappaceus Sm., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
727 Clematis microphylla DC., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix,-1914, CHO. (var. linearifolia (Steud.) Ostf.).
728 Clematis pubescens Hueg., Jarnadup, 1-x-1914, CHO. (C. aristata R. Br. var.).
732 Trymallium spathulatum (Labill.) Ostf., 28-viii-1914, CA.
733 Trymallium spathulatum (Labill.) Ostf., Yallingup Cave, 28-ix-1914, CHO. (T. billardierei Fenz1.).
734 Acaena ovina A. Cunn., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO. (var.)
736 Diplolaena dampieri Desf., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
738 Boronia megastigma Nees, Albany surroundings, viii-1914, (bought).
739 B. heterophylla F. Muell., Albany surroundings, 27-viii-1914, Dr. L.
740 Phebalium argentium Sm., Albany, vii-1914, CA.
742 Eriostemon spicatus A. Rich., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
743 Asterolasia grandiflora (Hoof, f.) Benth., York, 30-vii-1914, OHS.
744 Boronia spathulata Lindl., Wilgarup, 1-x-1914, CHO.
745 B. alata Sm., Yallingup Cave, 27-ix-1914, CHO.
747 B. crenulata Sm., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
749 Fusanus acuminatus R. Br., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO. (Eucarya).
750 F. spicatus R. Br., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO. (Eucarya).
751 Leptomeria squarrulosa R. Br., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
753 Nuytsia floribunda (Labill.) R. Br., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
755 Exocarpos spartea R. Br., Geraldton, 29-x-1914, CHO.
756 Dodonaea lobulata F. Muell., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
758 Diplopeltis huegelii Endl., Cottesloe, 11-viii-1914, CA.
759 Cephalotus follicularis Labill., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
760 Stackhousia brunonis (Endl.) Benth., near Perth, 25-x-1914, EDP.
762 S. huegelii Endl. Yallingup, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
767 Thomasia cognata Steud., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO,
768 Guichenotia ledifolia J. Gay., Yallingup, 28-ix-1914, CHO.
770 Thomasia grandifrora Lindl., Darlington, 28-viii-1914, CA.
772 T. purpurea (Ait.) J. Gay, Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
774 Pimelea microcephala R. Br., Geraldton, 29-x-1914, CHO,
777(?). Tremandra stelligera R. Br., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO,
