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Launch of our free Audio Tours

Ingenious Ireland and the National Botanic Gardens have teamed up to bring you these three audio tours to the gardens. Funded by the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sport under the Cultural Technology Grant Scheme 2010, the series of three self-guided audio tours can be dowloaded as podcasts, as a mobile phone app or purchased at the gardens in the form of an audio player with a compilation from the three tours (see below).

Download your podcasts here....
The Green Tour
explores our historic glasshouses - the Great Palm House and Richard Turner's Curvilinear range - and the remarkable and exotic plants they contain. Hear about the source of tea tree oil; Proteus and plate tectonics; plants that eat sheep; a tree with no leaves; as well as the loneliest plant in the world and Irelandís banana crop
Take a preview of the green tour ...
The Red Tour
takes you to the river and back, and features wildlife, plant hunting and philosophy. Hear about the alphabet tree with many names; the golden age of plant collecting; a history of the world through the rose; Kingfishers and sparrowhawks; the soul of a plant; phenological plants and climate change and the search for the handkerchief tree.
Take a preview of the red tour ...
The Yellow Tour
is an easy-going walk around some of the gardenís historic highlights, it includes a brief history of the gardens; The story of Thomas Tickell's house; Thomas Mooreís Rose; Richard Turnerís Curvilinear range; The dinosaur tree; and a look at the herbarium and two of Ireland's greatest botanists.
Take a preview of the yellow tour ...

Smart Phone Apps have created a mobile phone app that is already available for Android and Apple iPhones.

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Or buy the souvenir player when you next visit the gardens....

The player is perfect for those seeking a self-accompanied guide, and comes preloaded with a compilation from all three of the audio tours, a printed map, a set of headphones and enough battery power for 4 or more listenings.

You can even buy an extra set of headphones and a dual adapter to allow two people to enjoy the tour together.

Souvenir player alone €5
With Souvenir guidebook (below) €10
Dual adapter and extra headphones €2