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Last updated: 18th September 2008

The Eco-Sensor Network for Science Education

The Eco-Sensor Network for Science Education is an exciting interactive programme for primary schools that allows you behind the scenes of science.

Take a look at the project website ( and join your guide Buzz the Bee to investigate real-time environmental information coming direct to you from a network of wireless sensors in the National Botanic Gardens.

Scientists from Dublin City University have developed mini weather stations to keep an eye on conditions inside the Great Palm House, the Cactus House and the Orchid House. Each of the tiny "mote" sensor-boards has sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, light intensity, air pressure.

But there´s more to the website than just live data and dynamic graphs!
Have you ever wondered where bananas grow, or how a cactus survives in the desert?
Inside Eco-Sensor Web you can discover all about the plants growing in the glasshouses in the Botanic Gardens. You can also take a themed tour to learn how people use plants, how different plants have adapted to where they live and what´s being done to protect and conserve plants that are under threat.

To top it all off there´s a bank of hands-on activities that you can try in the classroom or at home. Keep visiting Eco-Sensor Web to see the newest activity additions. Take a step into the gardens and learn more about science, plants and the world around you!

Education Workshops for Schools – SUSTAINABILITY
In the autumn term the first of a series of bookable interactive workshops for school groups will be launched, on the subject of ‘Sustainability’. Delivered by the education team of the National Botanic Gardens, the workshop explores forests, fuels and foods and our total reliance on plants and the natural environment for life. The workshop includes presentations, tours, role-play and much more. It is suitable for 2nd Level Secondary school students, especially Transition Year and is particularly relevant to CPSE in the national schools’ curriculum.

Why not see if your school would be interest in being included? The workshop is provided free for schools groups.
Booking details from: 857 0909.

Special Topics for Schools
New themed tours and talks for Primary School children are available on a variety of subjects. These are provided free for schools groups. For further details and booking please call 857 0909.

Further information from:

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