777 Pimelea argentea R. Br., Yallingup, 29-ix-1914, CHO.
779 P. hispida R. Br., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
783 P. rosea Lindl., Mundaring Weir, 23-ix-1914, CHO.
784 P. spectabilis Lindl., Yallingup Cave, 27-ix-1914, CHO.
785 P. sylvestris R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 27-ix-1914, CHO,
787 P. imbricata R. Br., near Cannington, 23-ix-1914, EDP. (var. nana (Graham) Ostf. ( = var. piligera Benth.)).
788 P. rosea R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
789 P. longiflora R. Br., Palgarup, 2-x-1914, CHO.
793 P. sulphurea Meisn., Perth's surroundings, 11-ix-1914, EDP.
795 Xanthosia rotundifolia DC., Albany, 2t-x-1914, CHO.
798 Didiscus pilosus (Sm.) Domin, Perth (KP), 18-ix-1914, CHO.
801 Hydrocotyle alata A. Rich., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
804 Homalosciadium verticillatum (Turcz.) Domin, Armadale, 23-ix-1914, CHO.
805 Hydrocotyle diantha DC., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
807 H. hispidula Bunge, Yallingup cave, 27-ix-1914, CHO.
809 H. callicarpa Bunge, Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
812 Xanthosia candida Steud., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO. (var. subtrilobata Ostf.).
813 X. candida Steud., Darlington, 28-viii-1914, CA.
816 X. huegelii Steud., Perth (KP), 18-ix-1914, CHO,
817 Trachymene tenuistina (Benth.) F. Muell., Jarnadup, 2-x-1914, CHO.
818 T. compressa (Labill.) Spreng., Albany, 2)-x-1914, CHO.
819 Petroselinum sativum Hoffm., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
820 Daucus glochidiatus (Labill.) Feidi. & Miq., Yallingup Cave, 27-ix-1914. CHO.
822 Eryngium rostratum Cav., Perth (KP), 9-ix-1914, CHO.
825 Prietaria debilis G. Forst., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
831 Zygophyllum fruticulosum DC., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO.
832 Z. eremorum (Diels) Ostf., Kalgoorlie, 8-x-1914,CHO.
833 Nitraria schoberi L., Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO.
834 Dischisma arenarium Miq., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
835 D. capitatum (Thunb.) Choisy, Perth (KP), 11-x-1914, CHO.
840 Brachycome latisquamea F. Muell., Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO.
844 Waitzia corymbosa Wendl., Perth (KP), 13-x-1914, CHO. (W. nivea (Lindl.) Benth.).
849 Brachycome iberidifolia Benth. Perth, 25-x-1914, EDP.
850 B. pusilla Steetz, Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
851 Rutidosis argyrolepis (Schelcht.) F. Muell., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
852 Siloxerus humijusus Labill., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO, (Angianthus h. Benth.).
853 Gnaphalium luteo-album L., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
854 Siloxerus filifolius (Benth.) Ostf., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
857 Munria cunninghamii (DC.) Benth., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
858 Pteronia australiensis Hutch., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
859 Waitzia acuminata Steetz, Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO. (W. corymbosa Benth, non Wendl.).
860 Pololepis aristata Benth., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
863 Vittadenia australis A. Rich., Kalgoorlie, 8-x-1914, CHO.
864 Olearia muelleri Benth., Kalgoorlie, 8-x-1914, CHO.
868 Calocephalus drummondii (A. Gray) Benth., Mundaring Weir, 13-ix-1914, CHO.
872 Cotula australis Hook. f., Perth (KP), 10-ix-1914, CHO.
873 Podolepis rosea Steetz., Perth (KP), 10-ix-1914, CHO.
874 Helipterum roseum (Hook.) Benth., Perth (KP), lo-ix-1914, CHO.
876 Helichrysum laurencella F. Muell., York, 25-viii-1914, OHS.
877 Quinetia urvillei Cass., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
878 Helipterum poJycephalum (A. Gray) Benth., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
879 Waitzia steetziana Lehm., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO (var, citrina Benth.).
881 Craspedia richea Cass., Darlington, 28-viii-1914, CA.
884 Podotheca chrysanthea Benth., near Cannington, 22-ix-1914, EDP.
889 Millotia sennitlora Cass., Busselton, 30-ix-1914, CHO.
890 Waitzia steetziana Lehm., Yallingup Cave, 29-ix-1914, CHO.
892 Gnephosia arachnoides Turcz., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
893 Siloxerus tomentosus (Wendl.) Ostf., Kalgoorlie, 9-x-1914, CHO. (Angianthus t. Wendl.).
986 Podolepis capillaris (Steetz.) Diels, Kalgoorlie, 8-x-1914, CHO. (P. siemssenia F. Muell.).
898 Helipterum pygmaeum (DC.) Benth, Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
899 H. haigii F. Muell., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
901 Brachycome pachyptera Turcz., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
903 Calotis hispidula F. Muell., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
907 Brachycome ciliaris (Labill.) Less, Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO. (var. glandulosa Benth.). ,
908 B. multicaulis (Turcz.) J. M. Black, Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO. (B. plumifera F. Muell.).
