Interconnected Earth (1 eighth scale)

The Human brain contains
200 trillion synapses, our galaxy
contains just 200 billion stars !
The world is made of leaves !
Plants replenish the atmosphere, generate
the soil, and formed all our fossil fuels
There are 300,000 species of plant
on earth. Nearly 1 in 10 is at
risk of extinction because of humans
I've got a brand new combine harvester
and I'll give you the key
Come on now, let's get togetherů
Twenty times the area of Ireland is sown
with Maize each year. In 2007 almost
10% of the crop was converted to ethanol
About 556 worker honeybees living for
six weeks will gather nectar from about
2 million flowers to make 1 pound of honey
To make 1 pound of beeswax, bees
must fly over 440,000 miles - that is more
than 18 times around the world !
In the US, farmers lose $200 million a
year from reduced crop pollination because
pesticides eliminate 1 in 5 bee hives
Pollution of the environment causes
instability, disorder and serious harm to all
life on earth, including ourselves
Construction and buildings use the most
energy, create the most CO2 emissions
and cause most waste, and pollution
Fish have been on the earth for more than
450 million years yet human activities
threaten many species with extinction
There is a fine line between a fisherman
and his hook, let us hope we haven't
already crossed it
The oceans of the world provide 'free'
food but almost a fifth of all fish caught
are thrown overboard !
Coal, Oil and Gas are all formed from the
fossilised remains of plants and animals -
all were originally made from sunlight !
Growing fuels from plants is a way to make
transport more sustainable - but only if it
doesn't steal food from the hungry
Our galaxy the Milky Way is one of billions
It contains 200 billion stars, the oldest
is estimated to be 13.2 billion yrs old
The Natural World is full of beautiful
symmetries - the Golden Mean is found in
flowers, finger bones and pineapples
Our modern diet is becoming more
reliant upon industrialised food production -
this will not be sustainable forever
We can all play our small part in coping
with Climate Change - even switching off
lights is enough to make a difference
Planting trees is one of the best ways of
combating Global Warming - trapping
carbon and enhancing the environment
Cities, almost calming, almost sane,
just below the surface
a rumbling of pain (Ed Matlack 2004)
The environmental footprint of an animal
is correlated to its weight - Not us ! we have
an impact equivalent to a Blue Whale !
The oxygen we breathe is made by plants
All the oxygen on earth is converted to water
and back again in a 2000 year cycle
Rain run-off from surfaces such as roads
is a major problem in Ireland - we now have
as much road as we do native forests !
The cost of one nuclear test could fund
the installation of 80,000 hand pumps in
the developing world
Sea Turtles have to be 50 years old before
they can breed - six of the seven species on
earth are now imperilled
100 million sharks and rays, 300,000
Whales and Dolphins, and 100,000
albatrosses are killed each year by fishing
Some estimates suggest there are over
13 million species on earth - so far just
2 million have been scientifically named !
Whales closest living relatives are Hippos !
The Minke Whale is one of the smallest,
but still hunted for 'Scientific' purposes
Coral reefs are the marine counterpart
to rainforests because of the huge
diversity of species found there
The world's oceans absorb about ¼
of global CO² emissions causing them to
become more acidic - dissolving coral reefs !
Aloe vera is one of thousands of plants that
are useful to people - all medicines were
once obtained from plants and animals
A pollen grain is just the width of a human
hair in diameter, but contains all the
information needed to grow a giant oak tree