909 Senecio lautus Forst., Perth (KP), 18-ix-1914, CHO.
910 Andersonia depressa R. Br., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
911 Drachophyllum gracile R. Br., Palgarup, 2-x-1914, CHO.
912 D. parviflorum F. Muell., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
915 Andersonia sprengelioides R. Br., Darlington, 28-viii-1914, CA. (var. lehmanniana (Sond.) Pritzel).
917 A. sprengelioides R. Br., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO. (var. patens (Sond.) Pritzel).
919 Leucopogon polymorphus Sond., near Perth, 6-ix-1914, EDP.
921 L. capitellatus DC., Harvey, 18-viii-1914, -
922 L. pulchellus Sond., near Perth, 14-viii-1914, EDP.
924 Cosmelia rubra R. Br., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
925 Leucopogon amplectus Ostf., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO
932 L. verticillatus R. Br., Manjinup, 1-x-1914, CHO.
935 Lysinema ciliatum R. Br., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO
937 L. ciliatum R. Br., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO. (var. ericoides Ostf.).
940 Astroloma stomarrhena Sond., near Perth, 9-viii-1914, EDP.
941 Conostephium pendulum Benth., near Perth, 9-viii-1914, EDP.
942 Astroloma pallidum R. Br., near Cannington, 4-ix-1914, CHO.
943 Cryptandra tubulosa Fenzl., Perth (KP), 10-ix-1914, CHO.
944 Villarsia parnassifolioa R. Br., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
946 V. albiflora F. Muell., near Cannington, 27-ix-1914, EDP
948 Scaevola crassifolia Labill., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO.
950 Dampiera trigona de Vriese, Perth, 25-x-1914, EDP.
951 Lechenaultia floribunda Benth., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO
952 Goodenia pulchella Benth., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
953 Velleia trinervis Labill., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
955 V. pilosella (de Vriese) C. Chr., Palgarup, 2-x-1914, CHO
958 Scaevola spinescens R. Br., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
959 Goodenia coerulea R. Br., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
960 Anthotium rubrum F. Muell., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
961 Goodenia strophiolata F. Mue1l., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
962 Logania flaviflora F. Muell., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
963 Dampiera wel1siana F. Muell., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
964 Scaevola helrnsii Pritzel, Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
966 Lechenaultia triloba Labill., near Perth, 16-viii-1914, EDP.
967 Dampiera alata Lindl., near Cannington, 4-ix-1914, CHO.
968 Scaevola nitida R. Br., ottesloe near Freemantle, 23-viii-1914.
971 S. losericea de Vriese, Perth (KP), 18-x-1914, CHO.
976 Lechenaultia linarioides DC., Perth, 13-ix-1914, EDP.
977 Westringia rigida R. Br., Geraldton, 29-x-1914, CHO, (var. dolichophyl1a Ostf.).
919 Hemiandra pungens R. Br., Perth, 18-ix-1914, EDP, (var. hispida Benth.).
980 H. pungens R. Br., Perth (KP), 21-x-1914, CHO, (var. incana Benth.).
981 H. pungens R. Br. (var. grandiflora Benth.), Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
982 Westringia rigida R. Br., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO. (var. brachyphylla Ostf.).
984 Polypompholyx multifida (R. Br.) F. Muell., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
990 Monopsis debilis (L.) Presl., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
994 Lobia anceps Thunb., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
997 Logania vaginaus (Labill.) F. Muell., Yallingup Cave, 28-ix-1914, CHO. (var. longifolia (R. Br,) Diels).
998 L. serpyllifolia R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
1000 Eremophila alternifolia R. Br., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
1001 E. paisleyi F. Muell., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
1002 E. scoparia (R. Br.) F. Muell., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
1003 E. ionanthe Diels, Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
1004 E. granitica Sp. Moore, Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
1005 E. angustifolia (Sp. Moore) Ostf., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
1006 E. glabra (R. Br.) Ostf., Kalgoorlie, 8-x-1914, CHO. (= E. brownii F. Muell.).
1007 E. decipiens Ostf., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
1008 E. wildii F. Muell., Kalgoorlie, 8-x-1914, CHO.
1009 E. interstans (Sp. Moore) Diels, Kalgoorlie, 8-x-1914, CHO.
1010 E. drummondii F. Muell., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
1012 Myoporum oppositifolium R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
1013 M. acuminatum R. Br., Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO. (var. montanum (R. Br.) Ostf. = var. angustifolium Benth.).
1014 M. deserti A. Cunn., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
1015 Marianthus rubescens Putterlich, Yallingup Cave, 28-ix-1914, CHO.
1016 Sollya fusiformis (Labill.) Ostf., Albany, 21-x-1914. CHO. (S. heterophylla Lindl.).
1021 Anagalfis arvensis L., Yallingup Cave, 29-ix-1914,CHO.
1025 Samolus junceus R. Br., near Perth, 25-x-1914, EDP.
1026 Samolus repens Pers., Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO. (var. floribundusBenth.).
1027 Samolus repens Pers., Swan River near Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
1028 Opercularia vaginata Labill., Darlington, 28-viii-1914, CA
1030 Limosella aquatica L., Armada]e, 20-ix-1914, CHO. (var. tenuifolia (Wolf.) Nutt).
1032 Parentucellia latifolia (L.) Cav., Busselton, 30-ix-1914, CHO.
1033 P. viscosa (L.) Cav., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
1035 Gratiola peruviana L., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO.
1040 Anthocercis littorea Labill., Perth (KP), 10-ix-1914, CHO.
1042 Halgal1ia rigida Sp. Moore, Kalgoorlie, 8-x-1914, CHO.
1045 Lycium australe F. Muell., Kalgoorlie, 7-x-1914, CHO.
1046 Stylobasium spathulatum Desf., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO.
1048 Stylidium repens R. Br., Perth (KP), 13-x-1914, CHO.
1050 S. bulbiferum Benth., Armadale, 21-ix-1914, CHO.
1051 S. adnatum R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO
1056 S. spinulosum R. Br., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
1058 S. sticatum LindJ., Yallingup Cave, 29-ix-1914, CHO.
1060 S. striatum Lindl., near Cannington, 22-ix-1914, EDP.
1061 S. brunonianum Benth., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
1063 S. piliferum R. Br., Perth (KP), 18-ix-1914, CHO.
1065 S. hispidum Lindl., Armadale, 23-ix-1914, CHO.
1066 S. spathulatum R. Br., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO,
1067 S. emarginatum Sond., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CHO
1068 S. assimile R. Br., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
1069 S. pulchellum Sond., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
1070 S. Ieptophyllum DC., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
1071 S. spathulatum R. Br., Wilgarup, 1-x-1914, CHO (var. obovatum Ostf.).
1075 S. calcaratum R. Br., Perth (KP), 18-ix-1914, CHO
1079 S. despectum R. Br., Albany, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
1088 S. schoenoides R. Br., Perth (KP), 18-ix-1914,CHO
1089 S. junceum R. Br., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
1090 S. carnosum Benth., Perth 13-x-1914, CHO.
1091 Levenhookia pusilla R. Br., Yallingup Cave, 20-ix-1914, CHO.
1092 Tetratheca platycaula (Benth.) Ostf., Jarnadup, 3-x-1914, CHO, (T. affinis var. platyc. Benth.).
1095 T. viminea Lindl., hear Perth, 11-ix-1914, EDP.
1096 T. affinis Endl., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
1098 Pityrodia petiolaris Pritzel, Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO.
1101 Frankenia pauciflora DC., Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO.
1103 Limonium salicorniaceum (F. Muell) Ostf., Carnarvon, 31-x-1914, CHO. (syn. Statice salicorniaceum F. Muell.).
1105 Crassula pedicillosa (F. Muell.) Ostf., Armadale, 20-ix-1914, CH.
1106 Spyridium globulosum (Labill.) Benth., Geraldton, 28-x-1914, CHO.
1109 Actinodium cunninghamii Schau., Albany, 21-x-1914, CHO.
1110 Frankenia interioris Ostf., Kalgoorlie, 7.,x-1914, CHO.
1113 Microcorys ericifolia Benth., Tammin, 6-x-1914, CHO.
1114 Tetragonia implexicana Hook. f., Yallingup Cave, 26-ix-1914, CHO.
1125 Mitrasacme paradoxa R. Br., Albany, 20-x-1914, CHO
1126 Siloxerus strictus (Steetz) Ostf., Cannington, 22-ix-1914, EDP . (Angianthus st. Benth.).
1127 Pritzelfa pygmaea (R. Br.) F. Muell., Bayswater, 18-x-1914, CHO.
1130 Tremandra diffusa R. Br., Jarnadup, 2-x-1914, CHO.
1131 Dichondra repens Forst., Yallingup Cave, 27-ix-1914, CHO.
1132 Myoporum acuminatum R. Br., Point Samson, 2-xi-1914, CHO. (var. angustifolium Benth.).-
1133 Acacia binervosa DC., Broome. 5-xi-1914, CHO.
1134 A. wickhami Benth., Port Hedland, 3-xi-1914, CHO,
1135 A. holosericea A, Cunn., Broome, 5-xi-1914, CHO.
1136 Pterocaulon sphacelatus (Labill.) Ostf., Port Hedland, 3-xi-1914, CHO.
1138 Frankenia Gmbfta Ostf., Port Hedland, 3-xi-1914, CHO.
1139 Triodia sp. (T. pungenti R. Br. aff.), Point Samson, 2-xi-1914, CHO.
1140 Eragrostis dielsii Pilger, Port Hedland, 3-xi-1914, CHO.
1142 Arthtocnemum arbusculum (R. Br.) Moq., Port Hedland. 3-xi-1914, CHO.
1144 A. benthamii Paulsen, Port Hedland, 3-xi-1914, CHO.
1145 Atriplex exilifolia F. Muell., Port Hedland, 3-xi-1914, CHO.
1146 Dysphania plantaginella F. Muell., Port Hedland, 3-xi-1914, CHO.
1147 Crotularia cunninghamii R. Br., Port Hedland, 3-xi- 1914, CHO.
1148 Avicennia officinalis L., Point Samson, 2-xi-1914, CHO.
1149 Rhizophora mucronata Lams., Port Hedland, 3-xi-1914, CHO.
1150 Ceriops candolleana Amott, Point Samson, 2-xi-1914, CHO.
1151 Corchorus walcottii F. Muell., Port Hedland, 3-xi-1914, CHO.
1153 Trianthema turgidifolium F. Muell., Point Samson, 2-xi-1914, CHO.
1154 Scaevola sericophylla F. Muell., Point Samson, 2-xi- 1914, CHO.
1156 Heliotropium curassaiceum L., Port Hedland, 3-xi-1914, CHO.
1158 Carissa lanceolata R. Br., Broome, 5-xi-1914, CHO.
1159 Crotalaria trifoliastrum Willd., Broome, 5-xi-1914, CHO.
1160 Elytranthe exocarpi (Behr.) Engl., Broome (on Acacia), 5-xi- 1914, CHO. (var. fol. latis).
1168 Cressa cretica L., Derby, 7-xi-1914, CHO. (C. australis R. Br.).
1170 Boerhaavia diffusa L., Derby jetty, 7-xi-1914, CHO.
1172 NeptJnia monosperma F. Muell., Derby, 7-xi-1914, CHO.
1173 Trianthema crystallium Vahl., Derby, 7-xi-1914, CHO.
1174 Gyrocarpus americana Jacq., Derby, 7-xi-1914, CHO. (subsp. accuminata (Meisn.) Ostf.).
1175 Adansonia gregorii F. Muell., Derby, 7-xi-1914, CHO.
1177 Ficus indecora Miq., Derby, 7-xi-1914, CHO.
1178 Bauhinia cunninghamii Benth., Derby, 7-xi-1914, CHO.
1179 Tinospora sinilacina Benth., Derby, 7-xi-1914, CHO.
1180 Santalum lanceolatum R. Br., Derby, 7-xi-1914, CHO.
1181 Loranthus bifurcatus Benth., Derby, 7-xi-1914, CHO.
1182 L. quandong Lindl., Derby, 7-xi-1914, CHO.
1183 L. acacioides A, Cunn., Derby, 7-xi-1914, CHO.
1184 Careya australis (Sm.) Benth., Derby, 7-xi-1914, CHO.
1307 Stirlingia (Simsia) latifolia (R. Br,) Steud., Perth (KP), 20-xi-1915, MD.
1308 Hyploaena exsullea R. Br., Perth (KP), 20-xi-1915, MD
1319 Calytrix angulata J. Lindl., Perth (KP), .17-xiii-1915, MD,
1321 Eucalyptus ficifolia F. Muell., Perth (cult,) 17-xii-1915, MD.
1323 Adenanthos cygnorum Diels, Perth (KP), 17-xiii-1915, MD.
1325 Acacia podalyriaefolia A. Cunn., Perth (KP, cult (Qld)), 31-v-1915, MD.
1326 Scaevola canescens Benth., Perth (KP), 5-vii-1915, MD.
1327 Daviesia pectinata Lindl., Perth (KP), 15-vii-1915, MD.
1330 Hovea arisperma Benth., Perth (KP), 5-vii-1915, MD.
1333 Trichinium drummondii Moq., Perth (KP), 5-vii-1915, MD.
1334 Kennedya prostrata R. Br., Perth (KP), 10-vii-1915, Mb.
1336 Pimelea physoides Hook. f., Qualup, 20-vii-1915,. ER
1347 Helipterum cotula DC., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1349 Crassula macrantha (Hook f,) Diels & Pritzel., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD. (var. nuda Ostf,).
1350 C. colorata (Nees) Ostf., vicinity of Perth, 1915, Mp.
1351 Didiscus ornatus (Endl.) Domin., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1352 Podolepis lessonii (Cass,) Benth., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1353 Didiscus cyemopetalus F. Muell., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD. (var. ciliatulus Domin).
1354 Waitzia aurea Steetz, vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1356 Tetratheca hirsuta Lindl., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1357 chorizema dicksoni Grah., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1359(?7). Diuris longifolia R. Br., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1360 Hibbertia teretifolia (Turcz.) F. Muell., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1361 Anigozanthus manglesii Don, vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1364 Arthropodium preissii Endl., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1365 Trichinium spathulatum R. Br., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1369 Pimelea rosea R. Br., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD. (var. calocephala Meisn.).
1371 Verticordia huegelii Endl., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1372 Bossiaea eriocarpa Benth., vicinity of Perth, 1915, Mp.
1373 Sowerbaea laxiflora, Lindl., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1374 Ursinia anethodies (R. Br.) Gaertn., Perth, 1916, MD.
1375 Pimelea suaveolens Meisn., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1377 Synaphea petiolaris R. Br., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1378 Helipterum variabile (Sond.) Ostf., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD. (H. hyalospermum F, Muell.).
1380 Stackhousia pubescens A. Rich., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1384 Helichrysum bracteatum Willd., York, xii-1915, MD.
1386 Trilobium procumbens L., York, 25-xi-1915, MD.
1386(?). Dillwynia cinarescens R. Br., vicinity of Perth, 1915, MD.
1388 Anagallis arvensis L., York, 25-xi-1915, MD. (var. foemina (Mill.) Schinr. & Shell.).
1390 Senebiera didyma (L.) Pers., York, 25-xi-1915, MD.
1393 Cotula bipinnata Thunb., York, 25-xi-1915, MD.
1394 Spergula arvensis L., York, 25-xi-1915, MD, (var. vulgaris Boem.).
1395 Rumex acetosella L., York, 25-xi-1915, MD.
1396 Aira capillaris Host., York, 25-xi-1915, MD.
1397 Bromus mollis L., York, 25-xi-1915, MD,
1401 Hordeum murinum L., York, 25-xi-1915, MD.
1402 Bromus madritensis L., York, 25-xi-1915, MD.
1403 Briza maxima L., York, 25-xi-1915, MD,
1404 Ehrharta largifolia Sm., York, 25-xi-1915, MD. (E. aristata Thunb.).
1406 Chorizema heuchmanii R. Br., Albany, 29-viii-1915, ED.
1407 Leucopogon australis R. Br., Albany, 29-viii-1915, ED.
1408 Chamaelaucium megalopetalum F. Muell., Albany, 29-viii-1915, ED.
1411 Leucopogon revolutus R. Br., Albany, 29-viii-1915, ED.
1413 Crowea angustifolium Turcz., Albany, 29-viii-1915, ED,
1421 Caladenia hirta Lindl., Moora, 25-ix-1915, GD.
1422 Cephalipterum drummondii A. Gray, Moora, 25-ix-1915, GR -
1423 Cephalipterum drummondii A. Gray, Moora, 25-ix-1915, GD.
1424 Helipterum roseum (Hook.) Benth., Moora, 4-ix-1915, GR
1435 Monotaxis grandiflora Endl., Perth (KP), 1-ix-1915, MD.
1437 Hypocalymma robustum Endl. Perth (KP). 1-ix-1915- MD.
1438 Burchardia umbellata R. Br., Perth (KP), l-ix-1915, MD.
1439 Calectasia cyanea R. Br., Perth (KP), l-ix-1915, MD.
1440 Ionidium calycinum (DC.) Steud., Perth (KP), 1-ix-1915, MD.
1447 Dampiera linearis R. Br., Perth (KP), l-ix-1915, MD.
1449 Trifolium tomentosum L., York, 25-xi-1915, MD.
Cymodocea antarctica (Labill.) End1., Henley Beach, Adelaide (South Australia), J. M. Black.
Frankenia suberioris Ostf., Coolgardie Goldfields, x-1908, J. Wood. (var. conspicua Ostf.).
Erodium cygnorum Nees, cult. in hort. Haun. ,-,(ex Kalgoorlie), (vi-1916). CHO.